Marsh Family History and Genealogy

Marsh Family History

A study of James Marsh and his descendants.  If you have or would like information regarding this family send me an email.

James Marsh was born in Northumberland County, Virginia, in 1797 or 1806. He married Sarah Isbell on December 22, 1826. Their marriage is recorded in the Amherst County registry of marriages, page 290.  Their first child, Edward, was born on September 14, 1827. James was a farmer, a Democrat, and a Methodist. He was also a Colonel in the Missouri Militia. He left no will, but left an administration or settlement which did not mention members of the family. He died when he was 35 years old of typhoid fever - a relapse after eating cucumbers. He was a small man.

There is a lot of history here, and lots of pictures and other things to publish.  Check back on a regular basis for new additions.

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