Parish Records

Independent White or Whitehall Chapel( Congregational) FHC Film# 828.139
Leeds, Yorkshire, England

Ann HINDLE daughter of Peter and Mary Hindle born october 6,1804. Baptised October 28,1804.
Henry Arnott HINDLE son of Peter and Mary Hindle born December 22,1806, Baptised January 11,1807.
Elizabeth HINDLE, parents,Peter Hindle,Mary Hindle ,Abode, Park Lain(Lane) Born,January 7,1809, Baptised,February 5,1809. Baptised by Mr. Eccles.
Thomas Cliford HINDLE, parents, Peter Hindle, Mary Hindle Abode, Leeds, Born July 25,1811, Baptised, August 25,1811. Baptised by Wm.Eccles
Edward HINDLE, Parents, Peter and Mary Hindle, Abode, Leeds. Born December 18, 1818. Baptised August 30, 1818. W. Eccles
Mary HINDLE, Peter and Mary Hindle, Born February 14,1820. Baptised, May 28,1820. Abode, Hunslet Lane. Baptised by Thomas Scales.
Ebenezer Clifford HINDLE, Parents, Peter and Mary Hindle. Born,October 19,1822, Baptised, February 16,1823. Abode, Hunslet Lane,Baptised by Thomas Scales.
Emma Brown HINDLE, Parents, Peter and Mary Hindle, Born May 25, 1824. Baptised April 17,1825. Abode, Meadow Lane. baptised by Thomas Scales.
Charles Hindle No information on birth or baptism, but Census records show him to have been born about 1816.

( At the end of the record is written)

The baptisms were the last which were administered in the White Chapel on Wednesday, April 27,1825. The Chapel in Queen St.,Park Place built by and for the Church and congregation was opened to which in a body and by the unanimous consent and concurrence of all parties, they removed, and where they observed their first Sabbath, on Lord's Day, May1,1825. Consequently the baptisms entered in this Register henceforward, will be in connection with the same Christian Society assembling in Queen St. Chapel instead of the White or Whitehall Chapel as here to before. Signed, Thomas Scales, Minister, May 2, 1825.

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