Francis Marion Norman Family

Norman Family of Kentucky and Arkansas

Norman Y-DNA Testing
Norman Y-DNA Test Results for my ancestor, Francis Marion Norman, have been received.  These results show our Normans have no connection to other Normans tested outside our family.  This indicates we have no connection to the Normans of VA, OH, NC, SC, TN, and IL, who have participated, nor any connection worldwide to those who have been tested and are sharing results.  The tests have shown our Norman roots to be in Ireland.
The Deep Clade Test Reveals our Normans are

Haplogroup  R1b1b2a1b5b  R-M222

We are Northwest Irish, direct descendants of the ancient Irish King, Niall of the Nine Hostages.

As more DNA test results are available, there continues to be no link to other Normans who have been tested and are willing to share results.  Hopefully, DNA tests will prove or disprove our surname of Norman.  If any male Norman is interested in testing, please visit the Family Tree DNA web site to participate.  We also need more of Francis Marion Norman's descendants in the study.

Norman Surname DNA Project

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