Rude Cuder at the Bean, North Adams, Massachusetts
Rude Cider at the Bean, North Adams, Massachusetts, Eric, Tony, Josh.á E-Mail Tony

Read About Rude Cider! Observations by a visitor to North Adams, Mary Provencher Taylor, in August 2000.
One of the most delightful treats in North Adams is a trip to the Applachaian Bean Cafe. The food is great and reasonably priced, the service fast, and the ambience inviting. Nobody seems in a hurry at "the Bean." On Friday mornings a three piece band comes to the Bean to have breakfast, then they sit in the window and play Celtic music. After hearing them on my first Friday morning there , I came back the following Friday just for the pleasure of hearing them again. While they were settling down to eat their breakfast and I munched on my bagel and cream cheese, I asked them to tell me about themselves. The leader of the group, "Rude Cider" is Tony Pisano who works at Parker Machine Shop in North Adams. I asked Tony how they happened to choose this type of music to play. It seems that it all started when he heard a group named "Four Men and a Dog" playng at Drury High School. They liked the music and began playing it themselves. Tony plays the mandolin. His son Josh plays two types of drums, the Djenbe, an African instrument similiar in sound to a tom-tom, and the Bodhran, a Celtic instrument. Josh works with the mentally ill and I can imagine how his calm,warm countenance would be completely non-threatening to the patients he helps. Eric Buddington , originally from Connecticut, plays the violin or fiddle. Together they create sounds which make you want to dance or sometimes cry because of their beauty. They perform as part of a larger group at various church functions and at MCLA.

I wish that they would make a CD, so that I could enjoy their music back in Texas. How about that, Tony?

Picture by Mary Taylor

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