Wendell Inn at Crooked Lake, N.Y.

Letters written to me by the Sand Lake Historical Society concerning the Crooked Lake House

"You will be glad to know that Crooked Lake Hotel is still there, these days used primarily as a banquet hall. I myself spent a fair amount of time there over the years. As a boy, I remember swimming from Crooked Lake Beach in the summer; later, as a Boy Scout, members of our troop often took swimming and lifesaving lessons in their enclosed pool (now gone). And as a college student and beyond, I spent many evenings at the bar with friends. It's a great place with a lot of memories for a lot of folks around here! --Andy Andrew Mace, Sand Lake Historical Society Webmaster http://hometown.aol.com/sandlakehistory/ You may remember it from later years with much stone work on the front of the hotel. Coincidentally, it was my neighbor, Clint Baxter, who did all that stone work. He also built the stone house I grew up in and about a half a dozen others on my road, including his own!"

" I am the Sand Lake town Historian Address Po Box 273 Sand Lake,NY 12153. I can tell you the history of Crooked Lake hotel. I danced many nights away there. First building was a stage stop owned by the Uphan family,in the late 1700's. They had a Van Rensselaer deed from the Patroon Stephen Van Rensselaer. Later the Brown family owned it. Teddy Roosevelt and his family vactioned here.he was Governor of New York State later the 26th President.He signed the register we have apicture signed by him. The family came more then once to vist the hotel. The hotel was landmark in Rensselaer county. Later in the 1930's Al Coons and his wife started runing the hotel. Many big bands played there. Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt used to lunch there. Want more ?? Mail me at my office address and I will mail you photo copies or phone me there between 10:30 and 4 on Tues. or 5to 7 on Wed. Judy Rowe Sand Lake Historian"
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