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Moormann Photo Album

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Heinrich and Heinrich Moormann, WWI photo.  I know very little about this other than it is father and son, and that they are wearing WWI uniforms.

Heinrich Moormann, arrives NY 
(see man with circle)
 sailed SS.STUTTGART, from Breman, Germany

Click HERE for Immigration Manifest.

Back Row:
1-Erlert Schule, 2-William Moormann, 3-Gerhard Moormann, 4-Elizabeth Moormann, 5-Joe Siemer (Selmer?), 6-Margaret Moormann, 7-Johannes Moormann, 8-Heinrich Moormann, 

Front Row:
9-Jenny Moormann, 10-? Moormann, 11-Grandma Margaret, 12-Grandpa Heinrich, 13-(Mother) Elizabeth Schulte Moormann, 14-Heinrich Moormann, 15-Lamburtus (in lap), 16-Uncle Schulte

Note: Picture labeled by my father(#14), 

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Mary Elizabeth [Schulte] Moormann, Burt (Lamburtus) is in the back, my father Henry (Heinrich) is the older boy on the right.
This is the picture they used on their passport when they immigrated in 1924. 

[Marie] Elizabeth and Heinrich Moormann.
Long Island, NY 

Elizabeth Moormann, kids (Heinrich "Henry", Lamburtus "Burt" and Wilhelm "Jerry") in front of house in Long Island, NY. 


Note the sign out front that says Painter.  


In Loving Memory of 
Elizabeth M. Platt
Born:August 30, 1900
Died: August 31, 1994

Robert Guffin
Funeral Home
Cobleskill, New York

Note: Elizabeth's' real name was Marie Elizabeth, but she went by Elizabeth Marie

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