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Junge Family History
My Maternal Grandparents, William Junge and Clarice (Gilbertson) Junge

My earliest Junge ancestors start with, JOHANN JUNGE whom was married to ANTJE vom WESTERTEICH. Church records from Marne, Dithmarschen, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany indicate that Johann died on Feb. 12, 1724. Church records from the same church indicate that Antje died on Jan. 25, 1724.

Johann and Antje had a son named JACOB JUNGE born on Jan. 25, 1714. These records are also from the church at Marne. Jacob was married to STINCKE JüRGENS on Oct. 24, 1738. (Marne church records). Stincke was the daughter of Christian Albrecht JüRGENS and Christina WITTEN. (I do not yet know Stincke's birth date.)

Jacob and Stincke had a son named JOHANN JUNGE born abt. 1735. (Marne church records) Johann married MAGDALENA STüHRK on May 30, 1768. (Marne church records). Magdalena's parents were Ahrend STüHRK and Margareth DREßEN and she was born on Dec. 19, 1745. (Marne church records)

Johann and Magdalena had a son named CLAUS JUNGE born Oct. 17, 1774. (Marne church records) Claus married CATHARINA RüCK on June 4, 1799. (Marne church records) Trin was born on Feb. 21, 1777(Marne church records) the daughter of Johann RüCK and Antje HASSEN.

Claus and Trin had a son named AHREND JUNGE born on July 2, 1819 at Helse. (Marne church records) Ahrend married MARGARETHA LUCS (Lucks) on July 4, 1852. (Copy of Marriage record from Burg, Dithmarschen, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany) Margaretha was born on Sept. 6, 1822 at Eggstedt (Süderhastedt Church records) to Drews LUCS and Catharina NOTTLEMAN. Ahrend died on Aug. 12, 1901 at Buchholz. (Copy of death certificate) Margaretha died on July 3, 1880. (Burg church records)

Ahrend and Margaretha had a son named KLAUS JOHANN JUNGE born on Jun 25, 1859 at Burg, Dithmarschen, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. Klaus died on Dec. 1, 1940 at  Bloomfield, NE, USA. Klaus married ANNA MAGDALENA OFT on May 18, 1888 at Windbergen, Dithmarschen, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. Anna was born on Jan. 20, 1866 at Windbergen, Dithmarschen, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany to Marx Jacob OFT and Harke Margaretha FUNK. Anna died on Feb. 19, 1943 at Omaha, NE, USA.

Klaus and Anna had a son named WILLIAM JUNGE born on Dec. 8, 1894 at Burg, Dithmarschen, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany (original church record). William (Bill) died on July 19, 1982 at Boise, ID, USA. William married CLARICE ESTHER GILBERTSON on Feb. 7, 1923 at Bloomfield, NE, USA. Clairce was born on Oct. 8, 1899 at Blair, NE, USA to George GILBERTSON and Anna SEVERSON. Clarice died on Oct. 3, 1974 at Martin, SD, USA.

Oft/Offt Family History

Graverholt/Nelson Family History
I would like to acknowledge Carl W. Tvedt, my Great-Grandmother; Anna Severson's cousin for all his research to find out about the early Graverholt family lines. A lot of what you will read below is what was written by Carl in his book, Marcus Nelson Graverholt and his descendants.

The first one of this family that is known of is Syprian. He seems to have come from Aurskog which is east of Oslo. He had a son, Nils Syprianson, who was the first to own Graverholt, a gaard (farm) in the County of Setskog. He must of become a man of some substance, for when he died he gave to each of his sons a gaard and to each of his daughters 700 cronrs.

Nils Syprianson was married to Ellen Marie Jorgensdatter Settsmock, and had four sons: John Heggedahl, Sven Stenby, Christian Graverholt, and Marcus Graverholt. The names of the first two sons are from the gaards which they owned. Marcus and Christian then were to have Graverholt. Graverholt was a large place, almost seven miles (English) long. It extended from the house to the Swedish border. It is valuable for the timber which is used for pulp wood.

Graverholts have lived in the house on Graverholt in a direct line from Nils Syprianson, as follows.

Nils Syprianson had also some daughters, only one of which is know in America. She was Mrs. Nils Gran and there may have been others whom remained in Norway. Nils and Sophia had 5 children: Syverin, Andrew, Halvor, Julianna and Mattie.Syverin married Mathilda Lund and had no children. Halvor went to the West Coast early in life. Andrerw married Anna Marie Lund; Julianna married Christian Johnson; Mattie married Peter Gilbertson.

Marcus Nelson Graverholt, son of Nils Syprianson and Ellen Settsmock, married Inger Gundersdatter. She was the daughter of Gunder and Gunhild Amundson from a gaard called Engelsrud Hagen in Eidskog. The date of the marriage is not certain but maybe, 1858. To this marriage were 5 children born, Nils (Dec.21, 1859); Maren Olava (Dec. 8, 1861); Lena Emelia (Sept. 8, 1863); Gunda Marie (Sept. 24, 1865) and Johannah (Jan. 3, 1868). Inger died in maybe 1869. She is buried in Hemnes Annex, Hoiland Parish, Akershus, Norway.

After the death of his first wife, Marcus sold his share of Graverholt to his brother Christian. Marcus, then left with his small children for America and others from the community who also went. Among them was Bolette Johnson Galgeholt who had worked at Graverholt since she was nine years old, and also her twin sister.

The journey to America took three weeks and they landed at Castle Gardens in New York. Afterwards they went west and wound up at Red Wing, Minnesota, that was in May of 1870. They did not stay there long and then settled in Florence, Nebraska, for a short time before they went on to the homestead in Dixon County, Nebraska. Bolette JOHNSON became the bride of Marcus while at Florence, Nebraska. In America the Graverholts became the Nelson's .

By the fall of 1871, Marcus had gotten a homestead in Dixon County, Nebraska and moved his family there.

Marcus and Bolette did wind up having many children of their own, twelve in all - George, Elmer, Julius, Alfred, Minor, Ole, Mattie, Ida, Millie, Albert, Mathilda (who died at birth) and Melvin.

Marcus did die March 28, 1923 at Maskell, Dixon Co., NE. Bolette did die on May 30, 1949.

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