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Barbados is an unusual location to look for your ancestor, but there is good reason to search this location. In the early days of insurrection in Europe, many of our ancestors found themselves on the loosing side of the battle. And many a victor found it much simpler to ship their "undesirables" off as indentured servants (slaves) and thereby profiting from their victory over their enemies. Barbados, Australia and the American Colonies were a good place to unload a countries problem children. And ship them they did.

This is not to say every individual that landed in these locations fit into the above description, they certainly did not. Many who landed in Barbados choose to remain due to the climate and other opportunities they found in this new land. But many did, and for this reason, it's advisable to at least take a passing interest in this possibility. Many, after serving their indenture, immigrated themselves to other locations, but some stayed and later generations moved on.

True, some were criminals also. And they paid the ultimate penalty for their crimes, the banishmant from their homeland and family. But through their indenture, they paid their debt to society and became good citizens of a new country.

Without realizing it, Europe shipped off what they considered undesireable, and the new countries became the most powerful in the world, thanks to these ancestors.

Surname Small

Given Name Spouse's Name Date Location
Allen Anthony Croome 08-17-1707 St. Michael
Adolphus Judy Small 10-14-1863 St. Michael
Agnes Ann John Henry Marshall 05-19-1855 Holy Innocents
Albert Augustus Frances Eliz. Duke 12-09-1882 St. Michael
Albert Ernest Blanche Isabella Clinton 07-27-1882 St. Michael
Alexander Nancy Luke McDuglin 05-15-1834 St. Andrew
Alexander Rebecca Russell 08-22-1839 St. George
Alexander Crederia Forbes 07-15-1856 St. Joseph
Alexander Ann Rose Wiltshire 05-19-1866 St. Andrew
Alexander Catherine Frances Hinds 08-29-1869 St. Andrew
Ann George Eversley 07-30-1835 St. Michael
Ann Joseph Belford 12-08-1842 St. Thomas
Anthony Mimbo 05-28-1836 Christ Church
Armel Henry Sarah Roach 05-27-1847 St. Michael
Arthur Piggott Mary Frances Small 10-25-1856 St. Andrew
Athenelle James Albert Cobham 07-30-1876 St. Joseph
Augusta Brown Conrade Alleyne Fletcher 07-26-1873 St. Michael
Augustus Frances Ann St. Hill 12-11-1845 St. Michael
Augustus Elizabeth Adelaide 05-04-1878 St. Michael
Augustus Willington Elvira Bascom 04-08-1871 St. Michael
Benjamin Mary Louisa Allamby 07-23-1874 St. Michael
Benjamin Rosanna Henry 08-29-1874 St. Joseph
Henry Sarah Small 09-18-1833 St. Andrew
John Crawford Sarah Small 10-09-1833 St. George
Mark Anthony Leah Senhouse 05-21-1840 St. Michael
Martha Prince Albert Moe 06-02-1863 St. George
Margaret Ann Samuel Frances Small 04-02-1882 St. Andrew
Martha Lucretia James Francis Peterkin 11-20-1880 St. Joseph
Mary William Small 07-16-1842 St. Andrew
Samuel Daniel Juliana Linton 11-04-1854 St. George
Samuel Edward Margaret Ann Smith 08-31-1882 St. Andrew
Samuel Frances Louisa Foster 08-24-1854 St. Andrew
Sameul Frances Catharine Ann Holford 02-16-1881 St. Michael
Samuel Frances Margaret Ann Small 04-02-1882 St. Andrew
Samuel Richard Sarah Seales 09-25-1869 Holy Innocents
Sarah Henry Mackland 11-17-1681 St. Philip
Sarah Henry Small 09-18-1833 St. Andrew
Sarah John Crawford Small 10-09-1833 St. George
Sarah Prince William Scantlebury 11-07-1833 St. Thomas
Sarah Henry Small 04-22-1841 St. Michael
Sarah Benjamin Smith 04-20-1843 St. James
Sarah Ann Edward Benjamin Miller 08-03-1884 St. James
Sarah Ann John Richard Springer 05-15-1875 St. Andrew
Sarah Catharine James William Henderson 08-21-1854 St. Michael
William Sarah Roseblade 01-29-1709 St. Michael
William Marianna 02-25-1837 St. Peter
William Mary Renn Murphy 10-29-1840 St. Thomas
William Mary Small 07-16-1842 St. Andrew
William Annette Blagrove 12-21-1843 St. Michael
William Martha Ann Brathwaite 02-23-1854 St. Andrew
William Bryan Elizabeth Yearwood 02-20-1841 St. Peter
William Christopher Elizabeth Ann Folks 12-20-1860 St. John
William Daniel Clarissa Bryan Holder 08-25-1842 St. Thomas
William Edward Mary Lemon Vaughan 07-03-1862 St. Andrew
William Francis Eleanor Nurse 02-04-1847 St. John
William Francis Sarah Ann Philips 03-29-1853 St. Joseph
William Francis Sarah Jane Boyce 04-16-1857 St. Andrew
William Henry Elisabeth Walke 05-01-1849 St. Andrew


Child Parents / Guardian Christened Location
Adolphus John Edward &Catharine Small 05-20-1827 St. Joseph
Adolphus John Worrell Small /Celia Frances William 06-00-1869 St. Andrew
AdolphusAugustus Anna Small 01-20-1858 St. Michael
Adora Kezia Mary Jane Small 08-20-1870 St. Andrew
Adriana Dothina Mary Small 05-25-1872 St. Joseph
Adriana Euphenica Eliz. Small 12-12-1862 St. George
Adriana Malvina James Mary Ann Small 02-27-1852 St. Michael
Adriana Theresa Frances Small 07-13-1856 St. Joseph
Agnes Farley Daneil Small / Esther Jane Lashley 02-25-1860 St. Philip
Agnes Rosina Frederick Small /Elizabeth Richards 09-06-1863 St. John
Agnes Nancy Small 07-28-1838 St. Lucy
Albert Catharine Small 11-09-1845 St. Joseph
Albert Henry Small /Amelia Carrington 08-25-1861 St. James
Albert Richard Small/Agnes 01-28-1851 Holy Innocents
Albert Augustus Lucretia Small 01-18-1873 St. John
Albert Earnest John Thomas Small /Annbelle 08-12-1849 St. Joseph
Albert Earnest Augustus / Mercy Small 05-00-1863 Christ Church
Albert Edward James Small / Amelia Thompson 03-05-1865 St. Andrew
Albert Orlando Jane Frances Small 10-26-1862 St. Joseph
Alberta Elouise Timothy Small /Susan Trimminghan 11-18-1868 St. Michael
Albertina Margaret Ann Small 04-20-1872 St. Joseph
Albertine Augusta / Elizabeth Small 08-02-1873 St. Michael
Albertine Matilda Lurenza /Catharine Jane Small 05-10-1871 St. Michael
Alexander Providence Butcher / Mary Ann Small 00-00-1817 St. George
Alexander Christian Small 01-06-1832 St. George
Alexander Kitty Ann Small 01-26-1834 St. Joseph
Alexander Sally Kitty 07-14-1836 St. Andrew
Alexander James Small /Nelly Wilshire 11-09-1839 St. Andrew
Alexander Alexander Small /Sarah Kitty 07-20-1841 St. Andrew
Alexander Katey Ann Small 11-21-1841 St. Joseph
Alexander Phily Ann Small 07-20-1854 Holy Innocents
Alexander Alexander Small / Sarah Catharine 08-24-1854 St. Andrew
Alexander Edward Small /Sarah 10-10-1854 St. Andrew
Alexander Elizabeth Small 06-13-1862 St. Michael
Alexander Catherine Small 04-23-1863 St. Thomas
Alexander Alexander Small / Catharine Frances 03-09-1871 St. Michael
Alexander Clarence Alexander Small / Cordina Hobbs 02-06-1869 St. Joseph
Alexander Haynes Jane Frances Small 07-13-1845 St. Joseph
Alexander Pilgrim Christian / Ann Small 06-30-1829 St. Michael
Alexandrina Louisa John Francis Small/Abba Victoria Shurland 06-26-1867 St. Michael
William William Small/Sarah 12-12-1675 St. Philip
William Mary Small 07-27-1850 Christ Church

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