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Smalley New Jersey  Date / Location
Hannah Malleson Fitz-Randolph 00-00-1738



Smalley  Middlesex Co., NJ   Date / Location
Andrew Agnes Coriel  02-26-1746/47        Piscataway
Jonas Rebecca Wise 09-30-1793
Abraham Catherine Emans  10-08-1772             Piscataway

Small New Jersey  Date / Location
John A. Ruth Stockdale 12-01-1735


Small Bergen Co., NJ  Date / Location
John J. Adelia Buckbee 11-20-1836
Mary James Martin 04-19-1877 Tenafly
Ellen Cornelius J. Sullivan 02-16-1882 Tenafly

Small Burlington Co., NJ  Date / Location
Mary Thomas Archer 05-12-1763 Evesham
Isreal Ann Hinchman 10-13-1763 Evesham
Robert Elizabeth Morris 11-21-1778
Mary John Mathews 10-30-1784
Ruth James Bird 12-18-1785 Mt. Holly
Sheba Jesse King 09-17-1789
Martha Peter Johnson 06-13-1797 Mount Holly
John Ann Borton 02-26-1801 Evesham
Hope Joshua Engle 05-03-1802
Jerard Levinia Sopers 05-28-1807
Margaret John Gardiner 02-12-1824
Hannah Asa Smith 09-13-1827
Josiah Elizabeth W. Cotner 03-15-1852
Mary A. Thomas Crane 11-23-1853 Medford Twp.
Isreal Lydia Crane 01-19-1860 Northampton Twp.
Lydia B. Thomas Taylor 09-17-1860 Southampton Twp.


Small Camden Co., NJ  Date / Location
Sarah Adam Knoff 09-12-1853 Camden

Small Essex Co., NJ  Date / Location
Madeline Leicester M. Mason 04-02-1835 Newark
Matilda Jane George Washington Perry 01-08-1844
Madeline 2nd George D. Healy 06-01-1845 Newark
Eliza Burkloe Philander B. Rogers 07-29-1845
Margaretta Jane William R. Andrews 10-21-1856 Belleville Twp.
Mary Ann Charles H. Ball 02-06-1859 Newark
John Margaret Meilne 11-24-1860 Newark


Small Gloucester Co., NJ Date / Location
John Hope Thomas 06-11-1767 Deptford Twp.


Small Hudson Co., NJ  Date / Location
Lucinda M. John R. Rollins 11-29-1849 Hoboken

Small Mercer Co., NJ  Date / Location
Isaac M. Emma Dennis 10-18-1860 Trenton


Small Middlesex Co., NJ  Date / Location
Mary John Morris 03-27-1676 Woodbridge


Small Monmouth Co., NJ  Date / Location
Mary Riley Hance 06-12-1829 Shrewsbury

Small Passaic Co., NJ  Date / Location
Michael Catharine Morris 09-03-1855 Paterson

Small Sussex Co., NJ  Date / Location
Mary John Penny Coleman abt 1834 Colesville

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