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Note: Spellings are as found in the records, there are some that have more than one spelling for the same marriage, and some dates differ for the same marriage. There are also duplicate marriage records with two locations. It is also possible that they are not the same individual, and it is therefore the responsibility of the researcher to determine proper information by contacting record offices in localities where the conflict can be resolved.

The records contained herein are for the county listed and no determination has been made that these individuals immigrated to, or immigrated from any other location.

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Marriage Records - Ireland

Surname Small

County Antrim

Given Name Spouse's Name Date Location
Andrew Mary Edwards 08-10-1846 Ballymoney
Daniel Ann Sloan 03-04-1836 Belfast
David Mary Davison 11-07-1846
Elizabeth James Stewart 02-25-1810 Belfast
Elizabeth James C. Ferris 10-31-1874 Hyde Park
Grace Francis Grant 10-30-1846 Belfast
James Catherine Patterson 01-30-1826 Grange Presby
James Martha Foster 11-13-1849 Drummaul
James Hannah Alexander 11-25-1866 Belfast
Jane William Wallace 08-28-1857 Ballymena
John Sarah Houston 11-20-1838 Carnmoney
John Anne Macartney 10-01-1845 Ballymena
John Matilda Duffin 10-25-1845 Ballymena
John Mary Anne Young 11-02-1846 Ballymoney Parish
Martha James Mc Quilkin 12-07-1809 Ballymoney Parish
Mary William Jamison 07-05-1853 Ballymoney
Mary (Smale) Alexander Stewart 04-17-1860 Kilraghts
Nancy Alexander Stewart 04-17-1860 Kilraghts

County Armagh

Given Name Spouse's Name Date Location
John Galbraith Henrietta Gray 02-10-1846 Mullaghbrack
Margaret E. Joseph Haire 04-22-1846 Mullaghbrack

County Cork

Given Name Spouse's Name Date Location
Edward relative Dwight Harding 00-00-1751 Cloyne
William Jane Williams 00-00-1782 Durham Barracks

County Down

Given Name Spouse's Name Date Location
Anne James Johnston 01-07-1845 Killyleagh Presbyterian
Anne Robert Herron 05-18-1846 Donaghadee
Catherine George Morrison 10-29-1870 Rathmullan
Eliza William Burns 03-24-1863
Ellen William Mears 12-22-1871
Frances James Woods 02-20-1846
John Jane Kennedy 01-01-1796 Clough
Mary Ann John Boyd 07-11-1851 Drumgooland
Mary Ann William Marshall 04-08-1863 Annahilt
Nancy John Innis 12-12-1846 Newtown Ards
Rebecka William Dempster 03-05-1841

County Fermanagh

Given Name Spouse's Name Date Location
Patrick mary Mcconnon 09-28-1845 Belleek

County Galway

Given Name Spouse's Name Date Location
Cate Malachy Ward 02-07-1864 Castlegar
Joe Sarah Francis 07-27-1850 Castlegar by Galway
Mary Patt Seale 01-12-1864 Ballinasloe

County Kerry

Given Name Spouse's Name Date Location
Daniel (Smile) Johanna Buckley 04-25-1864 Rathmore
County Limrick

Given Name Spouse's Name Date Location
Nora Rudy Gleeson abt 1802

County Londenderry

Given Name Spouse's Name Date Location
James Fransus Hamilton 05-12-1702 Templemore
James Jane Mulholland 03-14-1850 Magherafelt
Mary Robert Beverland 04-09-1846 Ballywillan

County Longford

Given Name Spouse's Name Date Location
Francis Mary Anne Meares 12-30-1846
George Ann Bogan 06-27-1851 Killoe
James Catherine Brennan 05-24-1846 Granard
Joseph Anne Belford 04-19-1814 Templemichael

County Mayo

Given Name Spouse's Name Date Location
Michael Mary O Brien 11-27-1845 Foxford

County Waterford

Given Name Spouse's Name Date Location
James Anne Miner or Moran 11-10-1863 Waterford St. Olive

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