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Family history and genealogy for TALLMAN, SCARLETT, Marsh, Seay, colorado, moormann, Killen    

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Welcome to our Genealogy and Family History pages.  

We're Back!!!

After a little more than ten years (since 2010) we are back and ready to do some updates. Several life issues like Rootsweb removing all the sites for awhile, and us just living life. We have retired from a couple of careers, and are ready to go.

Initially, I am going to be doing some serious website house-cleaning. Web code is a LOT different, and less cumbersome than it was ten years ago. So, you may see updated pages (like the home page) and others that haven't been. This is not a one day job!

This is where I share some of the research that I have come across.  Some of it fits in with my genealogy research.  A lot doesn't, but may be just the clue that you were looking for!    

As this is a continuing, work-in-progress, please do not assume all information here is completely accurate. It is placed here as a clue for where you might look to find source documents or other records. Please help this database grow faster and become more useful for researchers by contributing any  records you may have. If you have comments, suggestions or something you would like to add, just e-mail me.

Miscellaneous Research

Will be reorganizing the content just a little.  Instead of maintaining obits, census and cemetery info under each family name, I will move it more towards a general topic.  Some of the links might not have caught up, if so, just drop me a note and let me know which page is causing problems. (be sure to include he URL, so that I know what page needs attention).


Section where I'm consolidating all of the census information for my families. Instead of a little under each Surname, it has grown to rate it's own area.  Maybe I'll have less duplication, and you'll be able to find what you are looking for!


Mostly Colorado cemeteries where many of the Tallman, Scarlett, Marsh and Killen family are buried.  Lots of photos, and other information.

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