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Small Addison Co., VT Date / Location
Daniel B. Alzina Baker 03-20-1864 Bristol
Alexander Ellen Jones 11-28-1870 Middlebury
Lucy J. Hiram Riley Perry 06-19-1876 Hancock

Smalley Brookfield Vermont Date / Location
Benjamin Betsey Drowns 01-06-1796
Joseph Love Robinson 08-15-1805
Noble Lydia Bigelow 10-08-1808
Polly Asahel Abbott 01-23-1814
Salina Napoleon P. Hurlburt 09-17-1820
Lorinda Daniel Kingsbury 06-19-1827
Mary Solomon Clough 03-18-1828
Lucy Daniel Benedict 07-14-1830
Emily Joseph Staples 03-13-1835
Lucy Nathaniel Cooms 04-17-1851
Sarah Ann John Cardell 03-08-1860

Small Chittenden Co. VT Date / Location
Daniel B. Hannah Bates 11-24-1833 Richmond
Myron Lovisia Barber 12-06-1838 Richmond
Harry Adelia Adelaide Jewell 03-27-1859 Richmond
Amos Bates Ellen Lucille Brewster 10-17-1846 Richmond
Melvin Brewster Jennie E. Booth 10-15-1892 Jericho
Herbert B. Lula Shepherd 04-27-1918 Richmond

Small Franklin, Co., VT Date / Location
Imri Lois Hart 7-14-1786 Saint Albans

Small Hartland Co., VT Date / Location
Mary Edwin Parker Sherwin 09-06-1886

Smalley Johnson VT Date / Location
Dayton Burleigh Carrie Mae Tracy 08-19-1901

Small Lamoille Co., VT Date / Location
Leander Smith Cornelia M. Boardman 03-27-1853 Hyde Park

Small Orange Co., VT Date / Location
Benjamin Betsey Drowns 01-06-1796 Brookfield
Noble Lydia Bigelow 10-08-1808 Brookfield

Smalley Stowe VT Date / Location
Barney Rosanna Alden 10-26-1837

Small Washington Co., VT Date / Location
Thirza Gordon Pierce 12-01-1796 Berlin

Smalley Waterbury VT Date / Location
Aaron K. Adelaide E. Burleigh 03-05-1874
Tracy Richard Ruth Nancy Badger 10-10-1926

Small Windham Co., VT Date / Location
William Ruth Martindale 12-19-1792 Guilford

Small Windsor Co., VT Date / Location
Francis Sarah Hutchinson 11-17-1767 Norwich
James Sarah Bartlett 10-14-1773 Norwich
Francis Mary Rachel Woodward 07-06-1780 Norwich
Raphael Anna Waterman 00-00-1803 Norwich
Lydia Jonathan Bagley 04-05-1812 Hartland
Abel Sarah Allard 09-27-1816 Norwich
Raphael Sarah Waterman 02-03-1835 Norwich
Sumner B. Lucy Ann Bagley 09-21-1840 Hartland
Arie E. James C. Holt 03-13-1843 Hartland
Fannie Jane Bradford Leslie Birch 06-14-1900

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