West Virginia Marriage Records

West Virginia Marriage Records

County Listings

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Small Berkeley Co., WV Date / Location
Mary Ann John William Waller 03-07-1771
Henry Mary Smith 01-15-1789
George Eliz Nbbet (Ubbet) 01-10-1793
Samuel Mary Shaw 04-07-1795
Henry Eleanor Carson 06-09-1795
Mary (Polly) Jacob Fulk/Folk/Faulk 05-18-1800
James Margaret McNeal 05-10-1804 (bond)
John Polly Mason 11-24-1808
Polly Jacob Folkal 05-18-1809 surety Jacob Small
Elizabeth Daniel Strayer 03-08-1815
Nancy Hugh Paul 04-11-1816 surety Henry Small
Nancy John Windle 06-09-1818 surety Robert Small
Samuel Margaret Williamson 05-11-1821
George Mary Grove 05-29-1822
Peggy Henry I. Seibert 06-03-1822 surety Jacob Small
Ruth Catherine John Seibert 02-04-1824 surety Jacob Small
William Polly Couchman 03-23-1825 surety George Couchman
John Eliz. Kilmer 03-28-1825 (bond)
Jacob Adam Mary Cushwas 03-14-1826
John Carson Sarah Mong 03-21-1827
Mary Michael Hensel Couchman 12-04-1828 surety Wm. Small
Margaret Mrs. Thomas T. Dugan 02-04-1830 surety Samuel Williamson
Henry C Eliza Seibert 03-31-1831
Nancy Daniel Ropp 04-05-1831 surety Jacob Small
Adam Mary Myers 03-19-1832
Mary G. Jacob Showers 08-27-1834 surety Jacob A Grove
Ellen Rev. Benjamin N. Brown 10-04-1837
Jacob Adam Nancy Ann Hill 04-28-1840
William C. Margaret Williamson 05-23-1840 surety John Williamson
Catherine George Ramer 05-18-1844 (bond)
Mary Ellen Benjamin Couchman 12-22-1847 surety John C. Small
Barbara Ellen George M. Noll 11-08-1849
Ann Rebecca James Mason 01-21-1851
William C. Ann Couchman 02-27-1851
Catheine George Swingle 02-07-1852
Lucinda Abr'm Porterfield 12-02-1852
Henry C. Mary Jane Keef 11-11-1854
William C. Ann Couchman 02-27-1871 surety John Couchman


Small Braxton Co., W. VA  Date / Location
Mary Catherine James F. Brady 04-02-1891
Sarah Harriet William I. Bilbee 01-15-1893


Small Harrison Co., WV Date / Location
Mary S. Addison Nutter 06-25-1868
William H. Nancy O. Carder 09-04-1874


Small Jefferson Co., WV Date / Location
John Frances Lot 05-17-1832
James H. Isabella M. Evans 08-22-1866 Smithfield


Small  Ohio Co., WV Date / Location
Albert William Annie Mae Hall 01-14-1924 Wheeling


Small Wood Co., W. VA  Date / Location
William Susan Lott 01-17-1852
William Peral Delilah Scott 02-20-1898
Nora May Henry Elmer Lott 04-06-1901
William Peral Verna Provance 09-17-1920
Frederick Clayton Elsie Faye Provance 05-14-1919

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