Small Family Bibles

Families recorded significant events in their lives, such as births, deaths, and marriages, in the Family Record portion of their Family Bibles. Often, these notations were the only written record of these events. Upon the death of the owner of the Bible, the Family Bible was generally passed down to a child. Many of these "old" Bibles exist today. They are an excellent source of genealogical information.

In examining old Bible records, there is one caveat: check the title page to see "when" and "where" the Bible was published. Why? It is important to establish when the entries were written. If the Bible was printed in 1875 and the first entries are given as 1825, then you will know that the entries were copied from another older source, possibly another Bible. In this case, they are subject to errors from copying or transcribing another record. It is also very likely that the writer is putting down information on earlier generations from memory rather than from factual documents. When discrepancies in records differ from the Bible, one must consider the time difference between when the bible record was written and the date the occasion recorded. A father is likely to record the birthdate of his children accurately, but may not be as accurate in recording the birthdates of his great aunts and uncles.

Please consider the privacy of these Bibles, they belong to the descendants, or submitters of these records, and should not be copied or reproduced in any form without the express permission of the owner.

Family Bibles

The Rev. James SMALL Family Bible


Peter Jackson Small Family Bible

Duff, Dubois County Indiana

Nathan Otis Williams Family Bible

Montgomery County Indiana

The John and Catherine Craig Small Family Bible

Dubuque Iowa

The Hervey SMALL Family Bible

Wayne Co., Kentucky

The John and Mary Mason SMALL Family Bible

Logan/Christian Co., Kentucky

The Martha Gordon Boyd Family Bible

McCracken Co., Kentucky

The Alonzo and Elizabeth Foster Small Family Bible

Washington Co., Maine

Peter Vose's Diary

Historical Society, Portland Maine

Henry Small Bible

Ozark County Missouri

The Nancy Gilman Small Family Bible

New Hampshire

The David Smalley Family Bible

Piscataway New Jersey

The James Nicholas Small Family Bible

Rockingham Co., North Carolina

The James Lemon/Lemond SMALL Family Bible

Rockingham Co., North Carolina

The John Dinwiddie Family Bible

Lincoln County Kentucky

Mattie Downing Small

Library of Virginia Archives

Isaac Small

Silverton Oregon

Hervey and Nercissa Johnson Small Family Bible

Springfield Oregon

David and Martha Patsey Bond Small Family Bible

Edenton, Chowan Co., North Carolina

Albert and Tabitha Shaw Small Family Bible

Albemarle County Virginia


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