Major John Small of Maine

Major John Small

Scarborough Maine

Major John Small, son of Dea. Samuel and wife Anna, was born in Scarborough, Jan. 30, 1722, and married there for his first wife Sarah Atkins; he married, secondly, Oct. 12, 1752, Mary McKenney. He was an officer in the English army. Being a land surveyor he was sent, in 1762, to run out a military road from the Kennebec to Canada, and was unintentionally shot by one of his party when in the woods, by being indistinctly seen and mistaken for some animal. He was instantly killed.

He is represented as a "large, dark complexioned, stately, courtly, and handsome man." His desk, chest, and commission are preserved. After his death his widow, of whom traditions, was married to one Haskins, but her last days were spent in the home of her son Henry, at Limington.

Children of John and Mary McKenney
i. John
ii. Edward
iii. Zacheus
iv. Francis
v. Henry
vi. Daniel
vii. Rachel
viii. Dorcas


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