Art's Broken Threads (Genealogy)

Art's Broken Threads


William Franklin Bennett, born circa1820, SC; died May 16, 1865, Point Lookout, MD, (Union Prison), married  Amy Cheshire, born November 2, 1825, SC, daughter of James Cheshire and Elizabeth Allen.  William Franklin and Amy  were married  February 5, 1846, Lowndes County, AL.

William Franklin Bennett
CSA Company D, 61st Alabama Infantry Regiment



Jacob Carter, born AL; died TX, married Elizabeth Bennett, born 1858-60, AL; died TX. Loyce Jane, born 1879, AL; died 1953, TX, married Robert Henry Hilger.


Amy Cheshire, born November 2, 1825, SC; died March 1, 1914, Crenshaw County, AL, was the daughter of James Cheshire and Elizabeth Allen.  She married William Franklin Bennett in Lowndes County, AL, February 5, 1846.  Elizabeth Bennett, daughter of William and Amy, married Jacob Carter, born AL; Died TX.


William J. Childers, born 1804, SC, wife Jane, born 1801, SC. John Childers/Childress, born 1825, GA; died 1916, TX, married Anna Jordain/Jordan, born 1827, GA; died 1908, TX. She was the daughter of James Jordain/Jordan. Frances Childers/Childress, born 1870, GA; died TX, married, first, Nathan H. Gunn, second marriage, unknown.


Samuel G. Crump, born 1819, GA, married Caroline Fields, born 1819, AL, daughter of Golden/Golder Fields.  Malinda Jane Crump, born 1843, MS; died 1881, AR, married in 1881 to Philip Hilger. Lucy Ann Crump, born 1852, AL; died 1903, AR, married Napoleon Hilger.


Art's Gunn Collection

Art's James Gunn Line

James Gunn, born 1790-1800, VA; died AR, married Elizabeth Wilkes. James Gunn, born 1825, MS, married Susan Malone, born 1832, AL. Nathaniel H. Gunn, born 1863, TX; died 1939, TX, married Frances Childers/Childress, born 1870, GA; died, TX. Arthur Henry Gunn, born 1893, TX; died 1962; TX, married Lucille (Lucy) Elizabeth Hilger.  Arthur Henry and Lucille had one son, Arthur Lee Gunn, born 1931, TX. He married Shirley Ann Norman. Art and Shirley have two sons, Kevin Norman Gunn, born 1967, TN, married Mary Elizabeth Baucom and Trevor Martin Gunn, born 1969, TN, married Lisa Sue Towsand. Kevin and Elizabeth have one daughter, Ariel Rachel, born 1995, NC.


Art's Hilger Collection

Johannes Hilger, born 1802, Germany; died 1852, AR, married in 1826, in Germany, to Katharina Jungling/Yingling, born 1807, Germany; 1878, died AR. She was the daughter of Johann Jungling and Elisabetha Falb. Philip Hilger, born 1830, Germany; died 1886, AR, married first, Christina Wish, and second, in 1862, Malinda Jane Crump. Robert Henry Hilger, son of Philip, married Loyce Jane Carter.


James Jordain/Jordan, born 1784, NC, married Anna __?__, born 1785, SC. Anna Jordan, born 1827, GA; died 1908, TX, married 1847, in Georgia, to John H. Childers/Childress.


Johann, born 1782; died 1828, married Elisabetha Falb, born 1781; died 1853. Kathrina Jungling/Yingling, born 1807, Germany; died 1878, AR, married Johannes Hilger. Her brother, Sebastian, also came to Arkansas.

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