Purple Heart Stories
Purple Heart Stories

Edward R. Radzwich's Story

Army, was also awarded the following medal: Distinguish Service Cross, Silver Star with 2 Oak Leaf Clusters, Bronze Star with 2 Oak Leaf Clusters & Purple Heart with 2 Oak Leaf Clusters.

Bert True Rand's Story

Attached to USS Chicago when sunk at Rennell Island 1943. Reassigned to USS Mobile until injured in #2 turret explosion 18 April 1945. Transferred to USS Pinkney. Ship hit by Japanese Suicide aircraft 28 April 1945. Transferred to USS Hope Died 30 April 1945. Buried at sea off USS Hope.

Roy Harry Rapley's Story

Roy Rapley was wounded during the invasion of the Marshal Islands. Roy was shot through his steel helmet and the top of his skull, the bullet came out above his left ear. He was awarded the Purple Heart by Commandant General H. M. 'Howling Mad' Smith on the March 12, 1944. Roy was not espected to live. A long hospital stay, many surgeries and the dedication of his mother at his bedside is thought to be the reason he survived this horrendous wound. Roy was permanently paralyzed on his right side. Roy lived with his parents Poe & Margaret Rapley in Sequim, Washington. Roy was well Known in the community for his singing at the local seniors center. Roy died in 1996 at the age of 75.

Joseph H. Rawl's Story

Army, Wounded while piloting an armed helicopter by ground to air auto weapons fire. Other notable decorations: SS, DFC, 36 Air Medals, 4 Meritorious Service Medals, 2 Arcoms (0ne w V).

Walter W. Rease's Story

Army Airborne. He and three others were ambushed by a Chinese machine gun emplacement as they traveled by jeep between the front line and their HQ. Sgt. Rease was hit in the leg, just above the ankle by one shell, nearly taking the foot completely off.

John Gifford Reed's Story

Army Air Corps, Lt. John Grifford Reed was a bombadier aboard the B-17, Sons of Fury, Shot down over St. Nazaire France 03 JAN 43 with loss of all crew.

Ned R. Reid's Story

Army Airborne; was also awarded Three Bronze Stars, Good Conduct Medal, Bronze Arrowhead, WWII victory Medal.

Clement Resto's Story

My uncle was the engineer on the B17 #42-29571 Charley Horse 358 BS. This airplane was shot down on Oct 20, 1943 during a mission to bomb Duren, Germany. He lost an eye in this encounter and spent 15 months as a POW. Was Awarded Air Medal, Purple Heart, and one Battle Star. Served in seven missions. I found a discription of my uncles last mission on pages 275-276 of Harry D Gobrecht's book "MIGHT IN FLIGHT".

Clifford L. Revell's Story

US Marine Corp., Was a member of Col. Carlson's Raider Battalion, lost 22 days under provision of article 10-99.

James Vincent Revell's Story

3rd U.S. Army, 10th Armoured Div. (Tigers), 20th Armored Inf. Bn. For heroic achievement in connection with military operations against the enemy in France on Nov. 19, 1944. He distinguished himself while serving as the battalion maintenance officer. Durning an engagement with the enemy in the vicinity of Schwerdorff, France, it became necessary to make stragetic withdrawal and ten mired vechicles of his battalion were abandoned between our lines and the enemy lines. With utter disregard for his own safty, he led his manitenance crew under heavy enemy fire to the vehicles and succeeded in recovering them. This accomplishment saved direly needed government property and materially aided the batallion in ensuing operations against the enemy. His exemplary leadership and intrepidity reflect the great credit upon himself and the military forces of the United States. Entered the military service from Virginia. Was also awarded: Bronze Star and First Oak Leaf Cluster.

William D. Riber's Story

Army Air Corps, POW Camp Stalag IV, 15th Air Force 97th bomb group 414th squadron. Shot down on mission 315 Brux Czechoslovakia July 21 1944.

Laughlin J. Rice's Story

Army, Also received Air Medal w/"V" device for giving accurate fire while in support of besieged armoured cav unit using other uninjured hand.

Glenn E. Richmond's Story

In his words, he "took a mortar shell to his right arm and shoulder while defending their position at the Cologen Railroad Bridge." Glenn Richmond (aka Paw-Paw) achieved the rank of Corporal and was awarded the following medals by the US government: EAME campaign medal with one bronze star, Good Conduct medal, Go #14 HQ 310 Infantry, Purple Heart, and a WWII Victory medal.

Paw Paw told us that the Germans were blowing up all their own bridges so that Allied forces couldn't make their way and get their supplies across the rivers and advance further into Germany. It was of utmost importance that these bridges stay intact so that American soldiers could cross and continue with their mission of defeating the Allied forces. This particular bridge was the Cologne Railroad Bridge. Paw-Paw was shot on "Flak Hill," which overlooked the bridge and was where American soldiers perched to defend the bridge. Their mission was to keep Germans off of the bridge, as they were trying to attach explosives for destruction. The Cologne Railroad Bridge was the first bridge crossed by American troops in crossing the Rhine River. Paw-Paw only rarely told stories about the war, and thought a lot about things you may not think of. Once he told his grandson that it was hard to shoot boys, as they were no different than you were. They were sent there on a mission to fight for their country. You didn't have anything against them and they didn't have anything against you personally either, but you knew that it was them or you. He also said that he often wondered how many of the boys he shot weren't Christians. You could tell there was a sense of guilt about that. Paw-Paw was drafted into the Army on June 12th, 1944, just days after the invasion of Normandy. He was 23 at the time and had a wife and children at home. Glenn Richmond passed away on April 28th, 2004.

Edgar Allen Rickey's Story

Army, Awards received: Good Conduct Ribbon, American Defense Ribbon, Assistant Squad Leader & Sharpshooter.

Floyd Roger Rinehart's Story

Army, My father recieved 3 purple hearts, bronze star and a bronze star with clusters. The last was never presented to him. He passed on Oct. 24, 1999. We miss him dearly, lest we never forget.

Arthur J. Rivers' Story

Army, While serving with the 36th Division, Company I, 142nd Infantry Regiment, Sgt. Rivers was hit in the left breast pocket by a snipers bullet while on patrol. The bullet hit a harmonica that he was carrying in his pocket and was deflected, penetrating the right wrist. He was able to get back on his feet and the sniper was eliminated. He still has the harmonica to this day. He was also awarded the Bronze Star Medal, Combat Infantryman Badge, Good Conduct Medal, World War II Victory Medal, European-African-Middle Eastern Campaign Medal and the New York State Conspicuous Service Cross.

George William Rivers, Jr. Story

Army 36th Texas, He also received the Silver Star medal and was cited by former division commander Gen. Fred L. Walker. The citation read as follows: "For gallantry in action on 5 January 1944." "When the patrol, of which he was second in command, discovered enemy machine gun and mortar emplacements in extremely hazardous hostile territory, Sgt. Rivers daringly left his comrades in a place of cover and moved forward to flank the positions. Advancing skillfully to within close range of the enemy nests, he was discovered and fired upon by a hidden machine gun and was mortally wounded in the fierce fighting which ensued. When a comrade reached him to help him withdraw, Sgt. Rivers bravely maintained his position and ordered the soldier to leave the hazardous area. His magnificient courage, determination, and exemplary devotion to duty inspired all who witnessed his deed and prevented the ambush of the patrol. His gallant action reflects great credit upon himself and the Armed Forces of the United States." He is buried in Nettuno, Italy at the Sicily-Rome American Cemetery and Memorial.

Wilbur C. Rives' Story

Navy, Wounded when ship was bombed at Pearl Harbor aboard the USS Enterprise. Also wounded in South Africa.

George Henry Rizor's Story

Army, was also awarded the following Medals/Awards: Bronze Star Medal, Purple Heart Medal, Good Conduct Medal, European-African-Middle Eastern Campaign Medal with 2 bronze service stars, World War II Victory Medal, Combat Infantry Badge 1st award, Honorable Service Lapel Button WWII, Marksman Badge with rifle bar.

George Henry Rizor was awarded the Purple Heart Medal from an injury to his foot on Nov. 25, 1944 in Belgium.

Was a member of Company A, 334th Infantry Regiment, 84th Infantry Division.

David T. Roberts' Story

Marines, WE were in Defensive position. About 3:15 A.M. we were hit with mortars, and then over ran. The little man swept over our position and kept going. We had 2 KIA and 13 WIA that morning in D/1/4.

Earl Thomas Roberts' Story

17th Airborne Division, Army Aircorps. He held a Purple Heart for wounds suffered in December, Presidential citation, Combat Infantryman Badge, Major Battle ribbon, Good Conduct ribbon and wings. The last letter from him was dated April 1 and said he had jumped over the Rhine River. He is buried in the Netherlands American Cemetery and Memorial in Margraten, Holland. Pfc 507 parachute infantry regiment Louisiana.

Lester Robinson's Story

C Co. 2nd Bn 16th In First Infantry Division from Ft. Riley Kansas. My squads job was clearing the massive amount trenches and bunkers in Iraq; was also awarded: 3 Army Comendation Medals, 4 Army Achievement Medals, 5 Good Conduct Medals, 2 National Defense Medals, Expeditionary Forces Medal, Humanitarian Service Medal, Southwest Asia Service Medal with 3 Bronze Service Stars, Kuwait Liberation medal, Kuwait Liberation Government Medal, Combat Infantry Badge, Expert Infantry Badge, Airborne Wings, Valorous Unit Citation, Superior Unit Citation Over Seas Service Ribbon (3) Army Service Ribbon, NCO Proficiency Ribbon (2), Drivers Badge for wheel and track, Expert weapons qualifications with- rifle, grenade, grenade launcher, machinegun.

Robert W. Robinson's Story

Army; My father doesn't talk about this much, so I don't have a lot of info. I have seen the scar on his leg and know it was shrapnel from a mortor round. He apparently also has a bronze star for valor, but I don't know much about it. He has been pretty closed mouth about his time in Vietnam as I guess are most combat Vets. I got most of what I know from my Mom. I think more should be done to honor those who went and came back and went about building a life and getting past the horror they lived. They are true American Heros.

Charles Robert Robson's Story

Served with the 101st airborne and the 17th airborne, also served in the Korean war with the 82nd airborne rangers. Additional awards include: bronze star, CIB, Jump Master Wings (star with wreath). He is buried in Glen Burnie, MD.

Malcom H. Rockwell's Story

Army, was killed during the Battle of the Bulge. He was the only brother of my grandfather, Private John W. Rockwell, who was also killed in action, World War II, Europe.

Fred W. Rogers' Story

Marine, Went ashore in the eighth wave on D-Day, September 15, 1944 with the Third Armored Amphibian Battalion, First Marine Division. I was a Radio Operator assigned to forward observer teams for 155MM Howitzers & 155MM Long-Toms. I was wounded with Japanese hand grenades and Jap mortar shrapnel on "Bloody Nose Ridge" the night of October 3, 1944. I was awarded the Purple Heart, Presidential Unit Citation and Navy Commendation for action on Peleliu. I was also awarded the American Campaign Medal, Asiatic-Pacific Campaign Medal, World War Two Victory Medal and Good Conduct Medal. I am a member of the Military Order of the Purple Heart.

Charles Rogerson's Story

Army, PFC Rogerson, a team member of Longe Range Reconnaissance Patrol 3 Alpha was Killed when his patrol was attacked and overwelmed by NVA enemy forces 31 May 1967. His remains were recovered the next morning, but 3 members of the team were MIA until mid 1994, and are interned in Arlington National Cemetery. He was also awarded the Combat Infantrymans Badge.

Nick Romaine's Story

Also awarded the Combat Infantryman's Badge, 2 Bronze Stars, Airborne Jump wings, & a Ranger Tab.

Henry Eddis Romine's Story

Army, 7th Infantry Division; was also awarded the Good Conduct Medal, Philippine Liberation Ribbon with 2 Bronze Stars & APTO Medal.

Andrew Peter Roskup's Story

Army, Obituary from the Iowa City Press Citizen dated May, 1945: Pfc. Andrew Roskup Is Killed in Germany Pfc. Andrew P. Roskup, 19 was killed in action in Germany, May 4, his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Roskup. 1115 Est Burlington street, have been informed by the war department, telegram. His parents had been informed last Friday that their son was missing in action on that date. Private Roskup entered service in August, 1944 and went overseas in February. He served with the infantry unit. He attended St. Patrick's School in Iowa City, and was employed at the Virgil Bowers sawmill in Coralville prior to entering service.

William C. Rouse's Story

Army. Doc was lost in a helicopter crash and died while missing. He was with the 1st Squadron 4th Calvary of the 1st Infantry Division.

John Hannington Rowe's Story

My Father was wounded in Korea. He had received 2 Purple Hearts during his military career. He was a member of the Tujunga, California Chapter of the DAV.

John R. Rowland's Story

Army, 3 tour Viet Nam Vet who recieved a battlefield commission, is the recipient of the Distinguished Service Cross, Bronze Star w/V (4OLC), Air Medal (3OLC), Purple Heart (4OLC), Army Commendation Medal w/V(7OLC) CIB. He is the founder of "THE LRRPS".

Stanley T. Rozmaryn's Story

Army, Stanley was an observer/scout in an OH-6 helicopter that was looking for a sniper. While flying just above the trees, the helicopter received fire from someone on the ground. One bullet hit the pilot's cyclic, and the helicopter dropped just enough so that the blades hit a tree and disintigrated. The helicopter crashed, injuring the pilot, the gunner, and myself.

Guadalupe G. Rueda's Story

1st Calvary, U.S. Army, Fell in a pungy pit after a sniper open fire on the company not knowing the enemy had made pits in the area for that purpose. Ram a sharp stake in his knee. Also was awarded: Combat Infantry Badge, Air Medal, Bronze & Silver. He died in 1977.

Bill Rugh's Story

Was wounded by a Japanese Suicide Plane while on board the USS Walke DD723. They lost their Commander & 15 other crew members.

Paul Edward Rush's Story

Recieved the bronze star "for meritorious service in Belgium on December 30 1944 in connection with military operations against an enemy of the United States" (actual wording from the proposed citation for bronze star medal document which I possess.) My grandfather has the purple heart ribbon with one oak leaf cluster. He also has the meritorious service ribbon with three stars.

Ronald Patrick Russell's Story

US Army: Ronnie died as a result of his wounds and burns after the refueling truck he was driving ran over a land mine.

William L. Russell's Story

Captain Russell was awarded the Purple Heart and 7 Oak Leaf clusters for his 8 wounds received in Normandy, the Hurtgen Forest, and the Battle of the Bulge while serving in the 83rd Infantry Division.

Thomas Joseph Ryan's Story

Marines, E Co. 2Bat. 5 Marines - 1 Provisional Marine Brigade Reinforced Second Naktong Bulge Counter attack.

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