Scotland Marriage Records

Marriage Records - Scotland

County Angus, Scotland

Note: Spellings are as found in the records, there are some that have more than one spelling for the same marriage, and some dates differ for the same marriage. There are also duplicate marriage records with two locations. It is also possible that they are not the same individual, and it is therefore the responsibility of the researcher to determine proper information by contacting record offices in localities where the conflict can be resolved.

The records contained herein are for the county listed and no determination has been made that these individuals immigrated to, or immigrated from any other location.

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James D. Small

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Given Name Spouse's Name Date Location
Unk. Agnes Donald 04-17-1724 Coupar Angus
Unk. David Watson 02-12-1728 Coupar Angus
Adam Mart. Bruce 06-02-1658 Mains & Strathmartine
Adam Isabell Heggie 05-26-1856 Kirriemuir
Agnas Williame Luke 06-16-1688 Newtyle
Agnas James Anderson 01-09-1776 Newtyle
Agnes William Duchars 01-06-1633 Kettins
Agnes Gilbert Seifwright 12-28-1645 Kettins
Agnes James Smith 05-05-1693 Lundie
Agnes Andrew Smith 08-15-1695 Dundee
Agnes William Ducat 02-27-1713 Kettins
Agnes John Slidders 12-30-1718 Newtyle
Agnes George Fisher 11-23-1725 Coupar Angus
Agnes John Wlkie 11-23-1725 Coupar Angus
Agnes Robert Thornton 12-26-1797 Dundee
Agnes William Taylor 06-21-1834 Dundee
Agnes John Richardson 11-12-1837 Newtyle
Agnes John Ritchison 12-09-1837 Liff Benvie & Invergowrie
Agnes David Gray 11-07-1862 Dundee
Agnes James Roy 12-31-1874 Dundee
Agnis Jonas Jewvat 11-15-1655 Dundee
Agnus James Smith 05-05-1693 Lundie & Fowlis
Alex Agnes Alexander 12-17-1866 Arbroath
Alex M. Susan Duncan 02-05-1869 Dundee
Alexa James Ogilvie 01-26-1858 Dundee
Alexa Peter Smart 04-12-1860 Dundee
Alexander Isabell Cowper 06-12-1707 Kittins
Alexander Elizabeth Duncan 02-22-1760 Coupar Angus
Alexander Isabell Kinneir 10-27-1763 Tealing
Alexander Margaret Pringle 10-30-1778 Coupar Angus
Alexander Jane Steuart 01-22-1819 Monikie
Alexander Janet Williamson 10-11-1824 Dundee
Alexander Jane Guild 10-08-1826 Dundee
Alexander Ann Mclagan 05-27-1846 Dundee
Alexander Agnes Ogilvie 03-21-1852 Dundee
Alexander Amelia Watt 03-04-1854 Liff Benvie & Invergrwrie
Alexander Susan Kenny 06-23-1869 Dundee
Alexander Elizabeth Latto 06-29-1869 Dundee
Alexander Grace Williamson 12-31-1873 Dundee
Alex. Williamson Elizabeth Johnstone 07-08-1853 Dundee
Alexr. Euphans Cossins 06-12-1740 Tealing
Alexr. Elizabeth Duncan 02-28-1760 Coupar Angus
Alexr. Isabell Kinnear 10-27-1763 Dundee
Alexr. Betty Spalding 11-28-1808 Dundee
Alexr. Elizabeth Maxwel 10-27-1816 Kettins
Alexr. Janet Brown 12-30-1817 Dundee
Alexr. Margaret Wilson 11-21-1825 Dundee
Alexr. Elizabeth Mac Dougall 02-05-1838 Coupar Angus
Alexr. Agnes Moir 10-04-1864 Monifieth
Alexr. Mary McMillan 11-25-1872 Dundee
Alexr. Maria Randall 04-16-1874 Inverarity & Methy
And. Margaret How 04-28-1738 Airlie
Andrew Elspeth Maisonne 06-24-1652 Dundee
Andrew Christian Duncan 06-10-1655 Dundee
Andrew Elspet Ireland 04-29-1677 Kettins
Andrew Helen Davidson 11-27-1685 Kettins
Andrew Agnes Stivenson 03-20-1708 Kettins
Andrew Isabel Soutar 05-28-1731 Newtyle
Andrew Margaret Neel 08-26-1764 Airlie
Andrew Grizel Small 06-11-1777 Dundee
Andrew Grizel Small 06-17-1777 Lundie & Fowlis
Andrew Isabell Nicoll 12-24-1777 Dundee
Andrew Hannah Boath 01-17-1795 Arbroath
Andrew Margaret Scott 11-09-1795 Dundee
Andrew Elisabeth Thornton 02-10-1796 Dundee
Andrew Margaret Scott 03-09-1796 Dundee
Andrew Magdalane Napier 11-26-1809 Montrose
Andrew Margaret Clark 08-26-1815 Coupar Angus
Andrew May Hutcheson 05-18-1816 Dundee
Andrew Elizabeth Boyd 10-14-1820 Dundee
Andrew Elizabeth Robertson 04-05-1832 Dundee
Andrew Isabel Miller 01-23-1836 Dundee
Andrew Elizabeth Sinclair 04-25-1843 Dundee
Andrew Janet McDonald 08-26-1844 Dundee
Andrew Susan Carrie 10-16-1847 Arbroath
Andrew Susan Carrie 10-22-1847 Monifieth
Andrew Ann Hauton 07-27-1850 Liff Benvie & Invergowrie
Andrew Margt. McIntosh 11-23-1850 Liff Benvie & Invergowrie
Andrew Mary Tosh 04-14-1857 Dundee
Andrew Margaret Brown 03-29-1861 Arbroath
Andrew Elizabeth Stewart 06-05-1863 Dundee
Andrew Mary Abernethy 11-23-1866 Dundee
Andrew Mary Watson 02-05-1867 Dundee
Andrew Christina Finlayson 06-04-1869 Dundee
Andrew Jane Hanton 04-23-1873 Panbride
Andrew Ann J. McIntosh 11-14-1873 Dundee
Andrew Hebenton Jane Smith Bell 11-29-1861 Dundee
Androw Elspet Rotsone 07-25-1652 Kettins
Andw. Hanah Boath 01-17-1795 Dundee
Ann Gilbert Wilkie 07-10-1754 Coupar Angus
Ann James Sturton 07-22-1798 Lundie & Fowlis
Ann Thomas Deuchars 07-12-1806 Coupar Angus
Ann Jas. Johnston 03-25-1812 Dundee
Ann Alexr. Samson 01-23-1816 Dundee
Ann James Findlay 08-07-1819 Forfar
Ann Peter Thomson 012-01-1820 Coupar Angus
Ann William Gibson 06-19-1825 Monifieth
Ann William Gibson 07-02-1825 Monikie
Ann Felex Collin 02-21-1827 Dundee
Ann George Couper 08-15-1835 Lundie and Fowlis
Ann James Beverly 02-13-1843 Dundee
Ann James Meffan 05-28-1847 Liff Benvie & Invergowrie
Ann Joseph Moug 02-05-1853 Glamis
Ann Joseph Moug 02-05-1853 Montrose
Ann Murdoch Mcrea 07-15-1853 Dundee
Ann James Dewar 01-02-1854 Dundee
Ann George Key 11-07-1862 Brechin
Ann Charles Fleming 12-16-1863 Dundee
Ann George Ririe 11-16-1867 Dundee
Ann Robert Murray 02-14-1868 Dundee
Ann Charles Watson 06-10-1873 Dundee
Ann Eliz. Gordon David Anderson Weighton 12-12-1853 Dundee
Ann Taws William Keillor 02-09-1858 Dundee
Anne Charles Macgregor 04-11-1785 Dundee
Anne Charles White 11-20-1791 Saint Vigeans
Anne Thomas Smart 11-08-1793 Lethnot and Navar
Anne Alexander Mcpherson 09-09-1800 Dundee
Annie Alexander Spence 11-06-1860 Monifieth
Archibald Elisabeth Gall 06-11-1773 Dundee
Barbara James Neil 09-30-1766 Dundee
Barbara James Black 02-29-1793 Dundee
Barbara John Isles 10-26-1827 Dundee
Barbara William Sutherland 04-29-1831 Dundee
Barbara John Barney 12-15-1840 Dundee
Barbara John Hodge 08-18-1844 Mains and Strathmartine
Barbara David Elder 07-16-1852 Dundee
Barbara John Rennie 04-20-1866 Barry
Betsy Hall Peter Lamond 07-13-1863 Dundee
Betty John Webster 04-00-1798 Lundie and Fowlis
Betty Alexander Ledgerwood 03-23-1808 Dundee
Blinshall Mary Johnston 12-24-1804 Dundee
Blinshar Marey Johnstone 12-23-1804 Monifieth
Catharin Patrick Ireland 03-11-1687 Kettins
Catharine William Seton 09-01-1728 Forfar
Catharine William Whitton 06-06-1799 Newtyle
Catharine John Murray 12-28-1805 Coupar Angus
Catharine John Hunter 12-02-1825 Saint Vigeans
Catherine James Auchinlek 09-14-1609 Tealing
Catherine Jas. Gray 05-18-1866 Dundee
Catherine George Webster 02-14-1868 Barry
Catherine Peter Mason 03-21-1870 Forfar
Catherine Peter L. Mckinnon 12-31-1873 Dundee
Cathren Thomas Scot 11-01-1656 Dundee
Cecilia Peter Craig 02-14-1807 Coupar Angus
Charles Elspeth Mcintosh 11-07-1813 Glenisla
Charles Isabella Fleming 01-11-1872 Dundee
Charles L. Eliza Welsh Cooper 12-04-1871 Dundee
Charlotte James Anderson 02-10-1857 Dundee
Chas. Helen Smith 05-08-1813 Liff Benvie and Invergowrie
Christian William Olyphant 07-23-1687 Lundie and Fowlis
Christian Thomas Anderson 09-18-1686 Kettins
Christian Thomas Anderson 10-08-1686 Coupar Angus
Christian John Robertson 07-25-1703 Kittins
Christian John Robertson 08-14-1703 Kettins
Christian John Scrymsour 02-23-1724 Auchterhouse
Christian John Scrumger 03-14-1724 Kettins
Christian John Scrimger 03-19-1724 Auchterhouse
Christian James Barry 11-17-1785 Coupar Angus
Christian Robert Watson 01-17-1803 Dundee
Christian John Elder 09-26-1809 Dundee
Christian Willm. Meldrum 08-14-1815 Dundee
Christian James Paton 07-27-1828 Monifieth
Christian James Preston 05-03-1830 Dundee
Christian William Sempill 05-25-1834 Kettins
Christina James Patton 07-24-1828 Dundee
Christina George Anderson 02-06-1830 Inverkeilor
Christina George Anderson 02-09-1830 Lundie and Fowlis
Christina James Duncan 12-30-1853 Panbride
Christina J. Groat 02-12-1864 Dundee
Christina William Peggie 01-23-1867 Dundee
Clementina John Muir Logan 11-09-1840 Dundee
David Barbara Doctor 10-22-1671 Kettins
David Agnes Patillo 12-13-1689 Kettins
David Jean Haliburton 06-23-1702 Kettins
David Jannet Fitt 12-08-1721 Kettins
David Agnes Donald 04-17-1724 Coupar Angus
David Anna Donald 04-17-1724 Kettins
David Barbara Douglass 11-21-1738 Dundee
David Agnes Porter 08-20-1762 Newtyle
David Mary Maul 12-14-1773 Dundee
David Eliz. Balentine or Valentine 07-31-1783 Coupar Angus
David Elizabeth Ballentine 08-27-1783 Coupar Angus
David Elizabeth Valentine 08-27-1783 Coupar Angus
David Helen Fairweather 12-12-1789 Monifieth
David Matelda Espline 11-19-1797 Barry
David Matilda Espline 11-19-1797 Panbride
David Jean Crow 12-03-1799 Dundee
David Mary Norrie 07-01-1810 Monifieth
David Mary Norrie 07-15-1810 Dundee
David Margt. Reid 03-08-1812 Kettins
David Jean Gellatly 11-29-1812 Dundee
David Elizth. Brown 12-01-1823 Dundee
David Elizabeth \\ 12-24-1823 Dundee
David Christian Gardiner 04-09-1824 Dundee
David Elizabeth Caithness 09-04-1835 Dundee
David Barbara Hebington 12-11-1836 Dundee
David Cecilia Shepherd 02-26-1839 Coupar Angus
David Janet Rea 10-29-1840 Dundee
David Mary Miln 09-26-1843 Dundee
David Mary Miln 09-30-1843 Dundee
David Helen Baillie 02-10-1844 Liff and Benvie
David Helen Baillie 02-15-1844 Arbroath
David Ann Young 12-14-1845 Dunnichen
David Anne Young 12-19-1845 Monikie
David Matilda Smith 01-05-1846 Dundee
David Cathrine Mann 11-30-1846 Coupar Angus
David Henrietta Steele 02-23-1849 Dundee
David Margaret Fitchet 06-03-1857 Monikie
David Margaret Black 08-27-1858 Dundee
David Mary Ann Strachan 06-03-1859 Dunnichen
David Cathern Mcaffery 03-02-1860 Dundee
David Mary Barron 11-27-1866 Dundee
David Margaret Macnaughton 08-23-1867 Dundee
David Mary Valentine 06-19-1874 Dundee
David Maryann Reid 07-24-1874 Dundee
David Liddle Margaret Wright Forbes 06-22-1874 Dundee
David Wills Isabella Martin 08-27-1875 Auchterhouse
Edward Margt. Suard 11-00-1672 Lundie and Fowlis
Effie Wm. Marnoe 08-27-1626 Kettins
Effie Jo. Rotson. 08-18-1661 Kettins
Elezabeth James Millar 07-14-1691 Newtyle
Elisabeth John Hill 07-11-1764 Dundee
Elisabeth David Stewart 08-11-1784 Dundee
Elisabeth Peter Small 02-22-1787 Dundee
Elisabeth Alexander Thomson 01-21-1797 Newtyle
Elisabeth John Mitchell 03-22-1797 Auchterhouse
Elisabeth John Webster 04-27-1797 Auchterhouse
Elisabeth John Webster 04-27-1798 Auchterhouse
Elisabeth Henry Hardie 11-22-1799 Dundee
Elisabeth John Caird 06-01-1818 Tealing
Elisabeth John West 06-13-1818 Lundie and Fowlis
Elisabeth James Williamson 11-03-1828 Lundie and Fowlis
Elisabeth George Meal 06-12-1842 Newtyle
Elisabeth John Crichton 06-19-1874 Dundee
Elisha Mary Watson 01-28-1851 Dundee
Eliz. Wm. Miller 07-13-1703 Dundee
Eliz. James Ramsay 09-03-1758 Dundee
Eliz. David Crichton 08-23-1786 Lundie and Fowlis
Eliz. Peter Holyburton 01-20-1798 Coupar Angus
Eliza Robert Stiven 01-26-1846 Dundee
Eliza Robert Stiven 02-14-1846 Dundee
Eliza John Wilson 12-14-1850 Liff and Benvie
Elizabeth William Gibson 01-16-1665 Dundee
Elizabeth William Gibson 06-16-1665 Dundee
Elizabeth James Millar 01-21-1690 Newtyle
Elizabeth William Miller 06-19-1703 Dundee
Elizabeth James Pearson 04-15-1732 Forfar
Elizabeth Alexander Geekie 07-31-1747 Lundie and Fowlis
Elizabeth William Robertson 07-07-1762 Dundee
Elizabeth Alexander Thomson 01-21-1797 Bridgend of Lintrathen
Elizabeth John Mitchel 03-22-1797 Dundee
Elizabeth Alexander Petrie 01-24-1799 Arbroath
Elizabeth Ronald Baldie 12-02-1804 Kettins
Elizabeth Alexander Reid 01-19-1811 Coupar Angus
Elizabeth William Ireland 12-24-1813 Monikie
Elizabeth William Cathro 12-21-1814 Dundee
Elizabeth John Caird 06-06-1818 Saint Vigeans
Elizabeth Andrew Taylor 05-08-1821 Dundee
Elizabeth Peter Hean 10-11-1826 Dundee
Elizabeth James Williamson 11-04-1828 Dundee
Elizabeth James Fyfe 11-13-1831 Liff Benvie & Invergowrie
Elizabeth Daniel Innes 12-20-1831 Dundee
Elizabeth Alexander Smith 02-28-1851 Dundee
Elizabeth William Thomson 11-29-1852 Dundee
Elizabeth Alexander Grassie 08-27-1855 Dundee
Elizabeth Alexander Mc Kenzie 06-12-1857 Dundee
Elizabeth David Robbie 12-17-1858 Inverarity
Elizabeth Alexander Ogilvie 12-31-1861 Dundee
Elizabeth Alexander Forbes 08-07-1867 Dundee
Elizabeth John Gordon 06-23-1871 Dundee
Elspet John Henderson 10-25-1718 Kettins
Elspet John Weathel 08-06-1730 Monifieth
Elspet Robert Davidson 11-30-1770 Tealing
Elspeth Robert Davidson 11-25-1770 Kinnettles
Elspeth William Riach 01-11-1831 Dundee
Elspit Henry Guthrie 05-17-1618 Kettins
Emily Alexander Norrie 11-29-1861 Monifieth
Eupham Johne Ballerdie 05-04-1656 Kettins
Eupham john Andersonne 12-04-1662 Dundee
Euphan James Craik 09-25-1670 Kettins
Euphan George Broun 11-28-1707 Kettins
Euphan John Farorson 04-12-1726 Lintrathen
Euphan James Wallace 11-04-1756 Newtyle
Euphan John Anderson 12-15-1768 Coupar Angus
Euphemia Walter Marshall 12-30-1859 Dundee
Euphemia James Mcgregor 11-15-1875 Dundee
Francin William Smith 11-26-1796 Inverkeilor
Francis Margty. Tosh 10-09-1856 Dundee
Frederick Jane Storrer 01-09-1874 Kettins
Geo. Mart. Bell 06-23-1696 Dundee
Geo. Margt. Chalmers 10-29-1797 Monifieth
Georg Hellen Wright 02-28-1669 Kettins
George Agnes Barrie 03-09-1668 Forfar
George Susanna Small 12-06-1722 Newtyle
George White 12-10-1742 Coupar Angus
George Janet Webster 12-17-1750 Monifieth
George Marjory Webster 11-22-1751 Dundee
George Magdaline Scott 02-09-1758 Dundee
George Helen Stubbles 03-04-1762 Newtyle
George Eliz. Scalter 1774 Liff Benvie & Invergowrie
George Jean Liveage 06-01-1777 Kinnettles
George Margt. Baker 10-11-1778 Montrose
George Margaret Baker 10-12-1778 Dundee
George Isobal Aiken 04-06-1788 Newtyle
George Catharina Killar 06-04-1796 Monikie
George Helen Small 09-15-1799 Coupar Angus
George Margaret Haggard 11-27-1813 Coupar Angus
George Barbara Cargill 10-06-1818 Arbroath
George Ann Lawson 12-01-1818 Dundee
George Isobel Fawns 05-31-1822 Dundee
George Margaret Bathie 02-20-1831 Murroes
George Margaret Bathie 02-24-1831 Tealing
George Emily Greiver 01-14-1832 Inverarity and Methy
George Mary Mann 07-07-1832 Coupar Angus
George Janet Ogar Ojilay 11-30-1833 Coupar Angus
George Janet Ogilvy 11-30-1833 Coupar Angus
George Jen Langlands 09-02-1838 Kirriemuir
George Catherine Anderson 09-16-1848 Liff Benvie & Invergowrie
George Agnes Kinnear 10-08-1848 Monifieth
George Agnes Keillor 12-31-1851 Dundee
George Isabella Smith 10-03-1866 Monikie
George Margaret Kay 12-31-1874 Dundee
George Robertson Agnes Bruce 06-06-1856 Dundee
Gilbert Barbara Smith 06-24-1746 Dundee
Gilbert Barbara Smith 06-18-1747 Dundee
Gordon Ann Thomson 01-04-1817 Dundee
Grace William Strachan 12-14-1850 Dundee
Grace Robert Mcleish 07-27-1855 Dundee
Grace James Gibb 08-31-1862 Dundee
Grisal Gilbert Seifwright 12-21-1645 Kettins
Grizel Andrew Small 06-11-1777 Dundee
Grizel Andrew Small 06-17-1777 Lundie and Fowlis
Hannah Daniel Dorward 06-01-1849 Dundee
Helen John Jack 05-31-1670 Dundee
Helen Robert Tasker 06-21-1683 Coupar Angus
Helen David Norie 02-24-1736 Monifieth
Helen John Small 10-27-1738 Newtyle
Helen James Mc Farlane 06-23-1749 Coupar Angus
Helen Silvester Marr 06-13-1776 Tealing
Helen Alexr. Jill 05-19-1794 Dundee
Helen George Small 09-15-1799 Coupar Angus
Helen Alexander Kinnear 12-15-1799 Dundee
Helen Thomas Wilkie 02-10-1802 Dundee
Helen Alexander Reid 03-19-1808 Coupar Angus
Helen Andrew Renny 07-30-1831 Kinnell
Helen James Smith 11-04-1833 Dundee
Helen David Crawford 11-30-1833 Dundee
Helen William Small 08-25-1845 Dundee
Helen Robert Keilar 12-07-1851 Coupar Angus
Helen Joseph Robb 03-18-1853 Dundee
Helen Alexander Boag 12-15-1853 Dundee
Helen John Rattray 02-01-1861 Dundee
Helen James Hogg 12-09-1864 Dundee
Helen Dickson William John Mccullough 07-19-1875 Dundee
Helen Low James Anderson 02-02-1846 Dundee
Hellen Charles Gibson 02-20-1873 Dundee
Henry Margaret Mckenzie 12-05-1830 Dundee
Henry Jane Anderson 11-13-1851 Dundee
Hugh Agnes Crabb 01-15-1842 Glamis
Hugh Agnes Crab 01-15-1842 Kinnettles
Isaac Mary Wanless 12-31-1868 Dundee
Isabel James Aberdeen 07-17-1761 Coupar Angus
Isabel James Moncur 01-12-1823 Kettins
Isabel James Moncor 01-20-1823 Lundie and Fowlis
Isabel Andrew Meek 08-21-1824 Arbirlot
Isabel Andrew Meed 08-21-1824 Saint Vigeans
Isabel James Coupar 11-18-1825 Dundee
Isabel William Moug 12-17-1841 Carmyllie
Isabel William Small 11-23-1856 Kettins
Isabell Jno. Crichton 12-30-1726 Airlie
Isabell William Hodge 07-22-1800 Dundee
Isabell John Smith 12-07-1833 Dundee
Isabell Peter Massey 07-05-1835 Airlie
Isabell Peter Massey 07-18-1835 Dundee
Isabell John Robertson 12-20-1839 Dundee
Isabell John Robertson 12-20-1849 Dundee
Isabell John Morton 06-09-1851 Dundee
Isabella John Dow 08-21-1820 Dundee
Isabella Alexander Leatherwood 01-25-1842 Dundee
Isabella James Moncur 06-01-1849 Dundee
Isabella John Henderson 10-13-1849 Liff Benvie & Invergowrie
Isabella David Silvie 10-02-1852 Kinnettles
Isabella William Pearcy 09-03-1853 Liff Benvie & Invergowrie
Isabella John Stewart 04-01-1859 Dundee
Isabella William Simple 04-01-1861 Dundee
Isabella Wm. Mills 06-26-1861 Dundee
Isabella Willm. Donaldson 01-08-1867 Monifieth
Isabella John Gunn 02-25-1868 Dundee
Isabella Forsyth Daniel Conacher 10-16-1851 Dundee
Isabll. Davd. Peddie 04-06-1768 Dundee
Isobel William White 12-30-1764 Kinettles
Isobel John Dow 08-20-1820 Monifieth
Isobel Thomas Key 02-27-1825 Monifieth
Isobel James Stephen 11-17-1838 Inverarity and Methy
Isobel William Moug 12-05-1841 Forfar
Isobell David Adam 07-23-1715 Newtyle
Issobell John Nave 11-08-1683 Dundee
Issobell David Eadieman 07-24-1715 Auchterhouse
James Elizabethe Young 01-14-1655 Kettins
James Margaret Patirsonn 07-26-1655 Dundee
James (Smal) Christian Oliphant 08-01-1660 Liff Benvie & Invergowrie
James Mt. Peirson 02-07-1675 Forfar
James Margaret Peirsone 02-23-1675 Kirkden
James Mart. Baine 06-07-1679 Mains and Strathmartine
James Elspet Duncan 04-17-1702 Kettins
James Christan Mitchellill 10-11-1707 Forfar
James (Smal) Margaret Puller 06-05-1708 Kettins
James Janet Wilkie 06-29-1709 Airlie
James Marjorie Robertson 07-22-1709 Kettins
James Helen Millar 06-10-1714 Airlie
James Lillias Scott 08-22-1723 Montrose
James Isabell Duncan 05-30-1724 Monikie
James Helen Barrie 06-27-1732 Monifieth
James Jean Fife 04-21-1737 Monifieth
James Jean Small 10-29-1743 Newtyle
James Elspet Allen 11-13-1743 Newtyle
James Janet Mc Gilliewie 06-07-1751 Coupar Angus
James Janet Mcgilliewie 06-07-1751 Coupar Angus
James Ann Taylor 02-16-1757 Coupar Angus
James Marjory Smith 11-30-1758 Dundee
James Elizabeth Nicol 12-10-1760 Coupar Angus
James Elizabeth Nicol 12-12-1760 Coupar Angus
James Elizabeth Nicol 12-12-1760 Lundie and Fowlis
James Jean Hill 02-04-1763 Dundee
James Margaret Laird 1765 Newtyle
James Elisabeth 12-27-1768 Dundee
James Ekizabeth Brymer 11-11-1780 Monifieth
James Margaret Macquattie 06-05-1787 Dundee
James Agnes Mowat 11-00-1787 Monifieth
James Betty Ogilvie 12-16-1791 Dundee
James Jane Scott 09-17-1795 Dundee
James Agnes Renney 05-02-1801 Kinnell
James Helen Smith 12-21-1805 Forfar
James Helen Smith 12-28-1805 Dundee
James Isabel Ferguson 05-11-1817 Coupar Angus
James Matilda Ireland 12-04-1826 Monikie
James Margaret Clark 08-12-1827 Kettins
James Elizabeth Prain 07-25-1831 Dundee
James Christina Stewart 02-23-1838 Mains and Strathmartine
James Elizabeth Allan 06-18-1838 Dundee
James Ann Steel 08-20-1841 Dundee
James Mary Liddel 12-17-1841 Dundee
James Ekizabeth Simson 02-02-1844 Dundee
James Ann Reekie 12-31-1845 Dundee
James Isabella Nicoll 09-07-1846 Dundee
James Isabell Mitchell 12-04-1846 Dundee
James Agnes Gibb 12-19-1846 Liff Benvie & Invergowrie
James Elizabeth Sime 07-27-1849 Dundee
James Mary Duncan 06-20-1851 Dundee
James Elizabeth Law 06-19-1854 Dundee
James Margaret Ewan 01-11-1861 Barry
James Elizabeth Forrett 04-09-1864 Dundee
James Agnes Robertson 06-22-1868 Dundee
James Catherine Blackrey 05-28-1869 Dundee
James Sarah Clark 08-11-1869 Montrose
James Jessie Bruce 02-20-1871 Dundee
James Mary Will 03-29-1872 Dundee
James Mary Duff 10-14-1872 Dundee
James Isabella Fitzcharles 03-13-1874 Dundee
James Mary Ann N. Warden 12-18-1874 Dundee
Jane Alexr. Johnston 01-12-1805 Newtyle
Jane David Dick 11-19-1841 Lundie and Fowlis
Jane Jobsin 12-17-1843 Newtyle
Jane William Brown 11-07-1859 Forfar
Jane David Ramsay 10-09-1868 Kirriemuir
Jane John Scott 12-15-1868 Coupar Angus
Jane Jno. J. Deas 06-21-1869 Dundee
Jane Archar John Dow Mckay 07-09-1860 Arbroath
Jane or Janet David Rough 02-10-1827 Coupar Angus
Janet George Slydder 10-04-1668 Kettins
Janet Ja. Sincklar 06-16-1687 Dundee
Janet Jhone Slidders 11-24-1691 Newtyle
Janet Laughland Mcentosh 11-06-1701 Dundee
Janet Rot. Smith 06-08-1710 Dundee
Janet Patrick Matthew 07-24-1713 Kettins
Janet Da. Smith 06-02-1724 Dundee
Janet John Andersone 10-24-1735 Newtyle
Janet james Spankie 12-23-1740 Lundie and Fowlis
Janet David Duncan 11-27-1767 Newtyle
Janet George Soutar 04-13-1779 Coupar Angus
Janet John Robb 12-06-1781 Dundee
Janet John Rob 12-26-1781 Dundee
Janet James Morgan 12-20-1785 Dundee
Janet Charles Craik 03-12-1787 Dundee
Janet William Stewart 06-06-1789 Brechin
Janet John Wyllie or Wright 12-19-1794 Dundee
Janet Cas. Millar 10-31-1798 Dundee
Janet Thomas Mc Inray 03-26-1799 Coupar Angus
Janet Thomas Elgin 03-30-1805 Dundee
Janet Alexander Nicole 07-19-1830 Airlie
Janet Thomas Elder Boyd 06-26-1831 Dundee
Janet Alexander Allan 01-30-1833 Dundee
Janet George Wood 04-11-1835 Dundee
Janet Thomas Wood 11-20-1835 Dundee
Janet William Mccrea 06-16-1843 Dundee
Janet William Davies 05-31-1846 Dundee
Janet John Falconer 12-31-1848 Dundee
Janet John Myles 05-02-1852 Coupar Angus
Janet Thomas Hillcoat 08-08-1852 Montrose
Janet Alexander Simson 05-21-1853 Dundee
Janet James Mill 04-23-1854 Dundee
Janet John Webster 09-10-1854 Monifieth
Janet A. James C. Mechan 06-05-1874 Dundee
Jannet David Smith 05-19-1724 Mains and Strathmartine
Jannet William Small 12-19-1776 Tealing
Jannet Alexr. Nicol 07-18-1830 Newtyle
Jannet Peter Scott Watson 02-19-1855 Dundee
Jas. Agnes Mowat 12-15-1787 Dundee
Jas. Janet Gloag 11-16-1863 Dundee
Jashua Janet Moncrieff 06-14-1838 Coupar Angus
Jean John Fairueather 06-25-1685 Lundie and Fowlis
Jean David Bigg 04-29-1743 Lundie and Fowlis
Jean James Small 10-29-1743 Newtyle
Jean Robt. Fisher 06-20-1753 Coupar Angus
Jean Robt. Fisher 07-20-1753 Coupar Angus
Jean Alexander Gordon 06-04-1768 Stracathro
Jean William Fisher 10-22-1779 Coupar Angus
Jean Thos. Webster 12-17-1783 Dundee
Jean David Mackernethie 06-22-1786 Dundee
Jean Alexr. Mackie 06-07-1793 Dundee
Jean John Robertson 12-19-1796 Kettins
Jean Peter Tait 01-18-1803 Dundee
Jean James Spalding 12-21-1809 Barry
Jean Andrew Grimmond 03-03-1822 Brechin
Jean Saunders Brown 08-25-1822 Monifieth
Jean Robt. Clark 08-18-1824 Dundee
Jean Robert Smith 02-26-1831 Dundee
Jean Alexander Hill 05-25-1831 Dundee
Jean William Bogue 01-11-1832 Dundee
Jean Peter Luckie 12-10-1832 Dundee
Jean Thomas Kennedy 03-12-1836 Dundee
Jean David Newland 07-04-1836 Dundee
Jean Alexander Myles 12-04-1836 Kettins
Jean Robert Jobson 12-15-1843 Dundee
Jean Alexander Heron 07-18-1846 Liff Benvie and InverGowrie
Jean William Martin 12-10-1847 Dundee
Jean James Christie 01-09-1848 Murroes
Jean James Christie 01-15-1848 Lundie and Fowlis
Jean James Black 08-08-1851 Dundee
Jean Henry Wilkie 09-27-1852 Dundee
Jean Charles Batchelor 12-12-1854 Dundee
Jean Wm. Brown 11-12-1859 Forfar
Jeanie John Ogilvy 08-11-1797 Newtyle
Jess Joseph Dalgety 10-05-1831 Arbroath
Jessie John Galloway 07-17-1857 Dundee
Jessie George Sturrock 06-15-1860 Inverarity and Methy
Jessie Andrew Steel 12-30-1870 Glamis
Jessie A. A. Symon 07-17-1874 Monifieth
Jessie Ann Ewan George Alexander Ross 07-03-1907 Bechin
Jno. Jannet Nicoll 07-23-1747 Arlie
Jo. Margaret Vallanteen 04-30-1699 Arlie
Joann Forrester Squire 1874 Dundee
John Elspet Steward 07-11-1648 Dundee
John Janet Thrift 05-03-1674 Kettins
John Agnes Richie 06-28-1674 Kettins
John Elspit Mitchell 08-11-1713 Arlie
John Helen Small 10-27-1738 Newtyle
John Cathn. Constable 10-06-1741 Dundee
John Jean Ramsay 12-06-1750 Dundee
John Jean Gray 06-12-1760 Dundee
John Janet Hood 03-03-1763 Mains and Strathmartine
John Isabell Swan 06-07-1763 Dundee
John Margaret Mcdougal 04-30-1764 Dundee
John Isobell Gibson 08-21-1772 Dundee
John Agnes Scott 11-14-1772 Monifieth
John Janet Baxter 12-20-1776 Dundee
John Margaret Glegg 06-13-1779 Monifieth
John Janet Ogilvy 07-30-1782 Newtyle
John Margaret Hally 08-24-1789 Dundee
John Christian Brown 07-02-1792 Dundee
John Anne Gibson 01-24-1795 Dundee
John Beatrice Ferrier 05-28-1799 Arbroath
John Beatrice Ferrier 05-28-1799 Saint Vigeans
John Janet Anderson 01-12-1803 Dundee
John Katheren Mitchell 06-07-1804 Lundie and Fowlis
John Agnes Young 06-29-1804 Dundee
John Agnes Donaldson 02-25-1811 Dundee
John Margaret Frazer 11-23-1811 Coupar Angus
John Janet Urouhart 02-03-1818 Dundee
John Agnes Lowson 10-03-1819 Liff Benvie and InverGowrie
John Agnes Lowson 10-20-1819 Lundie and Fowlis
John Elizabeth Cant 04-03-1820 Dundee
John Betty Maxwell 10-03-1821 Dundee
John Jane Kydd 10-16-1821 Saint Vigeans
John Janet Elder 03-15-1822 Dundee
John Ann Rankine 09-22-1822 Monifieth
John Isabell Mcintosh 04-20-1829 Dundee
John Grace Roberts 11-11-1831 Lundie and Fowlis
John Ann Mcintyre 04-27-1833 Dundee
John Ann Greig 11-08-1833 Saint Vigeans
John Agnes Robertson 11-14-1834 Dundee
John Susan Crockett 03-28-1836 Dundee
John Margaret Grant 11-24-1842 Coupar Angus
John Sarah Ramsay 03-17-1843 Dundee
John Susan Robertson 05-18-1847 Dundee
John Susan Robertson 06-18-1847 Dundee
John Ann Fleming 12-01-1849 Liff Benvie and InverGowrie
John Ann Fleming 12-20-1849 Mains and Strathmartine
John Catharine Morgan 07-21-1850 Glenisla
John Janet Wills 06-05-1851 Dundee
John Jean Ann Kermath 01-03-1854 Dundee
John \\ Brown 09-26-1856 Dundee
John Margaret Logan 11-24-1860 Dundee
John Harriet Meek 11-11-1861 Arbroath
John Betsey Preston 01-20-1865 Dundee
John Margt. Kennedy 08-18-1865 Dundee
John Mary Ann Murray 04-26-1866 Dundee
John Isabella Myles 12-10-1866 Dundee
John Mary Somerville 04-30-1875 Dundee
John Amelia Meek 06-21-1875 Dundee
John Isabella Cairnie 09-21-1875 Dundee
John Mary Preston 09-24-1875 Dundee
John A. Mary Stevenson 09-29-1871 Dundee
John Allan Elizabeth Nicoll 02-26-1838 Dundee
Jonet Johnn Andersoun 12-28-1600 Monifieth
Jonet George Broune 07-12-1635 Kettins
Jonet William Andersone 06-14-1688 Lundie and Fowlis
Jonet John Bunton 05-27-1735 Dundee
Joseph Margaret Souter 06-27-1834 Dundee
Joseph Margaret Shepherd 06-28-1875 Dundee
Joshua Janet Moncrieff 06-26-1838 Auchterhouse
Joshua Jane Anderson 11-05-1858 Dundee
Julia James Proudfoot 01-08-1864 Newtyle
Katharin John Galloway 12-02-1692 Coupar Angus
Katharine John Henter 11-27-1825 Panbride
Kathren Thomas Boyter 09-04-1645 Dundee
Kathren William Ferguson 02-08-1649 Dundee
Leonard Margaret Smith 11-23-1771 Monifieth
Leonard Jannet Mckenzie 05-22-1808 Glenisla
Leonard Isabell Hardy 03-14-1824 Airlie
Leonard Ann Mckay 06-05-1853 Glenisla
Louisa Joseph Cochrane 07-11-1870 Dundee
Madeline Wm. Forbes 12-31-1869 Dundee
Magdalen Peter Brown 07-19-1782 Coupar Angus
Margaret John Greive 04-13-1655 Dundee
Margaret David Gikie 03-14-1669 Kettins
Margaret George Kinnaird 01-25-1689 Newtyle
Margaret Patrick Broun 07-22-1692 Lundie and Fowlis
Margaret William Cuthbert 09-29-1705 Forfar
Margaret Alexander Wandless 06-17-1715 Kettins
Margaret Thomas Matters 10-03-1718 Newtyle
Margaret George Fisher 07-22-1726 Coupar Angus
Margaret Alexr. Wilkie 12-10-1736 Airlie
Margaret Alexander Maclaren 04-08-1743 Coupar Angus
Margaret David Tullo 08-05-1762 Newtyle
Margaret Andrew Gardiner 10-20-1764 Newtyle
Margaret Andw. Bouchart 11-01-1765 Dundee
Margaret James Hardie 12-13-1768 Dundee
Margaret David Ferguson 12-30-1768 Coupar Angus
Margaret George Chrystie 04-14-1770 Arbroath
Margaret John Stewart 04-20-1775 Coupar Angus
Margaret John Mc Farlane 04-28-1780 Coupar Angus
Margaret William Richie 01-24-1788 Coupar Angus
Margaret James Gardner 11-06-1789 Kettins
Margaret William Mc Laren 12-16-1790 Coupar Angus
Margaret Chrles Fleming 05-25-1795 Dundee
Margaret James Mckay 12-06-1800 Newtyle
Margaret Robert Smith 09-23-1810 Monifieth
Margaret Alexr. Louson 07-15-1811 Dundee
Margaret Alexander Louson 07-16-1811 Arbroath
Margaret William Sootie 01-07-1821 Monifieth
Margaret William Fleming 06-30-1822 Coupar Angus
Margaret James Robertson 10-25-1826 Dundee
Margaret John Morris 02-21-1835 Liff Benvie and InverGowrie
Margaret John Robertson 10-13-1835 Dundee
Margaret John Stevenson 12-18-1835 Dundee
Margaret Thomas Hopton 03-04-1837 Dundee
Margaret Nathaniel Matthewson 11-25-1838 Mains and Strathmartine
Margaret John Thomson 04-29-1844 Dundee
Margaret William Collier 08-27-1844 Dundee
Margaret James Watson 03-08-1850 Inverarity and Methy
Margaret James Cox 06-05-1852 Liff Benvie and InverGowrie
Margaret Alexander Brown 12-18-1857 Monikie
Margaret Alexr. Warden 09-19-1858 Dundee
Margaret David Mitchell 12-12-1866 Dundee
Margaret John Mclauchlan 12-31-1866 Dundee
Margaret William Meek 01-08-1867 Barry
Margaret William Brough 05-22-1871 Dundee
Margaret William Elder 06-15-1871 Dundee
Margaret Keith Fullerton Barron William Young 06-02-1829 Lundie and Fowlis
Margarit Wm. Broune 01-06-1639 Kettins
Margery Andrew Anderson 07-22-1783 Coupar Angus
Margret Robert Linsay 06-05-1862 Dundee
Margt. James Tyrie 11-24-1729 Dundee
Margt. David Morham 12-22-1730 Barry
Margt. Henry Smith 11-23-1738 Dundee
Margt. David Lawson 03-24-1773 Dundee
Margt. Andrew Dildarg 01-10-1778 Menmuir
Margt. James Key 01-11-1785 Dundee
Margt. John Baillie 06-09-1789 Dundee
Margt. Andw. Ambrose 05-25-1801 Dundee
Margt. Hugh Stewart 06-17-1811 Dundee
Margt. William Dron 09-01-1811 Liff Benvie and InverGowrie
Margt. Robert Greig 08-23-1813 Dundee
Margt. Andw. Prain 07-26-1818 Liff Benvie and InverGowrie
Margt. Neil Mathieson 11-11-1838 Forfar
Marjorie James Morice 08-09-1692 Kettins
Marjory James Murray 03-03-1672 Lundie and Fowlis
Marjory Jam. Petrie 05-07-1727 Auchterhouse
Marjory James Petrie 05-12-1727 Newtyle
Marjory Peter Brown 07-18-1782 Kettins
Mart. Tho. Kesson 04-13-1701 Dundee
Mart. And. Scott 04-25-1706 Dundee
Mart. James Innes 05-22-1707 Dundee
Mart. Hugo Kinnier 10-21-1710 Dundee
Mary Peter Malcomb 01-29-1789 Dundee
Mary Henry Hood 12-10-1796 Kettins
Mary Robert Annan 08-04-1802 Dundee
Mary Thomas Yule 12-17-1802 Dundee
Mary Joseph Fawns 10-23-1829 Dundee
Mary John Higgins 12-02-1847 Arbroath
Mary John Barclay 10-19-1848 Liff Benvie and InverGowrie
Mary David Christie 01-06-1850 Forfar
Mary David Christie 01-25-1850 Monikie
Mary William Watt Matthew 02-11-1852 Dundee
Mary Thomas Rough 04-12-1860 Kinnettles
Mary David Brown 12-28-1866 Coupar Angus
Mary Henry Johnston 04-16-1873 Dundee
Mary Alfred George Hurle 04-30-1874 Dundee
Mary Ann James Mckay 08-05-1836 Dundee
Mary Ann Wm. Petrie 07-25-1851 Inverkeilor
Mary Ann David Collie 06-05-1868 Dundee
Mary Ford Wm. S. Nicoll 04-02-1872 Arbroath
Mary Mcdonald William Dand 06-10-1854 Liff Benvie and InverGowrie
Matilda Ireland Alex. Langlands 08-30-1859 Dundee
May James Robertson 03-17-1822 Coupar Angus
Meffan Ann Low 06-06-1815 Dundee
Methven Jessie Whyte 08-13-1875 Dundee
Miles Patrick Mcewan 08-28-1838 Dundee
Myren James Baxter 07-07-1762 Newtyle
Patrick Margaret Hacknay 08-09-1669 Dundee
Patrick Margaret Jacksone 07-29-1705 Lundie and Fowlis
Patrick Ann Gikie 03-06-1713 Lundie and Fowlis
Patrick Isabel Hill 03-09-1744 Lundie and Fowlis
Patrick Amelia Rattray 12-21-1828 Glenisla
Peter Elisabeth Small 02-22-1787 Dundee
Peter Elisabeth Henderson 06-26-1799 Auchterhouse
Peter Elisabeth Henderson 06-28-1799 Dundee
Peter Margaret Butchart 12-00-1801 Dundee
Peter Euphemia Jackson abt. 1808 Glenisla
Peter Mary Saunders 04-26-1819 Dundee
Peter Betty Robertson 01-06-1822 Kettins
Peter Betty Robertson 01-26-1822 Lundie and Fowlis
Peter Isabel Fyfe 12-12-1828 Monikie
Peter Janet Greig 05-01-1829 Dundee
Peter Isabella Mudie 09-06-1843 Dundee
Peter Janet Ewan 12-23-1855 Forfar
Peter Janet Ewan 12-25-1855 Barry
Ritchard Marjorie Gray 03-08-1711 Liff Benvie and InverGowrie
Robert Margaret Gikie 07-23-1671 Kettins
Robert Merjory Nicoll 10-27-1685 Newtyle
Robert Catharine Andersone 06-07-1734 Newtyle
Robert Janet Robertson 11-18-1743 Coupar Angus
Robert Jean Yeaman 04-24-1764 Dundee
Robert Jean Millar 01-02-1768 Newtyle
Robert Jean Millar 07-01-1768 Newtyle
Robert Margaret Coupar 03-25-1776 Lundie and Fowlis
Robert Euphame Watson 01-14-1805 Dundee
Robert Isabella Bigg 02-23-1810 Lundie and Fowlis
Robert Jane Ferguson 02-16-1815 Arbroath
Robert Jean Ferqusson 02-16-1815 Dundee
Robert Isobel Kirk 11-29-1816 Dundee
Robert Barbara Watt 03-14-1819 Dundee
Robert Helen Peebles 03-22-1830 Dundee
Robert Margaret Pugh 06-19-1846 Dundee
Robert Elizabeth Cork 06-17-1852 Dundee
Robert Mary Ann Bruce 10-22-1856 Dundee
Robert Mary Gall 05-20-1859 Dundee
Robert Matilda Scott 12-05-1873 Mains and Strathmartine
Robt. Margt. Eason 03-22-1818 Liff Benvie and InverGowrie
Rot Margaret Milne abt 1651 Dundee
Rot. Margat. Maxwell 06-10-1652 Dundee
Sarah Robert Smith 06-30-1834 Dundee
Steffen Jean Wishart 11-06-1848 Dundee
Susan Thomas Chalmers 08-03-1800 Dundee
Susan Mathew Keay 11-11-1832 Liff Benvie and InverGowrie
Susan James Smith 08-15-1833 Lundie and Fowlis
Susan James Smith 08-16-1833 Dundee
Susan Robert Shepherd 05-21-1858 Dundee
Susana John Martin 11-24-1785 Dundee
Susanna George Small 12-06-1722 Newtyle
Thomas ? 06-13-1647 Dundee
Thomas Margrat Kimer 09-26-1659 Liff Benvie and InverGowrie
Thomas Isabell Kid 09-03-1708 Kettins
Thomas Jean Bleikie 06-01-1727 Mains and Strathmartine
Thomas Agnes Shepherd 05-24-1751 Dundee
Thomas Margaratt Hood 05-27-1759 Oathlaw
Thomas Margaret Smith 01-22-1788 Dundee
Thomas Margaret Smith 02-02-1788 Arbroath
Thomas Elizabeth Sime 07-08-1792 Kettins
Thomas Jean Fiffe 06-05-1814 Kettins
Thomas Ann Bailie 02-10-1838 Liff and Benvie
Thomas Ann Bailie 02-15-1838 Arbroath
Thomas Rachel Tod 07-23-1838 Dundee
Thomas Christina Spalding 12-11-1845 Dundee
Thomas Elizabeth Reid 05-18-1847 Arbroath
Thomas Jane Gordon 09-19-1847 Montrose
Thomas Ann Boyd 03-01-1861 Dundee
Thomas Elizabeth Turnbull 06-28-1872 Dundee
Thomas Helen R. Yeaman 08-25-1875 Dundee
Thomas Jessie Graham 12-24-1875 Dundee
Thos. Isabell Ormond 11-27-1788 Dundee
Thos. Janet Mills 12-11-1809 Dundee
Thos. Jean Fife 06-05-1814 Liff Benvie and InverGowrie
Will. Ja. Fairweather 02-19-1775 Airlie
William Janet Tod 09-10-1686 Coupar Angus
William Marjorie Playfair 08-23-1687 Lundie and Fowlis
William Mart. Brown 03-14-1689 Coupar Angus
William Marjery Eldgo 06-22-1697 Coupar Angus
William Marjory Eldge 06-22-1697 Coupar Angus
William Jean Husband 06-13-1701 Coupar Angus
William Joan Husband 06-13-1701 Coupar Angus
William Isobel Millar 08-17-1701 Lundie and Fowlis
William Rachell Cowbreath 11-07-1701 Coupar Angus
William Rachell Cow 11-07-1701 Coupar Angus
William Helen Tasker 12-04-1709 Coupar Angus
William Helen Tasker 12-04-1711 Coupar Angus
William Helen Tasker 12-11-1711 Coupar Angus
William Jean Smith 06-09-1714 Coupar Angus
William Jean Lownan 04-27-1729 Lundie and Fowlis
William Catharine Lackie 04-05-1734 Arlie
William Anne Ferguson 08-05-1763 Coupar Angus
William Jannet Small 12-19-1776 Tealing
William Elspet Baxter 06-11-1777 Dundee
William Stewart Dalgrains 02-27-1787 Coupar Angus
William Mary Dick 11-29-1789 Arbroath
William Janet Fisher 07-23-1802 Coupar Angus
William Susan Irons 07-16-1819 Dundee
William Isabel Watt 05-31-1821 Saint Vigeans
William Isabel Wall 06-01-1821 Arbroath
William Agnes Anderson 09-16-1821 Auchterhouse
William Agnes Anderson 10-12-1821 Dundee
William Isobel Archer 12-07-1823 Monifieth
William Mary Robertson 07-19-1824 Dundee
William Margaret Purves 12-10-1824 Brechin
William Margaret Low 11-08-1825 Dundee
William Isabella Robertson 12-13-1830 Dundee
William Agnes Anderson 02-18-1832 Coupar Angus
William Agnes Anderson 02-19-1832 Kettins
William Margaret Malcom 12-09-1836 Dundee
William Mary Smith 02-03-1838 Glamis
William Mary Robertson 06-20-1838 Dundee
William Margaret Roberts 12-22-1838 Ruthven
William Jean Morrison 02-25-1840 Dundee
William Elizabeth Crawford 12-24-1841 Dundee
William Jean Peacock 04-07-1843 Dundee
William Helen Small 08-25-1845 Dundee
William Ann Forbes 10-26-1845 Dundee
William Margaret Sword 11-27-1845 Dundee
William Mary Gardiner 08-01-1848 Dundee
William Ann Henderson 08-07-1850 Dundee
William Mary Ann Reid 12-23-1850 Dundee
William Margaret Langlands 03-10-1854 Liff Benvie and InverGowrie
William Betsy Low 02-17-1856 Eassie and Nevay
William Isabel Small 11-23-1856 Kettins
William Elizabeth Duncan 12-31-1856 Dundee
William Mary O'Brien 05-07-1858 Dundee
William Joan Rattray 06-01-1860 Dundee
William Agnes Adams 11-29-1860 Dundee
William Jessie Mcnaughton 08-25-1861 Dundee
William Mary Ann Mclaren 10-23-1863 Dundee
William (Smeal) Cathrin Pratt 04-12-1867 Dundee
William Isabella Pratt 06-24-1867 Dundee
William Betsy Turpie 09-28-1868 Dundee
William Jane Whitecross 01-27-1871 Dundee
William Elizabeth Patterson 01-30-1874 Dundee
William Mary Ann Ogg 08-07-1874 Dundee
William Archibald Hannah Gordon Crawford 07-11-1847 Arbroath
William Henry Helen Dickson 08-13-1849 Dundee
Willm. Agnes Patullo 03-02-1805 Dundee
Willm. Margaret Keiller 09-13-1815 Dundee
Wilm. Charlotte Baxter 06-26-1809 Dundee
Wm. Helen Lason 04-18-1695 Airlie

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