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 Moormann/Schulte Family Picture - about 1922
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Heinrich and Heinrich Moormann, WWI photo.  I know very little about this other than it is father and son, and that they are wearing WWI uniforms.

Be sure and read the helpful comments that others have given about clues found in this photo.
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' Army Chapel 
601st Field Artillery Battalion (Pack)
See more photos of the early Moormann's in Long Island, New York, and the boat they came in on - the Stuttgart!  Click HERE.

Hank & Donna, Newlyweds-1940's

   Newlyweds'  Henry & Donna  Moormann 1943.   Click HERE for larger Image.

Military - USA

Henry Moormann

Camp Hale, CO [photos] 

Excerpt from "The Leadville Story, 1860-1960, Second Edition" 
by Rene L. Coquoz
Click HERE to read how Camp Hale site was selected.

Honorable Discharge [text of papers]

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