From: redwitch
Date: December 29, 1999

Can anyone help me find this elusive bunch of Youngs and Nelsons? Have
spent about 5 years searching for them, to no avail. Anything you can
offer would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks so much,

W.T. (may have been Walter/William/Wyley/Wiley) Young was born March 30,
1847.  Had a sister named Nancy Young.
      W.T. married:
Mary Arminda (often miswritten as Amanda) Nelson was born December 31,
1849 in Alabama. Mary's Mother's surname Armstrong?  Father was "Wash"
Nelson.  Also had a brother named Riley Nelson and a nephew named
Christopher Columbus Nelson

Noah Seabern Young was born December 10, 1875.
Eular Ulysses Young was born August 23, 1877.
Idora Young was born September 13, 1880.
Calley Cora Young was born July 16, 1883.
Wyley Milton Young was born June 18, 1888.


Wiley Thomas Young and Mary Arminda Nelson were married February 17,

Noah Seabern Young and Tilitha Pugh were married December 18, 1898.
Eular Ulysses Young and Jennie Reddick were married March 6, 1903.
Wyley Milton Young and Gibb Graham were married February 12, 1905.
Idora Young and Louis Kay were married December 11, 1904.
Noah Seabern Young and Nellie Graham were married November 13, 1904.
Calley Cora Young and Norman Cook were married November 10, 1913.
Zora Ester Young and Hugh Morris were married June 19, 1910.


Wiley Thomas Young died on the 29th day of November, 1915.
Mary Arminda Young died on the night of December 16, 1933.

Noah Seabern Young died on the night of August 8, 1936.
Eular Ulysses Young died on March 22, 1964.
Idora Young Kay died on the evening of February 18, 1959.
Calley Cora Young Cook died on January 10, 1968.
Wyley Milton Young died on September 10, 1970.
Zora Ester Young Morris died on October 17, 1987.

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