Arkansas Marriage Records

Arkansas Marriage Records

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Small Banner AR  Date / Location
Levi Hughes Mutrice Ophelia Sharp 10-21-1906

Small Baxter Co., AR  Date / Location
Malinda Catherine James A. Davis 08-31-1898
Fannie Cordelia John William Green 12-25-1900
William Leslie Nellie Ruth Puckett 12-13-1919 Norfolk
Mary Elizabeth Thomas Edward Simpson 02-12-1922
James Jasper Evah Cunningham 07-00-1931
Anna Lillian Fred Climer 11-22-1973

Small Clark Co., AR  Date / Location
William Monroe Ida Prince 03-03-1892

Small Clay Co. AR  Date / Location
Elizabeth Lewis C. Sells 06-03-1920
Jessie Bessie Mae Dobbins 01-20-1923

Small Clay Co. AR  Date / Location
Margarette Ellen Francis Ella Barnes 07-28-1874

Small Conway AR Date / Location
Sarah Elizabeth Luke L. Monday 02-25-1871

Small Crawford Co., AR Date / Location
Harrison Charles  Sarah Elizabeth Long 09-01-1883
Ruth  Homer Mills 08-21-1911
Bailey S. Josie M. Davis  05-24-1914

Small Fulton Co., AR  Date / Location
Lina Jennette James Henry Hudson 02-16-1912
Ulyus Zion Sylvia Ann Key 05-01-1926 Wild Cherry
Anna Lillian Elmer Weatherford 09-18-1927 Wild Cherry

Small Garland Co., AR  Date / Location
Joseph Wiley Rutha N. Priddy 03-17-1876

Small Izard Co., AR  Date / Location
Ruby Roscoe Dobbs 06-09-1927

Small Jackson Co., AR  Date / Location
Laura Elizabeth James A. Davis 08-01-1914

Small Montgomery Co., AR  Date / Location
James Taylor Rowena Josephine Hawkins 07-26-1868
Susan Orian (Ozias) Denton Priddy 02-18-1872
Sarah A. Francis Marion Priddy 11-13-1879
Tom Mckinley Bessie Irene Kitchens 03-31-1918 Luckey

Small Point Cedar Arkansas Date / Location
Albert Leander Alice Holly Nichols 02-14-1892

Small Sharp Co., Arkansas Date / Location
James Jasper Martha Louvina Starrett 11-22-1892 Evening Shade

Small Wood Co., Arkansas Date / Location
John Rebecca J. Grogan 12-09-1847

Small No County Listed  Date / Location
David Wiley Virgie Ellen Holder 07-16-1890
Joseph Denton Martha Ann Cash 03-16-1904
Perry Grover Margaret Jane Brittain 08-15-1908

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