list of Persons Entitled to Vote, Borough of Leeds, Yorkshire County , England

Borough of Leeds in the County of York

The List of Persons entitled to vote for the Borough of Leeds in respect of property Occupied in the Said Borough comprising the Several Townships of Leeds, Armley, Bramley, Chapel, Allerton, Farnley, Headingley-Cum-Burley, Holbeck, Hunslet, Potternewton and Worley by virtue of an act passed in the second year of the Reign of the present Majesty. "An Act to amend the representation of the people in England and Wales", as revised by Wilkinson Matthews,Esquire.,the Barrister duly authorized for that purpose in the year 1832. LEEDS: printed by Hernaman
and Perring, Intelligencer- Office. 1832.

P 31, The List of Voters for the Borough of Leeds as revised in 1832.

Township of Leeds

  • Polling Booth,...
  • Christian Name and Surname of each Voter at Full Lenght....,
  • Nature of Qualification,....
  • Street,Lane or other Place in this Township , where the Property is situate.

  • G 1054...... HINDLE, Peter....dyehouse......Mabgate.
    G 1055.......HINDLE, Henry Arnett....dyehouse, Mabgate.

    G means the East, North East, Lower North East, and South East Divisions.
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