Shirley's Broken Threads (Genealogy)

Shirley's Broken Threads


Mary Jordan?, died 1720; widow of Thomas Anderson. First wife of Cornelius Cargill.


James Bailey, born 1730, VA; died Bute County, NC. Wife, __?__ Fleming, born 1734, VA. William Fleming Bailey, born 1755, VA; died 1817, SC; Revolutionary War soldier, married in 1778 to Molly Sprunt, born 1760; died 1805; James Sprunt, father. Nancy Bailey, born 1790; died 1868, married George Cawthorne.


UK Heritage - Beeston Castle - Tarporley, Cheshire

Mary Beeston was born 1503, Beeston Hall, (some say Beeston Castle) Cheshire, England.  She married Richard Wyche, Esquire, of Davenham, born 1480.


William Glafstraughn Brasington, born 1776, Ireland; died 1802, married Nancy Figuars, born 1783. William Figuars Brasington, born 1806, NC; died 1883, married Mary Jane Cawthorne.


Cornelius Cargill, born 1690, Scotland; died 1763, VA, married Mary Anderson and several others.  John I, born 1713, married Rachel Tinsley, born 1718. John II, born SC, married Keziah __?__. John III, married Nancy Lewis in KY, daughter of Alexander Lewis. Nancy Cargile, born 1806, KY; died 1879, AR, married Benjamin Palmer, Jr.


Richard I, born 1594, Darfield Parish, Yorkshire, England; Richard II, born 1620, London, England; died 1688, London; Richard III, born 1644, England; died 1687, VA, married Anne Cox. Richard IV, born 1674, VA; died 1748, married Ann Vass. James, born 1725, VA; died 1805, NC, married Elizabeth __?__. Thomas, born 1750, VA; died 1822, SC, Revolutionary War soldier, married Elizabeth VanLandingham. George, born 1792, SC; died 1879, GA, married Nancy Bailey. Mary Jane Cawthorne, born 1818, SC; died 1912; NC, married William Figuars Brasington. Eliza Jane Brasington married Ervin Martin Sims.


Susannah Chiles, born 1690; died after 1761, married John Tinsley, born 1685, VA. Rachel Tinsley, born 1718, married John Cargill I.


William Cox, England. Daughter, Anne Cox married in 1668, Harefield Parish Church, Middlesex County, England, to Richard Cawthorne III.


Ann Dawson married Michael VanLandingham. Dawson VanLandingham, born 1730, married Nancy Duncan.


Nancy Duncan married Dawson VanLandingham. Elizabeth VanLandingham married Thomas Cawthorne, born 1750, VA, Revolutionary War soldier.


William Figuars and Martha __?__. Nancy Figuars, born 1783, married William Glafstraughn Brasington. William Figuars Brasington, born 1806, married Mary Jane Cawthorne/Cauthen.


Ann Fleming, wife of James Bailey, born 1790, VA. Ann was the daughter of John Fleming. Their son, William Fleming Bailey, Revolutionary War soldier, married Molly Sprunt, born 1760, daughter of Revolutionary War soldier, James Sprunt,  and Milly Duncan.


Thomas Gillett married Ann Sharpe, daughter of John Sharpe and Judith __?__, in Essex County, VA.  Ann Gillett, born 1685, married Richard Cawthorne IV.


Sarah Ann Golden, daughter of Seaborn Golden, married John Warren Gresham, born 1827, GA, son of William Gresham.


David Gresham, born June 1775, Halifax County, VA.  William Gresham, born 1795, SC, married Elizabeth Wilkinson, April 1, 1823, Jasper County, GA.  John Warren Gresham, born  1827, GA, married Sarah Ann Golden,  John Simmons Gresham, born March 1853, AL; died AR, married Sarah J. Jones January 28, 1879, Calhoun County, AR, daughter of Willis Jones and Sarah Wilkinson.  Garland Alvin Gresham, born  February 5, 1880, Calhoun County, AR, married Anna Mae Hammond, daughter of Andrew James Hammond and Martha Woolam; died February 28, 1920, Fordyce, AR, buried Oakland Cemetery, Fordyce.  Martha Jane Gresham, born November 16, 1909; Fordyce, Dallas County, AR; married Robert Austin Norman January 06, 1927, died September 24, 1975, Little Rock, Pulaski County, AR, buried Oakland Cemetery, Fordyce.  Married Robert Austin Norman, January 06, 1927, Fordyce, son of Robert Leonard Norman and Lillian Emily Sims.  Children of Martha Gresham and Austin Norman are:  Dorothy Louise Norman, born December 03, 1927; died June 04, 1991.  Don Martin Norman, born March 17, 1934.  Shirley Ann Norman, born November 15, 1937.


Andrew J. Hammond, born 1850, KY; died 1936, Fordyce, AR, married Martha Woolam, in 1882, Bradley County, AR. Anna Mae, born 1882, AR; died 1949, married Garland Alvin Gresham.


Samuel Harwell, born 1710, Prince George County, VA; died 1794, Brunswick County, VA, married Anne Jackson, born VA, daughter of Ambrose Jackson and Amy Wyche.  Ann Harwell married Nathaniel Simms/Sims.  Ervin Sims married Molly Magehee/McGehee.


Ambrose Jackson, born 1695, Brunswick County, VA; died December 1745, Brunswick County, VA, married Amy Wyche, daughter of James Wyche, born before 1714, Surry County, VA; died 1749, Surry County, VA, and Elizabeth.    Anne Jackson, born VA; died 1800, Lincoln County, NC, married Samuel Harwell.  The Deed of Gift below, proves Samuel Harwell was the son-in-law of Ambrose.

Deed of Gift

1741 - Deed of Gift of 1741, from Ambrose Jackson, Sr. and his son, Ambros Jackson, and son-in-law, Samuel Harwell, Tracts on South side of Little Creek, (1st tract): Beginning at the mouth of a small branch on the Creek aforesaid so running up the said branch to Benjamin Harrisons line thence up the said Harrisons line to a corner tree of John Ogbun thence along the said Ogbun line to the said Little Creek, so down the said creek to the first station concluding 150 acres. (Other tract):  Beginning on the small branch aforesaid running up the said branch to the said Benjamin Harrisons line so down the said Harrisons line to a corner of William Collers land so up the said Collers line to the first Station concluding 150 acres. Being the same land granted to Ambros Jackson, Sr. by Letters of Patent bearing date of 1732.

Witnesses were Thomas Lanier and Wm. Collier. Acknowledged in Court on September 3, 1741. Deed Book 2, page 99.

The below court record proves Amy Wyche Jackson was the daughter of James Wyche and that she was married to Ambrose Jackson.   The court record above makes it clear that Ambrose and Amy had a son named Ambrose.  It is also clear that Samuel Harwell, husband of Anne Jackson (who was the daughter of Ambrose Jackson and Amy Wyche) is the son-in-law of Ambrose Jackson, Sr.

James Wyche, born some time prior to 1714, Surry County, VA, and was also mentioned in his father, Henry's will. James signed a will on 24 Feb 1748 in Surry County, VA. His will, made February 24, 1748, was probated June 20, 1749.

Will of James Wyche

To daughter, Amy Jackson, her husband, Ambrose, one negro for life, then to her heirs. To my daughter,  Tabitha Lucas,  one lamb. To my eldest son, James, the lower part part of my land at Flagg Gutt...below Great Island to John Tharp's path. To daughter, Martha Bridges one ewe lamb. To daughter Elizabeth Johnson, one negro. To my youngest son, Nathaniel Wyche, the remainder of the land and two negoes. To daughter, Sarah, one ewe. To daughter, Ann, a negro. To daughter, Frances, one ewe, negro, etc. To daughter Rebecca, one negro.  To wife Elizabeth, the remainder of the estate. Son, James and Nathaniel Wyche. Witnesses were James (F)Terrell and William Pettaway. (Recorded in Will Book 8, page 196.)

The inventory of James' estate was recorded in Surry County on May, 15, 1750.  Appraisers were: Joseph Thorp, Major Tillar, and Samuel Alsobroo. He died before 20 Jun 1749 in Surry County,   VA. James lived in Albemarle Parish, Surry County, Virginia; this area became Sussex County in 1753.


James Jones, born 1808, GA, married Juliet Granville Thompson.  Willis M. Jones, born 1829, GA, died 1864, married Sarah Elizabeth Wilkenson/Wilkinson, born 1836 AL, died in AR. Sarah Jones, born 1858, AR, married John Simmons Gresham in 1879, Calhoun County, AR. Garland Alvin Gresham, born 1880, married Anna Mae Hammond.


Peter Kaylor (Koehler? - I doubt this spelling) died 1794, Rowan County, NC. Lewis Kaylor, born NC; died NC, m. Margaret __?__. Lewis C. Kaylor, born 1786, NC, married Elizabeth __?__, born NC. Lewis C.'s brother, Leonard Kaylor, born 1774, NC; died 1854, KY, married Mary Park in 1795, Rowan County, NC. Lewis C. Kaylor's daughter, Nancy, born 1824, married Jesse Norman, son of Francis Norman.  Lewis C. had another daughter, Catherine Margaret, born 1819, wife of Thomas Norman, born 1819, NC, eldest son of Francis Norman. 

Lewis Kaylor's original will can be found in the NC State Archives, which I have shared with other Kaylor researchers.  There also a clerk's copy of the original will, which I have also shared with Kaylor researchers.


Ann Landon, born 1835, GA, married William Woolam, born 1821, Lincoln County, TN.  Their daughter, Martha Woolam, married Andrew James Hammond.


Alexander Lewis, born 1755, VA, married about 1775, VA, Elizabeth __?__. Nancy Lewis married John Cargile/Cargill III, in 1803, KY.


Molly Magehee, married in 1797, Wake County, NC, to Ervin Sims. Her sister, Betsy, married Lewis Jones on the same day in Wake County.


Normans of Kentucky and Arkansas

Francis Marion Norman, born 1796, NC?; died 1857, White County, AR, married Sarah __?__. She may have been Native American. Thomas, born 1819, NC; died 1865, AR, married Catherine Margaret Kaylor, born 1819, KY; died 1860, AR. Lewis Jackson, born 1839, KY; died 1900, AR, married sisters: (1) Nancy Elizabeth Palmer and (2) Minerva Paralee Palmer, daughters of Benjamin Palmer II. Robert Leonard, born 1869; died 1939, son of Lewis Jackson and Minerva Paralee Palmer, married in 1895, Lillian Emily Sims, daughter of Ervin Martin Sims and Eliza Jane Brasington. Robert Austin Norman, born 1905; died 1990, married Martha Jane Gresham. Shirley Ann Norman, born 1937, married in 1956, TX, to Arthur Lee Gunn, born 1931, TX. Two of my wonderful aunts,  Esther Norman Reed and Juanita Norman West shared their early research of Francis and Thomas Norman, which has led us to many more discoveries on the Norman and Palmer lines.


Josias/Josah Norris and Ann _?_ were the parents of Needham Norris, born 1770, Johnston County, NC.  Needham married Polly Elsberry, daughter of Benjamin Elsberry and Francina Luckey, on February 16, 1796, in Oglethorpe County, GA.  Charlotte, my ancestor, married Hammond J. J. Wilkinson.  Their daughter, Sarah, married Willis M. Jones.  Sarah and Willis' daughter, Sarah, married John Simmons Gresham.  They were the parents of Garland Alvin Gresham, who married Anna Mae Hammond.  My Mother, Martha Jane Gresham, was their daughter.


Solomon Palmer, born 1729, England; died 1790-92. Benjamin Palmer I, born 1769, GA; died after 1850, married Mary __?__. Mary may have been Cherokee, as family oral tradition states our Palmers were Cherokee. Benjamin II, born 1804, GA; died after 1860, married Keziah Cargile. My ancestor, Lewis Jackson Norman, married two of Benjamin II and Keziah Cargile Palmer's daughters. He married Nancy Elizabeth Palmer first in Conway County, AR, and upon her death, he married her sister, Minerva Paralee Palmer, my great grandmother, in Conway County, AR. After approximately five years of careful research, we have this line well documented back to Solomon Palmer. Weldon Palmour of Atlanta, GA, has done much early research of this family.


Thomas Roberts' daughter, Ann Roberts, married Thomas Gillett. Ann Gillett married Vincent Vass in Essex County, VA. Ann Vass, born 1674, married Richard Cawthorne IV.


 Langley Hall

Sir Richard Saltonstall, Knight, Lord Mayor of London

Elizabeth Saltonstall, daughter of Sir Richard Saltonstall, Knight, Lord Mayor of London, and Susanna Poyntz,  married Richard Wyche, Gentleman of London.  Their son, Henry Wyche, (Rector de Sutton) married Ellen Elizabeth Bennett.  Their son, Henry Wyche, came to Surry County, VA, (married unknown), and one of their sons, James Wyche, is my ancestor.  He married Elizabeth, and their daughter, Amy Wyche, married Ambrose Jackson,.  Their daughter Ann/Anne Jackson, married Samuel Harwell.  Their daughter, Ann Harwell, married Nathaniel Simms/Sims, father of Ervin Sims who married Molly Magehee/McGehee.


Adam Symes, born 1689, Prince George County, VA; died July 1733, married Mary.  George Sims, born 1707, Brunswick County, VA; died 1763, VA,  married  Martha Walton.  Nathaniel Simms/Sims, born 1730, Brunswick County, VA; died 1730, NC, married Ann Harwell, born 1743, daughter of Samuel Harwell and Anne Jackson.   Ervin Sims, married Molly Magehee in 1797 in Wake County, NC.  Garrett, born 1803, NC; died 1882, SC, married Martha Fleming?, born 1806; died 1879, SC. Ervin Martin Sims, born 1837; died 1885, (CSA Veteran), married Eliza Jane Brasington, born 1839, SC; died 1925, AR. Lillian Emily Sims, born 1876; died 1976, married Robert Leonard Norman. Robert Austin Norman, born 1905, married Martha Jane Gresham.


Thomas Tinsley I, born 1618, Yorkshire, England; died 1702, married Elizabeth Randolph. Thomas Tinsley II, born 1638, married Sarah Jackson. John Tinsley, born 1685, VA; died 1762, VA. Rachel Tinsley, born 1718, VA, married John Cargill I.


Michael Van Landingham, married Ann Dawson. Dawson Van Landingham, born 1730, married Nancy Duncan. Elizabeth Van Landingham married Thomas Cawthorne, Revolutionary War soldier.


Hammond .J.J. Wilkenson/Wilkinson, born 1812, GA, married Charlotte Norris, born 1813, GA, daughter of Needham Norris and Sara Elsbury.  Sarah Elizabeth Wilkenson/Wilkinson, born 1836, ALA, married Willis M. Jones.


William Woolam, born 1821, Lincoln County, TN, married Ann Landon, born 1835, GA.  Their daughter, Martha Woolam, born 1864; died 1947, Fordyce, AR, married Andrew J. Hammond, born 1850, KY; died 1936, AR. They were married in Bradley County, AR, in 1882. Martha, who was orphaned as a young girl, was "adopted" by Dr. C.C. Gannaway and his wife. She may have had a brother named James. Martha married Andrew J. Hammond.


Amy Wyche, was born in Surry County, VA, daughter of James Wyche, born before 1714, Surry County, VA,  and Elizabeth.   James Wyche died 1749, Surry County, VA, naming in his will his daughter, Amy, and her husband, Ambrose Jackson.  The Wyche history is quite colorful, and the family tree includes Lord Mayors and Knights.   One of our ancestors, Richard Wyche, married Mary Beeston of Beeston Castle in England.   A brother to Robert De Wyche, my Ancestor, was Richard de Wyche, Bishop of Chichester and later Saint Richard.   He is listed in the Catholic Encyclopedia.

Shirley Norman-Gunn



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