Missouri Marriage Records

Missouri Marriage Records

County Listings

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Small Andrew Co., MO Date / Location
Eunice (Unis) Dillon Bales 09-26-1844
Mornin Robert E. Watts 04-13-1849


Small Butler Co., MO  Date / Location
Don Lloyd Zora Llona Sielert 06-03-1928
Donna Kay Loren Wayne Reynolds 08-27-1961
Don Lloyd Zora Llona Sielert 06-03-1928


Small Carter Co., MO  Date / Location
Marion Hezekiah Rosa Baker 10-23-1892             Bollinger


Small Carter Co., MO  Date / Location
Henry Matilda Ann Dawson 09-28-1875


Small Clark Co., MO  Date / Location
Fred W. Lelia Estella Colvin 11-28-1917


Small Columbia, MO  Date / Location
Sarah Thompson T. Funk 08-24-1837
Donna Kay Loren Wayne Reynolds 08-27-1961


Small Dade Co., MO  Date / Location
James Henry Wann Susan Elizabeth Patterson 05-30-1878
John Elbert Rosa L. Compton 06-25-1875
John William Mittie Anna Linville 03-01-1893 Everton
Lulu Mabel  Jess Casey  08-20-1904


Small Daviess Co., MO Date / Location
Jacob L. Mary A. Covington 12-28-1869


Small Durkin Co., MO Date / Location
Osia Ellen Bert Thomas Arnold 09-14-1911


Small Eagleville MO  Date / Location
William T. Cynthia J. Fitch 05-23-1875


Small Green Co.,  MO  Date / Location
Emma Elizabeth George William Kelly 05-24-1899


Small Lafayette Co., MO Date / Location
Washington Any T. Barnes 02-17-1849


Small Lawrence Co., MO Date / Location
Lela Maud Clarence Bowen Ward 04-16-1911             Halltown


Small Miller Co., MO Date / Location
Daniel P. Cordelia Ann Scrimmager 01-08-1891 Tuscumbia
Mary Ann J. Seymour Sparks 05-18-1893


Small Mississippi Co., MO Date / Location
Elizabeth Franklin Baker 08-09-1870
Harriett P. George W. Hutson 10-20-1874
Edward Lycurgus Letty Jane Weakley 08-11-1878
William E. Sarah E. Russell 08-05-1886
Small Ozark Co., MO  Date / Location
Henry Mary Isabell Langston  12-25-1901

Small Pike Co., MO  Date / Location
Nancy Moses Kelly 03-15-1821
Ann N. William H. Mitchell 01-06-1853


Small Polk Co., MO  Date / Location
Maud Ann Willard Baldwin Leavitt 06-09-1931 Bolivar


Small Saline Co., MO  Date / Location
William Henry Martha Ann Mosby 04-14-1856
Mary Medora George Samuel Martin 04-13-1890 Blackbern

Small Schuyler Co., MO  Date / Location
Cornilia Theophilus Ryals 06-10-1870

Small St. Louis Co., MO  Date / Location
William Henry Harrison Frances Margaret Wallace 04-22-1869
Claudius Kennedy Elizabeth L. Robinson 12-11-1918   St. Louis


Small Unknown County MO Date / Location
Emma Elizabeth George William Kelly 05-24-1899
Frederick Girdell Lily Mae Hutchison 06-17-1901
Sarah Jane George William Kelly 01-21-1904
Elbert Fidel Mattie Melton 09-26-1905

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