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Scarlett - Olathe High School, CO - Scarlett - genealogy- Family history

Montrose County High School
Olathe, Colorado

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1941 Class Roll   Olathe schools
Virginia Alexander 
Joe Alexander 
June Anders 
Leon Barrett 
Jack Bass 
Lyle Bennett 
Willis Blackburn 
George Bourns 
Leonard Brown 
Lillie Brown 
Onalee Brown 
Elden Keith Bunten 
Keith Burdick 
Howard Carlson 
Pauline Casebier 
Roy Comer 
Charles Cook 
Gilbert Corey 
Agnes Catherine Distel 
Dorothy Fangman 
Myrna Glendening 
Ernest Graham 
Alford Gray 
Bill Griffeth 
Clara May Hicks 
Alice Howewood 
Norma Jones 
Shirley Martin 
Betty Miller 
Jack Miller 
Marjorie Price 
Ellen Ray 
Donna Scarlett 
Ramon Seymour 
Albert Smith 
Gloria Smith 
Eleanor Spieser 
Robert Vaughn 
Trudora Vest 
Evelyn Walker 
Dorothy Warner 
Ben West 
Ellen Whitener 
Herbert Williams 
John Wilson 
Bill Wilson 
Schooling around Olathe began in the winter of 1883. Charles Young taught the first school class in the residence of Shep Church. In the spring of 1894, a school house was erected approximately 4 miles west of the section house on the eastern edge of Ash Mesa.  Miss Myrtle Bell was one of the first teachers in this new building.  The first year, the class consisted of 8 pupils.

The first schoolhouse, along with the first church to grace the Olathe community, built later that same year, were built on high ground (above the river valley), because the Indians told settlers of regular flooding. However, this proved to be far from the truth.

Olathe's second schoolhouse was built in 1888. Near the west end of present day Main Street.  By 1891, a larger school house was required and a two-story school was built. It held two rooms downstairs for classrooms while the upstairs floor was used as a community hall. Dancing, literary meetings, spelling bees, community plays, and even occasional church meetings and election polling occurred here. 

By 1900, school enrollment had increased enough that the large community hall on the second story was rebuilt to add 2 more classrooms. A large brick school house was built in 1912, and a brick high school building was erected 10 years later to meet the demands for more and better educational facilities for the community.

Today, Olathe has elementary, middle grade, and a newly rebuilt high school to offer Olathe students modern classroom facilities. A technical/vocational school is shared by all residents of the Olathe, Delta, and Montrose area, located halfway between Olathe and Delta.


Donna Scarlett graduated 1941. Click on photo for enlarged photo.

Theatre tickets were awarded to those who were on the honor roll.

To view report card, click here.

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