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HEF Various Register Pages Extracts

Stephen Karner: 24 January 1999

About these pages

From here you can view extracts from the many pages I have copied from the LDS films of Herefordshire Parish Registers. These pages contain in excess of 3900 primary people associated with parish events (BAPTISMS; BURIALS; bride and groom of MARRIAGES listed separately). I am presently about half-way through the parish register pages I have copied, but I will have to put the transcription of the remaining pages on hold for a while.

Please note: I do not possess these films, and cannot perform a look-up for you outside of the entries on the pages I have copied (which are available here). Also, I cannot be held responsible for inaccuracies in the transcriptions...this is a major task that I have undertaken, and I offer this material to you as a courtesy. I have not yet cross-checked the parish pages for validity of the data. Hence, these extracts should be considered a guide only, and I strongly recommend that you view the parish records for yourself.

I must also point out that the copies of parish register pages that I possess have been collected over time for my own personal research. As such, the entries you will find in these pages should not be thought of as an exhaustive representation of the parish records for Herefordshire, either in space or time. I am not in the business of completely indexing the parish registers...I am merely making available the material I hold.

All entries in the pages here represent Baptisms (B); Marriages (M); and burials (bu) from the parish register pages I hold.
Text surrounded by brackets {} indicates that I have had some trouble reading the data, and the text is my best estimate.

There are a number of surnames that I have had particular trouble reading, and I recommend that you also go through this list of Miscellaneous entries.

So, please bear all this in mind as you peruse these pages. I hope that you find something useful from one of the following parishes (more to come when I find the time). Happy hunting!

The extracts

You can look through these pages either:

  1. By Parish
  2. By Surname

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Last Updated on 31/01/1999
By Stephen and Karen Karner
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