View from Pleasant Street, North Adams,Mass.
View from Pleasant Street, North Adams,Mass.

Sister MEMORIES.....
Mary: "Did you see the ironwork fence? That's the one we used to pull ourselves up the hill on icy days! What a great view! To think we had that view every day, or every school day anyhow! But I appreciated it then too. I always thought N.Adams was beautiful, even when everything was covered with soot.(School was Notre Dame) And sliding down at least parts of the hill.....Remember the time I slid down but got scared and steered myself into a tree? Bam!"
Anne:�"And I had nightmares about sliding right out onto to main drag in front of a car racing towards downtown, Or worse still, It was you that was the bloody mess, and , I had to carry the news. You remember the plows always left these huge piles of snow and we couldn't see out to see if it was safe. Adventures!"
Mary:"Well, I guess you can see that my memories must have matched Anne's except for the one detail of when I crashed into a tree during a slide down the hill. I forgot to mention that! Anne remembers that because she had to break the news to Aunt Angie! I was just worried that I may have torn my snowsuit!"

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