Genealogy of Haggerty, Bateman, Clarke, Meredith and Reynolds from Ireland; Small from England; and Barnhart, Huff and Mapes who came to Canada via USA


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This page is a tribute to my ancestors, particularly to my Grandmother,  Florence Huff Haggerty, who compiled the history of the people she called   "the marvellous Haggertys" over 50 years ago. Her work inspired my interest in genealogy, sadly not until many years after her death.

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This page was last revised April 2015

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Surnames and origins of my grandparents and great-grandparents are:

  • HAGGERTY and  BATEMAN of County Cork, CLARKE of County Laois (formerly Queens County) and REYNOLDS of County Leitrim, all from Ireland;
  • BARNHART and HUFF, who were United Empire Loyalists from New York State, and before that fled from the Palatine states to escape religious persecution;
  • SMALL from England; and
  • MAPES who also came from New York State.
  •   Countless others have made major contributions to this search. The following are major contributors to the particular branches:

    BATEMAN:  Numerous genealogists are researching Irish Batemans; key among them are Patricia Turner of Seattle Washington and the late Emily Bateman Smith. Emily and I worked closely together tracking down various cousins from throughout North America; she was a constant inspiration and is greatly missed. Most of our Batemans first settled in New Brunswick before travelling west throughout Canada and the USA. There is a Bay Chaleur Irish list for researchers working on Irish families who settled in the Bathurst, New Brunswick area in the early 1800s ([email protected]).

    BARNHART: See the Barnhart Family Website which includes our assumed ancestors (A-Line) and/or contact the
      Barnhart Family Genealogy Forum

    HAGGERTY: Many researchers are looking at the Irish Hegartys, however the name might be spelled. Some originated in what is now Northern Ireland; others in County Cork. My family is from Cork. For some early photos of my Haggertys, see: Images 

    HUFF: George Trigg of New York state has published a major work on the descendants of Englebert Hoff, supposedly born about 1637 in Norway. Englebert was in the area that is now the state of New York by about 1700.

    MAPES: There is a large Mapes Family Association which has held annual family reunions each August for over 100  years. Recently a three volume Mapes family history was published. See the Mapes Family Website and/or contact the Mapes Family Genealogy Forum

    SMALL: The history of the Small family of Wellington County, Ontario has been researched by Susanne (Small) Metcalfe of Toronto, Ontario.

    CLARKE: I have not yet found any other researchers working on the Irish Clarke family of Wellington County. The Clarkes came from Queen's county, Ireland in 1853. They first settled in Garafraxa Twp., then moved to Peel Twp. in 1865. Dr. William Clarke, one-time mayor of Guelph and MP was a brother of my gg grandfather, James, and came to Canada in the mid 1830s. .

    REYNOLDS: I have found very few researchers who are working on the Irish Reynolds family of Renfrew County, Ontario. The Reynolds family are believed to have come from County Leitrim, Ireland approximately 1840, and settled in Bromley Township, Renfrew County, Ontario.

    Going back one more generation adds the following surnames:

    All but the Mitchells came from Ireland

    There is currently a very active group of people researching the Irish MEREDITHS and their Welsh origins. Please contact me for more information on this group.

    All of these families came to Ontario, Canada sometime between the time of the American Revolution and the mid 1800s. Their descendants have since spread across North America and beyond.