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Art's Gunn, Wilkes, and Hilger Collection

<>1. Thomas  Gunn (1689-1700) / 1777 Amelia Co. ,  VA
     +Sarah Boatright   about 1700 / after 1777 VA 
       Married  about 1721,  New Kent Co. ,  VA
      2-1 Rebeckah Gunn 1721 VA / -    (married  unknown Webb)
      2-2 Elizabeth  Gunn 1723 VA / -    (married Richard Sharp)
      2-3 Sarah Boatright Gunn 1724 VA / -       (Lived in Richmond, VA)
      2-4 William Gunn  3-7-1726 New Kent Co. VA / 9-25-1797 Brunswick Co. VA
      2-5 John Gunn  1728 VA / 1780 Caswell Co.  NC 
Mary Gunn 1730 New Kent Co. or Hanover Co. , VA / 1810 VA     
      2-7 James Gunn 1731 New Kent Co. or Hanover Co. , VA / 4-12-1807 Nottoway Co. VA

      2-8  Edey D Gunn 1733 VA. / 1808 VA 

      2-9  Daniel Gunn 1735  Hanover Co.  VA / 1800 Lunnenburg Co . VA / about 1810

      2-10 Elisha Gunn 1737 Hanover Co. VA  
      2-11 Thomas Gunn II 1738 Brunswick Co. VA / 11-13-1800 Yanceyville, Caswell Co, NC

<>    2-7 James Gunn 1731 New Kent Co. or Hanover Co. , VA  / 4-12-1807 Nottoway Co. VA
                + unknown  

              3-1 Spencer Gunn  about 175l VA / -

              3-2 Griffin Gunn  about 1752 VA / 1823-4
              3-3  Polly Gunn  about 1753 VA / -
              3-4  Henrietta Gunn  about 1755 VA / - (married Ephram Thweatt)
              3-5  Elisha Gunn, born l758 VA / 1824 Bedford Co. TN
              3-6  Edith  Gunn  about 1759 VA / -  (married 1778  Willis Vaughan)
              3-7  Jamima Gunn  about 1760 VA / -
              3-8  Catrin (Caty) Gunn  about 1762 VA / - (married 1787 Davis Crawford Zachary)
              3-9  James Gunn, Jr.  about 1764 Nottoway Co. VA / -
              3-10   Elizabeth Gunn 1773 VA / 1846     (married 12-3-1787  2nd wife of  Burwell Wilkes
              3-11  Sally Gunn 1774 VA / -   (married 1-30-1794    2nd  wife of Thomas Wilkes)
              3-12 William Gunn   about 1775 VA/-
              3-13  Gabriel Gunn   about  1776 VA / -

An article in the Daughters of the American Colonists  by Margaret Wells Terrill, born in Notoway Co. VA., claims to be a descendant of James Gunn Sr.  She states he died 4-12-1808 and there is an obituary in the Argus newspaper of Richmond, VA

3-5 Elisha Gunn, born 1758 VA /- 1824 Bedford Co. TN  ( 1840 census - wife Judith Gunn as head of household) 
      +Hanna Ritta Wilkes - / died  1814/1815  Halifax Co.  VA 
Hanna Ritta Wilkes  was listed on the marriage   records of 4-28-1784 Amelia Co. VA.   She was listed on a land sale on 3-7-1804 as Henrietta  and land sale of 11-14-1814 as Elizabeth.  Therefore, I believe her name was actually Henrietta Elizabeth Wilkes Gunn.  She was the daughter of John Wilkes and Patience  Crenshaw.   

    4-1 James Gunn 1790 – VA / 1848 Jefferson Co. AR
    4-2 Elisha Gunn Jr.
    4-3 Unknnown children                             

      +2nd wife Judith Cox  -/ 1839-40 Rocky Comfort , AR (married 1816 in TN)
    4-4 Francis Bennett Gunn 10-2-1818 Bedford Co. TN / 3-19-1882  Lamar Co. TX

Elisha served in the Revolutionary  War as a Private in the 2nd VA. Regt.


                              Elisha Gunn MilitaryService/JAMES NANCE

James Nance, age 70 yrs, on 17 day of Sept. 1832 made following declaration before open Court of Pitts. Co. Va.-that lie was born on 2nd (lay of Feb. 1762 in the County of Amelia (now Nottoway) VA.  According to his Father’s Register which is not in his possession, that he entered the service of the U. S. as a drafted Soldier on the 9th day of February, 1779 under Cal)t.  Wm. Fitzgerald, Lieut. Charles Irby. Ensign Bowling Hall & marched to Halifax town,  NC,  where he joined Col. David Mason of Va & marched thence to Hillsborough & Salsbury, NC  & joined General Lincoln at Stone Camp, SC, & fought a hard Battle with the British on the 20th of June 1779 in which he was engaged from the Commencement to the end, after which he marched back to camp where he remained some time, that he knew Count Pulaski and General Parsons & etc. from thence was marched to Camden,  S C & Discharged in August 1779, after serving a tour of 6 months, that he acted as fifer, was disbanded by Col. Mason, and returned to Amelia, VA on 20th Aug. 1779. In the year 1780 he served a tour of Duty under Capt. Gray belonging to the United States Army commanded by Col. White. The fall of same year,  he was called on to render service agreeably to drafted numbers & served a tour of 3 months under Capt. Irby, Lieut’s name not recollected, was marched to Petersburg, VA, from to Cabbin point, thence to Markey’s Mills, thence to Nancemund thence to a place not recollected, & returned to Nancy- mum, he then* * (illegible) * * in the Calvery under Charles Irby for * * (illegible) * * the war upon condition that he could procure a horse, was priviledged to go home & get a horse & return to camp, & in the event he could not get a horse, his absence was to be counted as on furlow; when he got home it being inconvenient to procure a horse & a young man in the neighbohood by the  name of Elisha Gunn being called on to join Genl. Greene in opposition to Lord Cornfwallis, the said Gunn & himself changed tours, & being organized he marched under Capt. Overstreet and joined headquarters on troublesome Creak, N C, after various marches they met the British & had a severe Battle at Gilford Court house, after marching to deep river at ramsey’s mills, Chatham County, NC,   he was honorably discharged, by Brigadier General Lawson of the VA  troops, after which he returned to Amelia county Va where he has remained ever since, & being on a visit to friends in Pitts. Co. VA  avails himself of the opportunity to make his declaration, having it more in his power to establish his service here than in NC serving as a militiaman, there was no written discharge given to such.

    James X Nance

The 1790 census Amelia Co. VA      has Elisha with “Three white soals”.   census based on 1782 / 1786 tax records.

The 1810 supp. Census – tax records Halifax Co. VA  lists 1 tithable, 10 slaves and 4 horses.

Elisha and Elizabeth sold their land in Halifax Co. VA   on 11-16-1814.   Elizabeth was too sick to go to town to sign the papers and a county official came to their home for her approval of the sale.

The 1820 Bedford Co. TN Census listed males over 45 – 1 (Elisha), 16/26 – 1 (?),10/16 – 1 (?),  0 /5 – 1 (Francis B.),  Females over 45 – 2  (2nd wife Judith and ?), 10 / 16 – 1 (?), 5 / 10 – 1 (?).  At least some of the children are probably  Elisha’s  step – children.   Also there were 2 male slaves and 7 female slaves.   Elisha’s son  James was in the adjoining  Maury Co. , with Daniel Wilkes  (Elisha's brother in law and James' father in law).  

Per Douglas Powell Fisher and Clarence Ardell Willis, an entry was found on page 149 of “My findings”, authored by Lilian Brown Johnson,  of Smyrna, TN.   It states “Elisha and James Gunn are recorded in land transactions of 1818 and l820 in Bedford Co. TN,  deed book  M ,  pager 13.   Elisha and James sold Stephen ( a negro slave ) in 1820.   John  Wilkes will of 1800 listed a negro slave named Stephen which he gave to his daughter Henrietta (the deceased wife of Elisha and the mother of James).   Fisher and  Willis further advise the Bedford County Courthouse burned in  the late fall of 1863,  destroying all  marriage records before 1861 and all but  6 wills that were recorded in the early 1860’s.

The 1830 Bedford Co. TN Census  was listed under Judy Gunn  (widow of Elisha) showing  males 50 / 60 – 1,  30 / 40 – 1 (?),  20 / 30 – 1 (?), 5/ 10 – 1 (Francis age 12), females 40 / 50 – 1 (Judith s/b 50 – 60 ), and 4 female slave.

The 1840 Bedford Co. TN census for Judith Gunn   lists males 70/80 – 1 (?), 50/60 – 1 (?),  and Female 60/70 – 1 (Judith).  This census may have been taken in 1839.   Judith went to  AR with  her son Francis Bennett Gunn,  in 1839 or 1840.   She died shortly and Francis moved to TX.

  4-1  James Alexander Gunn  1790 VA / 1848 Jefferson Co.  AR
       + Elizabeth R. Wilkes 1791 VA / After 1860 Probably Bradley Co. AR.   Married 11-14-1808 Hallifax Co. VA. (cousin of her husband,      James and niece of Hanna Ritta {Henrietta} Wilkes Gunn, her mother-in-law).  She was the daughter of Daniel Wilkes (son of John
       Wilkes Jr.) and Elizabeth Wilkes ( who was  Daniel's 1st  cousin and she was the daughter of Benjamin Wilkes who was the brother of John Wilkes).
  5-1  Elisha Gunn 1812 Hallifax Co. VA / after 1870 in Pulaski Co. AR
       + Matilda Duncan in TN.
  5-2  Benjamin 1820-25 / -  (In KY On 1830 census with father.   Not found on 1840 census,  but could be with older  brother Elisha in KY
  5-3 James Nathan Gunn M 3-26-1824/25 MS / 2–1-22-1873 Travis Co. TX. 
  5-4 Thomas Gunn 1827 TN / 1853 Jefferson Co. AR.
  5-5 Jesse Gunn 1831 TN /  -
  5-6  Nathaniel Skinner Gunn 1834 Jefferson Co. AR / 3-7-1907 Bartlett, Bell Co.TX.

A cousin advised that  information passed on by ancestors gave  James Gunn's  full name as James Alexander Gunn , (marriage bond listed James A. Gunn),  and his son  James ' name  as James Nathan Gunn.   We know the father's oldest son Elisha (named after his grandfather) named one of his sons Alexander.

The 1810 supp. Census (tax records) Hallifax Co. VA Lists James Gunn – 1 tithable,  1 slave and 1 Horse.

James sold his Halifax Co. VA land in 1814, about the time his father Elisha and his father-in-law Daniel Wilkes sold their lands.  The 1820 Maury Co. TN census lists James Gunn with males 26/45 – 2,  1 in agriculture and 1 in manufacturing (James 29 and ?),  0/10 – 1  (Elisha 8 ) and females 26/45 – 1 (Elizabeth 28 ) plus 7 slaves.   James was listed on the same page as Benjamin Wilkes, his brother-in-law and near Daniel Wilkes,  his   father-in-law and Minor Wilkes, another-brother in-law.  Elisha Gunn, James’  father is in the adjoining  Bedford Co.

The 1830 Calloway Co. KY census for James Gunn lists males 40/50 – 1 (James 39-40), 15/20 – 1 (Elisha 18),  5/10 – 2  (James 5 and unknown 5-9), 0/5 – 1 (Thomas 3) and females 40/50 – 1 (Elizabeth  38/39).  No daughters and no slaves.

The 1840 Jefferson Co. AR Census for James Gunn lists males 40/50 – 1 (James 49), 15/20 – 1 (James 15), 10/15 – 1 (Thomas 13), 5/10 –2 (Jesse 9 and Nathan 6).  Females 40/50 – 1 (Elizabeth 48).  The oldest son Elisha 28 is in KY. or TN., place unknown and the unknown son 15-19 may have been with him or he may have been deceased.  James Gunn, 49 in 1840, died in 1849 in Jefferson Co. AR.

The 1850 Jefferson Co. AR Census lists Elizabeth Gunn 58, born in VA., with her sons Elisha, James, Thomas, Jesse, and Nathan nearby.

The 1860 Bradley Co. AR census lists Elizabeth Gunn 69 with her sons Elisha and Nathan nearby.  Her son Thomas died in 1853, leaving one son Thomas born about 1853.  James had moved to Texas by 1856,  and  nothing is known about the fate of Jesse.

5-3 James Nathan  Gunn 3-26- 1824/5 MS / 1-22-1873 Travis Co. TX.
      + Married possibly 1st wife 6-17- 1847 – Dora Williams, daughter of James and Eliza Williams.
      +Susan Delphia Malone 2-13-1832 AL / 1867 Burleson Co. TX.   Married before 1850.  Daughter of Wiley F. and Susanna Malone.
      +Mary Ann Wiggins  -/-  Married 6-4-1867 Burleson Co. TX.

6-1 Pauline Mariah  Gunn, 11-24-1848 Bradley Co. AR/- married William D. Ryans, (should be Rimes), on 1-1-1868, Burleson County, TX
6-2 James Wiley Gunn 11-3-1851 Bradley Co. AR / 6-21-1927 Rockdale, Milam Co. TX.
6-3 Eli Benjamin Gunn 1854 Bradley Co. AR / -
6-4 Elisha Thomas Gunn 11-13-1856/1859 - scarlet fever, Burleson County, TX
6-5 Nathaniel Henry Gunn  12-31-1861/1863 Burleson Co. TX / 8-8-1939 Coleman, Coleman Co. TX.
6-6 William Jefferson Gunn 1865 Burleson Co. TX / -
6-7 Dora Gunn 1870 TX / -
6-8 John Pinckney Gunn 1872 TX / -

The 1850 Bradley Co, AR census lists James Gunn 25 MS,  Susan D. Gunn 18 AL,  and Pauline M. Gunn 2 AR.

The 1860 Burleson Co. TX Census lists James Gunn 35 MS, Susan Gunn 28 AL, Purleen Gunn 11 AR,  James W. Gunn 9 AR,  and Eli Gunn 6 AR.

No 1870 census has been found for James Gunn and his family.

On 3-29-1872, James Gunn bought 690 acres for $2000.00 on the East bank of the Colorado River, about 15 miles above the city of Austin, Travis Co. TX, on both sides of the mouth of Cross Creek.

James died 1-22-1873.  The children not on the 1860 census have been proven by the estate records for the Travis Co. and Burleson Co. land that James owned at the time of his death.

6-5 Nathaniel Henry Gunn 12-31-1861/1863 Burleson Co. TX/ 8-8-1939 Coleman, Coleman Co. TX. 
      +Josephine Smith -  Married 1879 Milam Co. TX.
      +Cora Loudermilk -  Married 4-3-1884 Comanche Co. TX.
      +Elmina (Frances) Childress 1870 Forsythe Co. GA (Childers) / about 1900 Travis Co. TX.   Married 5-5-1889 Travis Co. TX.  She was the daughter of John and Anna Jordain Childress.

      7-1 Dora Gunn 1891 Austin, Travis Co. TX / - died 1951 TX, buried Coleman Cemetery, Coleman, TX.  She married Jim Peavy (2nd husband ) .

      7-2 Arthur Henry Gunn 3-25-1893 Austin, Travis Co. TX / 9-8-1962 Tarrant Co. TX. , buried in Oakland Cemetery, Terrell, Kaufman Co. TX.

Nathan and Elmina Frances divorced before 1899.  She remarried, had one child ( a daughter) and died shortly thereafter.  This daughter never had children.

      +Elizabeth (Elsie) Marie Nelson 1883 TX / 1962 Abilene TX.   Married 1899 Milam Co. TX.  She was the daughter of George Washington and Samantha Gunn Nelson .   Nathan and Elsie had several children.
        Nathan and Elsie are buried in Coleman Cemetery, Coleman, TX.

       7-3 Edna E. Gunn, b 1900; d 1943, married John Willis Hale, b 5-7-1884; d 3-20-1963, both buried Coleman Cemetery, Coleman, TX.

       7-4 Willie Bell Gunn, b 7-13-1903; d 12-1-1975, married 1st Ernest Wagner; 2nd Edward William Arpe, b 7-19-1892; d 10-1-1968.  Willie and Edward Arpe are buried Coleman Cemetery, Coleman, TX. 

       7-5 Lora D. Gunn, b between 1903 and 1908, married 1st J. W. Miller; 2nd C. D. Lusk; 3rd Jake Vickers; 4th Ruben Thiel, born 10-19-1912; d 10-20-1992, (buried beside his first wife, Elmwood Cemetery, Abilene, TX.

       7-6 Carolyn (Carrie) Lee Gunn, b 6-8-1908; d 1989, married 4-4-1940 A. J. Bowen, b 6-28-1913; d 9-16-2006, both buried Coleman Cemetery, Coleman, TX.

       7-7 Donna Elizabeth Gunn, b 4-18-1910; d 10-13-1981; buried Coleman Cemetery, Coleman, TX; married 1st Winfield Scott Forman; 2nd E. B. Hall; 3rd Jim White.

       7-8 James Wiley Gunn, b 4-25-1912; d 1965, Big Spring, TX; buried Trinity Memorial Park, Big Spring, TX, married 8-29-1931 Avalea Weeks, Santa Anna, TX.

       7-9 Nita Odell Gunn, b 5-20-1918, Coleman County, TX; d 1-16-1985, buried Coleman Cemetery, Coleman, TX.  Married 1st Claude Neff; 2nd Lt. Harvey White, in 1940 Oklahoma.  Harvey died 1955.

     7-1 Arthur Henry Gunn 3-25-1893 Austin, Travis Co. TX / 9-8-1962 Tarrant Co. TX.
      + Lucy Elizabeth Hilger 9-27-1904 Collin Co. TX / 3-15-1969 Terrell, Kaufman Co. TX.  Married 4-5-1925 Coleman, Coleman Co. TX.   She was the daughter of Robert Henry and Loyce Jane Carter Hilger.

     8-1 Arthur Lee Gunn 7-5-1931 Coleman, Coleman Co. TX / -

     8-1 Arthur Lee Gunn
       +Shirley Ann Norman 11-15-1937 Fordyce, Dallas Co. AR / -  Married 8-3-1956 Panola Co. TX.  She is the daughter of Robert Austin Norman and Martha Jane Gresham

     9-1 Kevin Norman Gunn 5-10-1967 Memphis, Shelby Co. TN / -
               +Mary (Elizabeth) Baucom 3-10-1967 Mecklenburg Co. NC / - Married 6-24-1989 Mecklenburg Co. NC.   She is the daughter of Donald William Baucom and Marylou Helene Jackson.

   10-1 Ariel (Pronounced R-E-L) Rachel Gunn 8-24-1995 Wake Co. NC / -

     9-2 Trevor Martin Gunn 4-16-1969 Memphis, Shelby Co. TN / 8-15-2006, Phoenix, AZ

No actual proof of lineage between Elisha Gunn and any of his children including son James Gunn is known to exist .  The ages of Elisha and James are in line for father and son, both lived in Halifax Co. VA , both sold their land in Halifax Co. in 1814 and both moved to TN in adjoining counties with the son James being near his father-in-law and two brothers-in-law.  By the time Elisha died in 1824,  only one son by the 2nd  wife was left in the household and if a will existed in Bedford Co. TN, it would probably have listed only his 2nd wife and his youngest son.  All of the early wills of  Bedford Co  were destroyed by fire during the civil war.   I  think he gave his son James his part when they were in VA,  enabling James to have land, one slave and a horse at an early age.   The sale of the slave  Stephen, that had belonged to Elisha's wife/James'  mother was soldby both Elisha and James,  indicating a legal ownership by both.

Also, no actual proof exists that the James and Elizabeth Gunn (both born in VA),  who moved to AR in 1834 are the James and Elizabeth Wilkes Gunn of Halifax Co. VA, except the ages match,  the various census agree with children in AR including the oldest son Elisha being born in VA in 1812, two years before James leaves VA.  It is my belief the son Elisha was named after his grandfather, Elisha of Halifax Co. VA and Bedford Co. TN.  Also,  the next son James was named for his father and great grandfather.  The third son Thomas was named after his great- great grandfather.  The most compelling  proof is a statement by a daughter of James Nathaniel Gunn (Grandson of the elder James Gunn of AR) who told her descendants that her great grandmother was Elizabeth Wilkes.  She and her descendants did not know the name of the great grandfather.  She had not done any genealogy work and her descendants had only done genealogy work with the Texas census.

Art's Wilkes Connection

1.  John Wilkes  born about 1710.

     2-1 Major Joseph Wilkes  born about 1732 / died about 1783.
           + Henrietta ______.

           3-1 Burwell B. Wilkes 6-4-1757 / 3-31-1815 Brunswick Co. VA.
                 +2nd  wife Elizabeth Gunn 1773 / 1846. 
                 Married 12-3-1787  She was the daughter of James Gunn and unknown wife.

            3-2 Thomas Wilkes 9-8-1759 / 3-16-1846.
                  +2nd wife Sally Gunn 1774 / -.
                  Married 1-30-1794 Nottaway Co. VA.   She was the daughter of James Gunn and unknown wife.
      2-2   John Wilkes, born about 1730, New Kent County, VA/9-1800, VA 
           +Patience Crenshaw.

           3-1 Hanna Retta (Henrietta) Wilkes about 1763VA / 1814 Hallifax Co. VA.
                 +Elisha Gunn 1758 VA / 1824 Bedford Co. TN.   Married 4-28-1784 Amelia Co. VA.  He was the son of James Gunn and unknown wife.

            3-2 Daniel Wilkes 1747 Amelia Co. VA / 1823 Maury Co. TN.
                  +3rd  wife Elizabeth Wilkes (1st cousin of Daniel).  Married 7-2-1789.  She was the daughter of Benjamin Wilkes and Elizabeth M      Mann.

                  4-1 Elizabeth R. Wilkes about 1791 VA / Between 1860 and 1870 Bradley Co. AR.
                        +James Gunn about 1790 VA / 1849 Jefferson Co. AR,  her first cousin.  He was the son of Elisha Gunn and  Hanna Retta Wilkes.  Hanna Retta Wilkes Gunn was Elizabeth's mother-in-law and her aunt.  Daniel Wilkes was James Gunn's father-in-law and his uncle.

      2-3 Minor Wilkes  about 1734 New Kent VA / 1815 Lunnenburg Co. VA.

      2-4 Benjamin Wilkes about 1736 New Kent Co. VA. / 1795 VA.
            +Elizabeth Mann.

             3-1 Elizabeth Wilkes   (daughter of Benjammin Wilkes).
                   +Daniel Wilkes (1st cousin).  Married 7-2-1789 (See Daniel Wilkes listed above).

I had a Y-DNA test taken in the spring of 2005.  I was a match with several other Gunn descendants at that time, claiming to go back to Thomas Gunn, born about 1690 in VA.  One of them is living in NJ and I usually see him about once a year when he comes with his wife to visit her relations in NC.  He is descended from Thomas' oldest son, William, while myself and the another match are descended from Thomas' son James.  We then seperate as I am descended from James' son Elisha  and the other person is descended  from James' son James Jr.  Another match lives in Yanceyville, NC, and is descended from Thomas II, son of Thomas.

I am deeply indebted to my wife for her research in books and on the Internet.  She is also the one responsible for my getting interested in genealogy.  I owe a lot to the many people that have helped me to obtain this information. If you find any mistakes or doubts,  please let me know.  Also,  if  you  have any additional information, I would greatly appreciate receiving it.  I want to thank each of those helpful researchers for your much needed assistance.

Photos: (1) Art (2) Nathaniel, Daughter, Lucy, Arthur H. (3) Nathaniel, Daughter, (4) Daughter, Nathaniel, (5) Elsie, J.W.

Compiled by Art Gunn
417 Troutman Farm Road
Statesville, NC 28677-8617

Art's Hilger Connection

Descendants of Johannes Hilger

Generation No. 1

1.  JOHANNES1 HILGER was born in Hessheim, Palatine, Germany.  He married OTTILAE LANGENSTEGIN.

2. i. JOHANNES2 HILGER, b. June 12, 1802, Mannheim, Germany (Monhan on the Rhine, part of Bavaria at that); d. December 07, 1852, White County, Arkansas (Coffey Cemetery).
 ii. ANNA MARIA HILGER, b. March 25, 1805.

Generation No. 2

2.  JOHANNES2 HILGER (JOHANNES1) was born June 12, 1802 in Mannheim, Germany (Monhan on the Rhine), and died December 07, 1852 in White County, Arkansas (Coffey Cemetery).   He married KATHARINA JUENGLING January 1, or February 22, 1826 in a Catholic Church in Eppstein, Germany, daughter of JOHANN JUENGLING and ELISABETHA FALB, born in a farm village, Flomeshein, Germany, which is next to Eppstein and 9 km from Frakenthal and just South Worms.  Johann Juengling, iron fabricator, and Elisabetha Falb Juengling had five children, one - Johann born 1804, (became a Catholic Friar); - two Katharina, born 1807, died July 22, 1878, White County, AR, married Johann Hilger;  - three, Sebastian, born 1809, went to Ohio in 1846 with wife and four children, staying one year, (two youngest children died and another one was born.)  Then, they joined Johann and Katharina Hilger in White County, AR.

 i. JOHN3 HILGER, b. January 06, 1827, Germany; d. February 12, 1862, Choctaw Indian Nation, Oklahoma; m. (1) LUCINDA, April 15, 1850; m. (2) MARIAH L., August 15, 1859.
 ii. BARBARA HILGER, b. February 18, 1828, Germany; d. December 17, 1858.
3. iii. PHILIP HILGER, b. February 18, 1830, Germany; d. September 12, 1886, Boone County, Arkansas.
 iv. SEBASTIAN HILGER, b. August 22, 1831, Germany; d. September 22, 1834, White County, Arkansas.
 v. ELIZABETH HILGER, b. August 26, 1833, Little Rock, Arkansas; m. T. COMMODORE WOOD, May 15, 1857.
 vi. CATHERINE HILGER, b. July 24, 1835, White County, Arkansas; m. JOHN W. PARIS, 1855.
 vii. LOUISA HILGER, b. July 24, 1837, White County, Arkansas; m. BARNEY KEMP RIGGS, August 20, 1857.
 viii. JAMES LOUIS HILGER, b. May 13, 1839, White County, Arkansas; d. March 23, 1912; m. CIVILA ANN BROWN, February 20, 1866.
 ix. MANERVA HILGER, b. April 13, 1841, White County, Arkansas; d. September 11, 1852.
 x. NANCY HILGER, b. February 27, 1843, White County, Arkansas; m. SAMUEL BILLINGSLEY, September 30, 1858.
 xi. MARY HILGER, b. October 04, 1845, White County, Arkansas; d. March 17, 1870; m. (1) BRYANT C. UNSELL, November 23, 1861; m. (2) F. M. NEWMAN, May 10, 1868.
4. xii. NAPOLEON BONAPARTE HILGER, b. January 18, 1848, White County, Arkansas; d. July 01, 1913, White County, Arkansas (Leggett Cemetery).
 xiii. MARGARET HILGER, b. November 12, 1850, White County, Arkansas; d. September 16, 1872.

Generation No. 3

3.  PHILIP3 HILGER (JOHANNES2, JOHANNES1) was born February 18, 1830 in Germany, and died September 23, 1886 in Boone County, Arkansas.  He married (1) ANNA CHRISTINA WISH December 28, 1854 in White County, Arkansas, born about 1830 in Hesshheim, Paletin, Germany/died  1860/1861 Boone County, Arkansas, daughter of JOHANNE WISH and ANNA FORTNER.  Phillip and Anna came to the United States on the same ship in 1833, to the harbor of New Orleans.  Then, they boarded a riverboat in the harbor and continued up the Mississippi and Arkansas Rivers to Little Rock, Arkansas, with their parents.  They disembarked on the rock at the edge of Little Rock and wintered over in Little Rock,  then going to White County, AR in the Spring of 1834.  He married (2) MALINDA JANE CRUMP June 03, 1862 in White County, Arkansas, daughter of SAMUEL CRUMP and PERNITA FIELDS.  He married (3) SUSAN C. HALL in Missouri, after 1881, mother of E. A. Johnson, who was the wife of John B. Hilger, (son of Philip and Anna Christina Hilger).  After Philip died, Susan continued to live on the Hilger farm for about two years, until she remarried her first husband.

Children of PHILIP HILGER and ANNA WISH are:
 i. MARGARET4 HILGER, b. 1855.
5. ii. JOHN BUCHANAN HILGER, b. February 13, 1857, White County, Arkansas; d. April 20, 1934, Omaha Cemetery, Omaha, Boone County, AR.
 iii. MARY QUEEN HILGER, b. 1858, White County, Arkansas; m. JOHN WALSH WILSON.
 iv. NANCY ELLEN HILGER, b. January 07, 1860, White County, Arkansas; d. May 19, 1936, Pilot Point, Denton County, TX; m. WILLIAM BURTON CHEATHAM, January 20, 1878, Boone County, AR.

 v. FERDINAND J.4 HILGER, b. 1870, Boone County, Arkansas; d. Bef. 1880, Boone County, Arkansas.
 vi. EVA JOSEPHINE HILGER, b. 1875, Boone County, Arkansas; d. July 31, 1961, Omaha, Boone County, Arkansas; m. FRANK B. ARNOLD, March 30, 1890.
6. vii. ROBERT HENRY HILGER, b. May 22, 1878, Boone County, Arkansas; d. August 13, 1964, Travis Co. Tx. (Valera, Coleman Co., Cemetery).

4.  NAPOLEON BONAPARTE3 HILGER (JOHANNES2, JOHANNES1) was born January 18, 1848 in White County, Arkansas, and died July 01, 1913 in White County, Arkansas (Leggett Cemetery).  He married (1) FRANCES E. ELLIOTT May 29, 1868 in 1868 - White County County, AR.  He married (2) LUCY ANN CRUMP May 10, 1873 in White County, Arkansas, daughter of SAMUEL CRUMP and PERNITA FIELDS.  He married (3) RHODA ANNIE DIAL December 22, 1904 in White County, AR, Marriage Book O, Page 302.

 i. BRANIC4 HILGER, b. February 08, 1869, White County, Arkansas; d. June 22, 1873, White County, Arkansas, Howell Cemetery.

 ii. NOAH P.4 HILGER, b. July 31, 1878, Arkansas; d. July 13, 1949, Evergreen Cemetery, Judsonia, AR; m. FANNIE DONNELL, March 12, 1899, Book L - White County, AR.
 iii. LOUIS N. HILGER, b. November 1883.
 iv. GRADY BUCK HILGER, b. September 1893.
 v. DOVIE HILGER, b. June 1895; m. RILEY P. HENSLEY.

 vi. RUBY O.4 HILGER, b. November 04, 1903; d. January 28, 1910, White County, Arkansas.

Generation No. 4

5.  JOHN BUCHANAN4 HILGER (PHILIP3, JOHANNES2, JOHANNES1) was born February 13, 1857 in White County, Arkansas, and died April 20, 1934 in Omaha Cemetery, Omaha, Boone County, AR.  He married (1) MARY ANN.  He married (2) ELIZA JANE JOHNSON January 28, 1883.

Children of JOHN HILGER and ELIZA JOHNSON are:
 i. JOHN5 HILGER, b. January 1884, AR.
 ii. ALBERTA MAY HILGER, b. September 24, 1886, Boone County AR; d. November 01, 1984, Omaha Cemetery, Omaha, Boone County, AR; m. WALTER LAFAYETTE MATLOCK, September 10, 1905, Boone County, AR.
 iii. THOMAS HILGER, b. September 1887, AR.
 iv. CLAUDE HILGER, b. February 1892, AR.
 v. ONA G. HILGER, b. April 1894, AR.
 vi. MAGGIE HILGER, b. December 1895, TX.

6.  ROBERT HENRY4 HILGER (PHILIP3, JOHANNES2, JOHANNES1) was born May 22, 1878 in Boone County, Arkansas, and died August 13, 1964 in Travis Co. Tx. (Valera, Coleman Co., Cemetery).  He married LOYCE JANE CARTER May 29, 1897, daughter of JACOB CARTER and ELIZABETH BENNETT.

 i. OMA LEE5 HILGER, b. July 27, 1899, Lavaca County, Texas; d. Texas; m. (1) CECIL EWING PAYNE; m. (2) ROY ACREY, Aft. 1928.
 ii. LUCY ELIZABETH HILGER, b. September 27, 1904, Collin County (P.O. Josephine), Texas; d. February 15, 1969, Terrell, Texas, Buried Oakland Memorial Park, Terrell, Texas; m. ARTHUR HENRY GUNN, April 04, 1925, Coleman, Texas.
 iii. GLADYS IRENE HILGER, b. April 26, 1909, Texas; m. RUBE WALTER NIXON, July 06, 1928, Texas.


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