While there were a lot of  SEAYs, and many pronunciations of the name, 
family members generally pronounce it  "SEE".  Check out the NEW Articles 
section just added.  There are several discussions on the origin of 
the name (and our ancestors).   Consensus is that if your Seay family traces back through the Abraham Seay of Virginia, born about 1720, it is likely you are of the English line. If you trace back through James, Isaac or Jacob Seay, it is likely you are Irish.

Call it what you want, take a look around.  I'll be adding more 
things as time permits.  

Bible Records

These Bible records, are  photo copies from the original Bible that resides 
at the Seay Mansion in Kingfisher, Oklahoma.

       Museum information
             Seay Mansion

The Seay Mansion
605 Zellers Avenue
Kingfisher Oklahoma 73750

Amelia County,  Virginia - "1790" & "1800" Tax Lists

 Montgomery County, Tennessee - 1840 Census

           Photo Gallery  


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Pictured is a young Abraham Jefferson (A.J.) Seay.


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