Virginia Marriage Records

Virginia Marriage Records

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Small Accomack Co., VA   Date/ Location
Robert Hepsey Johnson 08-27-1804
Nancy James Davis 06-16-1809
Elizabeth John Burton 01-07-1824
Sally Solomon J. Gladding 09-16-1826
Stuart 1st Polly Hickman 01-20-1829
Stuart 2nd Louisa Venelson 12-16-1835
Handy Maria Chesser 12-16-1835
Elizabeth P. James Justice 04-02-1855
Elizabeth Alfred J. Bundick 03-05-1856
Arsemous Amanda Hickman 10-25-1858 Reese Chapel
John J. Mrs. Susan // 00-00-1859
Matilda 1st James Dix 01-11-1859
Emaline W. Teackle J. Bunting 05-30-1860
Sebastian Sally Ann Chesser 01-04-1864
Matilda 2nd John C. Chesser 08-29-1864
Elizabeth P. Thomas McCready 03-21-1866
Matilda John McCready 09-04-1870
Arsemous Betsy Colona 09-25-1870
John J. Sarah Linton 05-11-1871
Polly F. George S. Willett 01-26-1875
James Selby Arnthia J. Marshall 12-29-1889
Sally Robinson Samuel Dix 12-17-1890
Alice Lee Emory Jackson Wessels 12-04-1892

Small Albemarle Co., VA   Date / Location
Sarah Isaac Burnett 00-00-1760
Albert A. Tabiotha Millie Shaw 12-18-1867


Small Amherst Co., VA Date / Location
Mary Artexerces Bennett (widower) 09-12-1786
Betsey Isaac Grey 00-00-1795
Sally Nelson Warwick 01-12-1805
Jane James Robertson 04-01-1805


Small Augusta Co. VA   Date/ Location
John Sallie Fitzpatrick 12-09-1817

Small Berkeley Co., VA   Date/ Location
Mary John Waller 03-07-1771
Henry Mary Smith 01-15-1789
George Elizabeth Ubbet / Nbbet 01-10-1793
Samuel Mary Shaw 04-07-1795
Henry Elinor Carson 06-09-1795
James Margaret McNeal 05-10-1804
John Mary "Polly" Mason 11-24-1808
Polly Jacob Folk / Faulk / Falk 05-18-1809
Elizabeth Daniel Stayer 03-08-1815
Nancy Hugh Paul 04-11-1816
Nancy John Windle 06-09-1818
Samuel Margaret Williamson 05-11-1821
George Mary Grove 05-00-1822
Margaret (Peggy) Henry James Seibert 06-04-1822
Ruth Catherine John Seibert 02-04-1824
William Mary Polly Couchman 03-23-1825
John Elizabeth Kilmer 03-28-1825
Jacob A. Mary Cushwa 03-14-1826
John C. Sarah Mong 03-21-1827
Mary Michael Couchman 12-04-1828
Margaret, Mrs. Thomas T. Dugan 02-04-1830
Henry C. Elizabeth Seibert 03-31-1831
Nancy Daniel Ropp 04-05-1831
Adam Mary Myers 03-29-1832
Mary G. Jacob Showers 08-27-1834
Ellen Benjamin N. Brown, Rev. 10-04-1837
Jacob A. Ann Hill 04-28-1840
William C. Margaret Williamson 05-23-1840
Catherine George Ramer 05-18-1844
Mary Ellen Benjamin Couchman 12-22-1847
Barbara Ellen George M. Noll 11-08-1849
William Mrs. Margaret \\ 00-00-1850
Ann Rebecca James Mason 01-21-1851
William C. Ann E. Couchman 02-27-1851
Catherine George Swingle 02-07-1852
Lucinda Abraham Porterfield 12-02-1852
Anna Catherine Casper Ephraim Johnson 11-25-1869

Small Frederick Co., VA   Date/ Location
John Ann Jenkins 00-00-1754
Elizabeth Dennis Springer Jr. 00-00-1774

Small Harrison Co., VA   Date/ Location
Peter Hannah Whiteman 07-04-1815

Small Henry Co., VA   Date/ Location
Jean William Woody 12-16-1783 Collinsville
Elizabeth Bond Burnett 00-00-1791 Collinsville
Thomas Elizabeth Burnett 00-00-1791 Collinsville


Small Henrico Co., VA   Date/ Location
Peter D. Adelia Alvis 10-29-1857


Small Isle of Wight Co., VA   Date/ Location
John Alce Hollowell 12-25-1688
Benjamin Elizabeth Hollowell 01-12-1699
Amey William Denson 12-20-1723

Small Loudoun Co., VA   Date/ Location
Elizabeth F. James H. Swart 08-16-1860

Small Mecklinburg Co., VA   Date/ Location
Mary Nathaniel Chambers 09-06-1790
George Edith Overby 03-30-1799
Mary Nathaniel Laffoon 11-17-1808
George Sarah Pully 09-26-1816
Polly Howell Collier 09-28-1816
Martha David D. Taylor 12-19-1825
Elizabeth H. Francis O. D. Green 09-20-1842
Elizabeth H. William J. Cates 08-16-1851
Willie Mary Martin 00-00-1903

Small Middlesex Co., VA   Date/ Location
Mary Joseph Smith 10-31-1750


Small Monongalia Co., VA   Date/ Location
Jacob Mary May 03-14-1802
Catherine Frederick Snyder 06-23-1812
Elizabeth Henry Shaw 12-31-1818
Anna Mary Henry Watkins 04-16-1829

Small Nansemond Co., VA   Date/ Location
John Mrs. Ann Small (Grove?) 00-00-1665
John Alice (Alce) Hollowell 12-25-1688
Elizabeth John Harris 12-14-1688
Benjamin Elizabeth Belson 12-01-1699
Benjamin Elizabeth Hollowell 12-01-1699
Joseph Ann Owen 10-18-1722
Amey William Denson 12-20-1723

Small Nelson Co., VA   Date / Location
Patsy John Hamner 07-29-1817
Hudson B. Fortune 08-07-1817
Rebecca N. Clarke 01-28-1819
Nancy David Johnson 10-05-1819
Lucinda Beverly Hamner 09-30-1824
Jane Mildred Jesse Jobalyn Allen 02-03-1836
Sarah William H. Boyd 04-13-1845
William P. Frances Gaulding 04-23-1846
Mary Ann S. Edmund Chisman Goodwin 08-03-1846
Esther C. Thomas P. Gray 04-01-1850
James Sarah Jane Thompson 08-09-1852
Margaret S. Joseph H. White 10-04-1858
Joseph Watson Lucy Jane Napier 04-11-1864
Mary M. Jas B. 01-03-1872
John W. Lizzie Canady 11-23-1875
Rosa E. J. W. Hill / Hilt 01-12-1877
Andrew George Nancy Jane Fitzgerald 04-25-1878

Small Norfolk Co., VA  Date/ Location
John Alice Hollowell 12-25-1688


Small Northampton Co., VA  Date/ Location
Bernell R. Alexine (Ella) C. Johnson 12-05-1889
Edward Eugene Mattie May Downing 12-25-1915

Small Patrick Co., VA   Date/ Location
Darkis Zachariah Burnett 02-11-1793 Taylorville

Small Richmond Co., VA   Date/ Location
Oliver Isabell Ramel 06-11-1730
Mary Francis Joseph S. Tripp 12-20-1882

Small Rockbridge Co., VA   Date/ Location
John Mary Harris 05-25-1852

Small Rockingham Co., VA   Date/ Location
Caty Jacob Wiseman 06-05-1806
Maria Thomas G. Miller 12-29-1859
Nettie C. Zachariah Harris 01-31-1871

Small Unknown County - Virginia   Date/ Location
Elizabeth Richard Ratcliff 00-00-1679
Christie Shadrach Bunch 00-00-1721
Albert A. Millie Shaw 12-17-1868
Levi H. William T. Dyke 06-16-1874
John Olivia Jane Slack 06-17-1874
Catherine Vernan D. Wertenbaker 06-16-1877
Catherine William T. Dyke 06-29-1877
Alex J. Alice G. Beasley 04-27-1886
Clarence M. Fannie P. Chapman 01-12-1887
John A. Masie Ward 01-14-1914

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