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Currently, we are at our 'brick wall' with the  Killen line.   There are so many Killen lines noted on the Internet, but making the connection has been difficult.  Have found many 'cousins' on the Internet, and their help has been valuable.  We all seem to be facing the same wall.  Your help would be appreciated.

9/2002- Just found a book on Ebay, called Twenty Sleeps West,  by Caleb Casebier.  I plan on putting some excerpts from the book, that details how Jim Killian, John Marsh, Rosecrans Sumner among others were instrumental in getting the irrigation ditches through Montrose and Delta.  Look for it to come.

Just recently updated the Killen Outline of Henry Killen descendants.  Lots of new info there 

Have been doing a lot of research in the different census'.  Found Henry in the 1880 Leadville, Lake County, and 1885 - Delta County,  but am not really having luck with any of the other years.  Check out the Census pages 1 and 2.  Have created a Time - Place Report  to try to narrow down the path they took.   I'm just starting on that, so there is a lot of detail to fill in.

See Photos of Henry Killen and AW Noland.

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