Some Shawhan Graphics

Shawhan Graphics

Following are a few graphics involving the Shawhan family. The references in parentheses are corresponding page numbers from "The History and Genealogy of the Shawhan and Related Families." Since there are hundreds of graphics in the two volumes, I will present only a sampling of pictures here.

Some of Our Ancestors

Daniel "Casher Dan" Shawhan (1801-1860) (Vol. I, p. 197)

Minerva Redmon, Wife of Casher Dan Shawhan (Vol. I, p. 197)

William "Billy" McCune Shawhan (1803-1875) Vol. I, p. 219)

Henry Ewalt Shawhan (1805-1882) (Vol. I, p. 242)

Major John Shawhan (1811-1862) (Vol. I, p. 20)

Tabitha Rush, Wife of Major John Shawhan

Thomas Edwin Moore (1831-1921) (Vol. I, p. 246)

Henry Dilatush Shawhan (Vol. I, p. 281)

Anna Cora Maple, Wife of Henry Dilatush Shawhan (Vol. I, p. 281)

Amos Shawhan (1799-1871) (Vol. I, p. 274)

Henry C. Shawhan (-1888) (Vol. I, p. 241)

James Martin Shawhan (1886-1929) (Vol. I, p. 72)

Joseph William Shawhan (1845-1921) (Vol. I, p. 279)

Margaret Crosson (1844-1907) (Vol. I, p. 279)

John Thomas Smith, John Francis Smith & Edith Mae Smith

John Francis Smith (1889-1962) (Vol. I, p. 183)

Norman Towne (1910-1988) (Vol. I, p. 338)

Rezin Wells Shawhan (1811-1887) Vol. I, p. 30)

William Reading (1792-1868) (Vol. I, p. 163)

Harry Shawhan Ditzenberger and Bride Jane Coffman

Dr. John Lail (Vol. I, p. 250)

Effie Newsom (1872-1951), Wife of Dr. John Lail (Vol. I, p. 250)

Gladys & Bernice Shawhan Lail

Gladys Shawhan Lail (1893-1917) (Vol. I, p. 120)

Verne Lail Family

James H. Shawhan (1911-1979) (Vol. I, p. 206)

Joseph Henry Shawhan (1838-1911) (Vol. I, p. 105)

Mary Birch (1818-1909) (Vol. I, p. 216)

Maggie Rebecca Shawhan (-1879) Pendant, Front Side

Maggie Rebecca Shawhan (-1879) Pendant, Back Side

Norma Lail Gustin (1912-1992), (Vol. I, p. 370)

Pearl Ivan Collins (1910-1946) (Vol. I, p. 188)

Ronald T. Shawhan (1930-) (Vol. I, p. 294)

William B. Shawn (1839-1894) (Vol. I, p. 38)

Captain Franklin D. Shawn (1886-1954) (Vol. I, p. 46)

Clarence E. Shawn (1885-1960) (Vol. I, p. 45)

Charles Leslie Shawn (1895-1969) (Vol. I, p. 43)

Shawn Family--Batt's Neck

Shawn Family--In Front of Home

Howard "Hat" Trevillyan (1903-1941) (Vol. I, p. 139)

April Shawhan, Actress


Our Shawhan Whiskey Heritage

"It Keeps On Tastin' Good" Shawhan Whiskey Label

Old Miner Shawhan Whiskey Label

Four Generations Shawhan Whiskey Label

Lone Jack Shawhan Whiskey Label

Rye Shawhan Whiskey Label

Shawhan Straight Whiskey Label

Shawhan White Corn Whiskey Label

Old Shawhan Whiskey Label

Shawhan Whiskey Bottle

Shawhan Whiskey Wagon

Bardstown Distillery (formerly Shawhan Distillery), Bardstown, Kentucky

McCormick Distillery (formerly Shawhan Distillery), Weston, Missouri

Shawhan Distillery, Lone Jack, Missouri

"King of Bourbon" Trophy for Best Bourbon Whiskey Produced in USA, 1857

Shawhan Whiskey Label Advertisement

Shawhan Whiskey Letter and Advertisement

Shawhan Whiskey Matches, Side One

Shawhan Whiskey Matches, Side Two

Shawhan Whiskey Cork Screw #1

Shawhan Whiskey Cork Screw #2

Shawhan Peer and Pioneer American Whiskey Bottles

Shawhan Peer and Pioneer American Whiskey Bottle--Front

Shawhan Peer and Pioneer Whiskey Bottle--Close Up View, Front

Shawhan Peer and Pioneer Whiskey Bottle--Rear View

Shawhan Peer and Pioneer Whiskey Bottle--Cork


Other Photos

Sign, Shawhan, Kentucky

Shawhan Baptist Church, Shawhan, Kentucky

Shawhan Hotel, Tiffin, Ohio

Shawhan Hotel Fire, Tiffin, Ohio

George Shawhan Home, Weston, Missouri

Joseph Shawhan (1781-1871) Home, Harrison County, Kentucky

Shawhan Warehouse, Shawhan, Kentucky

Daniel Shawhan (1738-1791) Log Cabin, Shawhan, Kentucky

Fonso, Winner of the 1880 Kentucky Derby, Owned by John Snell Shawhan

Romer Shawhan, World War I