South Carolina Marriage Records

South Carolina Marriage Records

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Small Abbeville SC Date / Location
Kate D. A. Smith 11-00-1774 Abbeville
Maggie Nelson T. Sassard 07-00-1774 Abbeville

Small Charleston Co., SC Date / Location
Jacob J. Sarah C Stoppelbein 06-26-1845 Charleston

Small Georgtown Co., SC Date / Location
Margaret E. Alexander M. Moore abt 1871
Thomas Martha Jane aft 1875
Sarah W. William H. Rowe 1890
Andrew James Lettie Cleaver Jacobs abt 1908
Charles Eugene Dorothy Jacobs 06-27-1953

Small Horry Co., SC Date / Location
John R. Fannie Hardwick 10-13-1899
Cross Huey Wilson Rose Anna Strickland 01-29-1905
Earl Lee Sybil Elizabeth Parks 12-23-1946 Conway

Small Lancaster Co., SC Date / Location
John D. Elmina Small 02-04-1853
Elmina John D. Small 02-04-1853
Elizabeth James M. Small 01-01-1854
James M. Elizabeth Small 01-01-1854
Jane John B. Williams 05-28-1857
Anna Robert Montgomery Belk 06-00-1857
Sarah Ann James Harvey Rowell 00-00-1862
Samuel Montgomery J.E. 09-06-1866

Small Williamsburg Co., SC Date / Location
Durgin Elizabeth Venters abt 1858
Virginia Estelle Robert E. Mahon 03-15-1973 Kingstree

Small York Co., SC Date / Location
David M. Mary E. Wright 12-12-1836

Small Unknown Date / Location
Mary Robert B. Dunningham 02-00-1858
Jane J. J.W.A. Porter 01-02-1860
Henry Elizabeth 00-00-1865
Gertrude Dresdon A. Smith 12-28-1869
Willie Fussell Ava Lena Spivey 11-05-1933

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