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Camp Hale, Colorado

The 10th Mountain Division of the United States Army specialized in mountain and winter warfare, trained in the Colorado Rockies, and fought in the Apennine Mountains of Italy.

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In 1942, Pando, Colorado, was a two-room train depot situated in the picturesque Eagle Park valley. By January 1943, an army camp filled the valley and was receiving the first men of the 10th Mountain Division for instruction in mountain and winter warfare, mountaineering, skiing and rock climbing. In less than eight months, the camp grew to accommodate a full U.S. Army Division of 14,000 men. 

Company L executes an about-face on skis under the command of Lieutenant William J. Bourke. 

Still from the Warner Brothers film: "The Fighting Mountaineers." Approximately one-hundred soldiers from the Tenth Mountain Division, 87th Mountain Infantry Regiment, Company L, execute an about face on skis under the command of Lieutenant William J. Bourke on a flat snow-covered field. In the background, smaller groups of skiers are visible training in the trees at the base of one of the mountains surrounding Camp Hale, Colorado. 


On Maneuvers 
Ski troops trained in the Rockies at altitudes up to 14,000 feet, often under brutal weather conditions and for weeks at a time. As if nature were not enough of a challenge, the men carried rucksacks sometimes weighing as much as 90 lbs. 

Summary: Fifteen Tenth Mountain Division soldiers pose for a picture along a snow-covered trail. They are wearing "whites," the winter camouflage uniform, and are carrying rifles. 
Date: [1943-1944]. 

Mule trenches, Camp Hale

The army mules at Camp Hale struggle in the deep snow and receive assistance from the soldiers. 

Summary: Two mules walk through snow trenches higher than their backs, guided by two Tenth Mountain Division soldiers. Eight men look on; two are bare-chested. Snow covered pine trees are in the background. Taken at Camp Hale, Colorado. 
Date: 1943. 
Photographer: Molenaar, C. M. Call Number: TMD-703

 Camp Hale TimeLine

1942 April Construction began on Camp Hale in Pando, Colorado
1942 August detachment of 87th Regiment to Ashcroft
1942 Nov. troops moved into Camp Hale and form the 10th Mountain Division
1942 Winter 10th Mountain Division soldiers skied on Aspen Mountain and stayed at the Hotel Jerome
1943 June Third platoon of 10th Reconnaissance—including Friedl Pfeifer—marched to Aspen on maneuvers
1943 Winter 10th Mountain Division soldiers skied at Aspen and stayed at the Hotel Jerome
1944 November: 10th Mountain Division sent to Italy where they would take Riva Ridge, Mt. Belvedere, and open a path for the 5th Army to advance up the Po Valley
1945 May German Army surrendered
Walter and Elizabeth Paepcke visited Aspen—Paepcke established the Aspen Company and began to buy up real estate
1945 August Friedl Pfeifer went to Aspen to generate support for a ski resort there
1945 Sept. Pfeifer met with Paepcke at Perry Park to discuss Aspen's development
1945 Oct. 10th Mountain Division disbanded
1945 Nov. Pfeifer took over management of the boat tow and built a rope tow
1945 Dec. Aspen Ski School opened for business with co-directors Pfeifer, Percy Rideout, and Johnny Litchfield
1946 Jan. Aspen Skiing Corporation established


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Don Palmer, volunteer at the 10th Mountain Division Resource Center dug up the following information on this insignia:

   "This first insignia was used by the 10th Mountain Division at Camp Hale and appeared on signs, the Headquarters Building and on the masthead of the division newspaper. The railroad stop at Camp Hale was Pando, Colorado. The design became know as the Pando-Commando. The Panda Bear on skis with an M1 rifle was considered a "cartoon" design and hence The Institute of Heraldry would not accept it as the official patch. However, The design was made into a patch after the war by members of the National Association of the 10th Mountain Division.

 The 'Official' logo of the 10th Mountain Division.


Camp Hale Cartoon  click HERE

Contact Information

Camp Hale is located in the White River National Forest on highway 24 between Leadville and Minturn, Colorado.


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