Lunenburg County Surnames - (G)
Lunenburg County, Nova Scotia, Canada


This Registry is made available to anyone researching their Lunenburg County ancestors as a means by which to contact others researching the same surname. When sending e-mail to these people, please let them know that you found their name at the Lunenburg Surname Registry.


GAETZ DiPietro, Cathy
  Haywood, Bobbie
  Himmelhoch, Sarah
  Young, Chris
  Zinck, Ron
GAMMON Pelletier, Charles
GARBER Garber, Annette
  Garber, Todd W.
  MacKay, Annette
GARRISON Chapin, Gloria
  Facini, Gail
GATES Himmelhoch, Sarah
  Kashuba, Sharon Meister
  Simmons, Rebecca
  Zinck, Ron
GAUDET Wieler, Marilyn
GEBHARD Faultless, Lori
GELDERT DiPietro, Cathy
  Taylor, Dennis
GERHARDT Facini, Gail
  McDonald, Tim
  Teal, Scott Winston
GERMAIN Haase, Daniel M.
GERRARD Jewell, Ann
GETSON Getson, Sue
  Teal, Scott Winston
GIBBONS Gillon, Judy .
GILLMORE Marshall, Luella
GILNAUGHT McClary, Steve
GOETZ Raymond, Chris
GORKUM Tuttle, Margaret
  Young, Chris
GOW Maclaren, Wendy
GRAHAM Hartling, Daniel Graham
GRANDY Shelley, Marlene
GRANT Brown, Andrea
GRATTO Glass, Linda M.
  Rudolph, CathyLee
GRAVES Rafuse, Valorie
GREEK Greek, Ingrid
  Jackson, Sandra
  Silver, Donna
GREENLAW Vaughn, Leslie
GRETTEAU Rudolph, CathyLee
GRIFFIN Zwicker, Glen
GRIMM Mosher, Grant
  Rice, Denise
GROGAN Broderick, Paul D.
GROGER Whinnery, D.
GROSS Riley, George

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08 July 2016  Barney Kaufman