Pennsylvania Marriage Records

Pennsylvania Marriage Records

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Small Adams Co., PA  Date / Location
Helena Joannes Hoffman 08-06-1811
Maria Leonardus Shafer 08-10-1813
Maria Joannes Conrad 08-08-1824
Maria Ellen John Conrad 08-08-1824 Conewago Twp.
Jacob A. Catherine M. Eckenrode 02-11-1859 Gettysburg
Jerome Edward Joanna Barbara Nary 08-26-1862
Agnes William Poist 01-14-1873
Henry F. Mary Ellen Eltz 00-00-1880
Henry F. Mary Ellen Eltz 12-26-1882
Jeremiah D. Lydia Laughman 10-23-1888


Small Allegheny Co., PA  Date / Location
Lillian Peter Essex Hatch 11-12-1882

Small Bedford Co., PA  Date / Location
Benjamin Franklin Martha Kimmel 12-23-1897
Tobias Garfield Hester Louise Kinzey 08-17-1904

Small Bucks Co., PA  Date / Location
Rebecca W. Cyrus Livezey 04-26-1832
Charles Elizabeth Swain 06-04-1834
Mary Howard Paxson 05-14-1835
Emaline Joseph Dennis Armitage 03-13-1839
David Wilson Susanna Ely 01-30-1851

Small Chester Co., PA  Date / Location
Jabez W. Priscilla Pryor 03-18-1831

Small Cumberland Co., PA  Date / Location
Elizabeth Jacob Cook 04-00-1769
Barbara John Treubler 05-17-1849

Small Dauphin Co., PA  Date / Location
Margaret Joseph Shearer 06-27-1835

Small Franklin Co., PA  Date / Location
Catharina Christian Hoover 05-19-1842
Mary Ann David M. Lowry 00-00-1860

Schmahl Lancaster Co., PA  Date / Location
Killian Eva Weiskoffer 12-11-1756
Andrew  Barbara Weigel Litwn  09-22-1795
Sarah Ann Augustus H. Mead 04-02-1835


Small Lebanon PA Date / Location
George H. Mary Laucks 08-31-1852
Leslie Ray Rosa Ruth Heist 04-03-1915

Small Mercer Co., PA  Date / Location
Edward Mary Ann Hanna 00-00-1839
Mary Hanna James Alexander P. Porter 01-17-1861
Rosa Joseph A. Dean 09-15-1886

Small Middletown, PA  Date / Location
Rebecca Cyrus Livesey 04-26-1832

Small Northumberland Co., PA  Date / Location
Lawrence John Alice Strine 11-18-1880

Small Philadelphia Co., PA  Date / Location
James Martha Boyd 07-26-1727 Christ Church Phil.
Jane William Craig 01-01-1760 Swedes' Ch. Phil.
John Elizabeth Boatman 10-05-1772 Christ Church Phil.
Jenny Simon Newton 12-06-1782 Swedes' Ch. Phil.
Henry Ann Cole 11-20-1785 Christ Church Phil.
Elizabeth Thomas White 08-06-1793 Swedes' Ch. Phil.
Martha John Johnson 04-17-1799 Christ Church Phil.
Joseph Margaret Gosner 03-10-1805 Christ Church Phil.
Philip Albright Sarah Bartow Latimer 09-25-1822 (see Schmahl)
John Beaulah Steelman 02-14-1839
William B. Mary A. Baum 11-01-1865
Robert J. Emma S. Hunter 10-22-1924


Smallwood Philadelphia Co., PA Date / Location
Martha William Dice 09-01-1779 Swedes' Ch. Phil.

Small Pittsburg PA  Date / Location
Nellie John Robinson 12-08-1880
Emma Warren John Findley Davitt 01-26-1901

Small Schuylkill Co., PA  Date / Location
Catharine H. Benjamin J. Reifsnyder 04-17-1854

Small Somerset Co., PA  Date / Location
Susan Laura Jacob J. Manges 08-08-1871
Ida Belle Samuel Thomas 10-01-1882
Robert Lincoln Sarah Jane Hamer 10-25-1895
Austin Elroy Rose Ellen Gordon 01-00-1905
Arthur Earl Marie Faye Custer 02-24-1935 Central City

Small St. Thomas PA  Date / Location
John Vantresse Anna May Keller 02-21-1856


Small Venango Co., PA Date / Location
Moses Madison Ida Mary Alcorn 10-30-1883

Small Washington Co., PA  Date / Location
William A. Anna M. Cubbage 00-00-1887
Thomas James Ella Marie Craig 06-30-1934 Charleroi


Small Westmoreland, Co., PA  Date / Location
Sarah Horace Grannis 00-00-1822

Schmahl York Co., PA  Date / Location
Eva Johann Peter Reisonger 00-00-1754
Killan Eva Welschance 00-00-1758 See Lancaster
Jacob Christiana Krantz 10-15-1797
Henrich  Polly Ebert 02-20-1806 York
Catharina Jacob Grafius  05-10-1810  York
John Elizabeth Laucks 08-01-1811
Daniel Catherine Graeber 12-31-1812
Joseph Elisabeth Kron 03-11-1813 (see Small)
Joseph Catharine Gartman  10-06-1816  York
Lydia Daniel Rup 10-01-1818
Lydia  Charles Miller 08-01-1819 York
Joseph Elizabeth Barnhart 12-31-1822 York (see Small)
Daniel  Anna Maria Stab  07-19-1825 York
Killian Sabina Emig 04-30-1835 York

Small York Co., PA  Date / Location
John George  Anna Maria Albright 11-24-1792
Jacob Catherine Elizabeth Welsh 02-21-1786
Mary Polly William Thompson 07-02-1801 Limington
Sarah Samuel Anderson 00-00-1810
Joseph Elisabeth Krone 03-11-1813
Daniel Elizabeth Fisher 04-10-1821
Philip Albright Sarah Latimer  04-25-1822
Joseph Elizabeth Barnhart 12-31-1822 York (see Schamahl)
Henry Catharine Mosey 11-06-1823
Lucinda George Ilgenfritz 00-00-1824
Daniel Lydia Mose 03-18-1827
George H. Eliza Willis 12-11-1832
Samuel Isabel Cassat 03-26-1834
Killian Martha Melinda Pentz 04-22-1835
Margaret Charles Hildebrand 08-04-1835
John Cornelius Rebecca Miller 05-06-1841
John Krone Rebecca Miller 05-06-1841
Catharina John Dreher 10-21-1841
Ann Amelia Jacob Stair 02-12-1850
Mary E. Samuel Carter 05-16-1850
Catharina James Schall 05-04-1854
Elizabeth Jacob. W. Gilbert 11-03-1857
Samuel  Frances Ann Richardson 03-03-1859
Jacob A. Rebecca Hopkins 10-09-1860
Elizabeth Charles Harkins 08-23-1863
Cassandra Morris Alex. R. Blair 05-19-1864
Barbara Alexander Thompson 07-26-1866
Mehela J. George W.S. Hoffman 11-05-1867
Joseph H. Emma J. Shetrone 09-29-1887 York
Rosetta L. Howard L. Geltz 11-05-1895
Julia Agnes Frederick Gebhart Gotwald 06-10-1897

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