Railroad Travel
Railway Travel

  • ááá Railway Depot

  • North Adams Depot,North Adams,Mass.
    Station,North Adams,Mass.
    Depot,North Adams,Mass.
    Morris St. showing Railroad Station, North Adams, Mass.

  • Hoosac Tunnel

  • Western Gateway to Heritage Park
    Hoosac Tunnel Then and Now by Gerald Kelley

    Mountains of rock taken from Western Shaft of Hoosac Tunnel, No. Adams,Mass.
    East Portal, Hoosac Tunnel, Mass.
    Looking Out The East Portal, Hoosac Tunnel
    Eastern Portal, Hoosac Tunnel, North Adams,Mass.
    Hoosac Tunnel, East Portal,North Adams,Mass.
    Over the Hoosac Tunnel,Mohawk Trail,Mass.
    Approaching the East Portal of Hoosack Tunnel.
    Eastern Portal, Hoosac Tunnel, near Mohawk Trail, Mass.
    Western Portal,Hoosac Tunnel, North Adams, Mass.
    West Portal, Hoosac Tunnel, North Adams,Mass.
    Hoosac Tunnel, West Portal,North Adams,Mass.
    West Portal,Hoosac Tunnel, North Adams,Mass.
    Hoosac Tunnel,Western Portal, North Adams,Mass.
    Hoosac Tunnel , No. Adams , Mass.
    Western Entrance to Hoosac Tunnel , Mohawk Trail , Mass.

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