Lunenburg County Surnames - (K)
Lunenburg County, Nova Scotia, Canada


This Registry is made available to anyone researching their Lunenburg County ancestors as a means by which to contact others researching the same surname. When sending e-mail to these people, please let them know that you found their name at the Lunenburg Surname Registry.


KAISER MacKellar, Wayne
  Mazarakis, Arlette Rafuse
  Myra, Tina
  Pituley, Ann
KAIZER Rattner, Edie Marie Kaizer
  York, Dorothy
KALB Ransom, Susan
KAPPES Zinck, Ron
KAULBACH Faultless, Lori
  Kaulback, Gregory Curtis
  Rice, Denise
  Watson, Dan
KEDDY Baker, Christine
  Barnett, Carolyn
  Benoit, Shirley
  Bukkhegyi, Beverly
  DiPietro, Cathy
  Keddy, Bryan
  McGinn, Owen
  Rodrique, Cheryl A.
  Russell, Rusty
  Sinclair, Leslie Bruce
  Vickerson, Fred
  Young, Chris
  Zinck-Lawrence, Kathy patico
KEISER MacKellar, Wayne
  Rudolph, CathyLee
KEIZER MacKellar, Wayne
  Wright, Peggy
  York, Dorothy
KELLEY Kelly, John
KELLY Kelly, John
KENTY Kenty-Chamberlin, Marjorie
KERBER Garber, Annette
KERR Kerr, Barbara
  Zinck-Lawrence, Kathy patico
KEYSER Facini, Gail
  Ransom, Susan
KIENS Cridland, Claudia E. Skerry
  Fraser, Isabelle
KINDERVADER Brogan, Louise
KING King, Bob & Mary
KIRK Kirk, Patti
KLASSEN Ransom, Susan
KNAUT Chrustawka, Nancy
KNICKEL Lieberman, Brett
  Vaughn, Leslie
  Watson, Pat
KNICKLE Burns, Susan
  Clarke, Troy
  DiPietro, Cathy
  Enright, Margaret
  Fraser, Bruce
  Jackson, Sandra
  Locke, Betty
  Neily, Wayne
  Russell, Rusty
  Silver, Donna
  Simmons, Rebecca
  Smith, Nat
  Watson, Dan
KNOCH Ransom, Susan
KNOCK Ransom, Susan
  Wright, Peggy
KNOUP Ransom, Susan
KOCH Faultless, Lori
  Meisner, Mary
  Neily, Wayne
  Ring, Nancy
  Silver, Donna
  York, Dorothy
KOLB Theriau, Andrea
  Van Loon, Laura
KOLP Theriau, Andrea
KRAFT Neily, Wayne
  Teal, Scott Winston
KRAUS Anderson, Richard Breakfree
  Haines, Priscilla
  McCormick, Mary
  Pelletier, Charles
  Pituley, Ann
  Taylor, Dennis
KRAUS Crouse, Ross L.
KRAUSS Anderson, Richard Breakfree
  Crouse, Ross L.
  Hamer, Flora (Hartling)
  Pelletier, Charles
  Silver, Donna
  Smith, Jillaine
  Wass, Dorothy
KUHN Pelletier, Charles

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