Iowa Marriage Records

Iowa Marriage Records

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Small Buchanan Co., IA Date / Location
Lewis Emma Swartzel 09-25-1862

Small Cascade IA Date / Location
Frank Anne Perrett 02-16-1888

Small Cherokee Co., IA Date / Location
Annie Neal Jones 05-26-1908

Small Davis Co., IA Date / Location
Phoebe Jane Florence Oscar Bradbury 08-17-1871
Annie William Perry McVey 12-30-1882

Small Des Moines IA Date / Location
Ethel Leona Jesse Calvin Christie 06-04-1921

Small Dubuque IA Date / Location
John Catherine Craig 04-10-1860
Henry J. Julia A. R. Libby 11-10-1862

Small Emmetsburg, Iowa Date / Location
Alice Marion Sprague Ernest Snively 10/12/1897

Small Hardin Co., IA Date / Location
Jeremiah Elizabeth Schultz 01-12-1864

Small Harrison Co., IA Date / Location
Martha Louisa Pearle Joseph Arthur Graybill 09-28-1904

Small Jackson Co., IA Date / Location
Clarence Leroy Ellen Elvira Cunningham 11-20-1873

Small Keokuk Co., IA Date / Location
Anna Hoyert Malkias 05-06-1867
Emma Minor Bradley 01-16-1874
Stephena Belle Henry C. Caskey 03-14-1900

Small Lee Co., IA Date / Location
James Ira Phebe Ann Fowler 06-30-1839
William Susanna Miller 06-03-1841
Leonard Martin Esther Margaret Bowman 08-08-1846

Smales Lucas Co., IA Date / Location
Russell Perlie Williams 02-04-1886

Small Mahaska Co., IA Date / Location
John Leonard Edith C. Russell 10-21-1874
William Sarah Jane Simkins 07-10-1851
Henry Mary J. Hobson 09-24-1868
Thomas Abraham Clarase R. Derby 11-06-1870
William Riley Mary Margaret Myers 02-21-1875
Louisa E A. A. Werner 09-04-1895

Small Marshall Co., IA Date / Location
Thomas Clark Eliza Bower 10-13-1856 Marshalltown

Small Mitchell Co., IA Date / Location
Martha Jasper N. Hannah 06-08-1879

Smull Muscatine Co., IA Date / Location
Margaret Ann William Powers Frazier 12-25-1857 Muscatine

Small Polk City ., IA Date / Location
Ophy H. L. Mary Artisesa Ingersol 11-24-1883

Small Souix City IA Date / Location
Edna Cleone William Godfrey 02-18-1920

Small Storm Lake IA Date / Location
Darell Marjorie Kerns Paltzgroff 08-20-1953

Small Wapello Co., IA Date / Location
Mary E. John Zear 02-17-1859
James G. Lepha G. Clark 09-08-1864

Small Waukon IA Date / Location
Osker Henry Verna Selma Grodevant 09-25-1935

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