YOUNG, DOWNING early 1800's, Williamsburg/Sumter - M. Young
Subject: YOUNG, DOWNING early 1800's, Williamsburg/Sumter
From: M. Young
Date: March 23, 1999

Can anyone tell me who these DOWNING's and YOUNG's belong to?  I can not
connect them or exclude them from my line, due to lack of info.  If
anyone can help me, I would appreciate it.

1807 B-17 Williamsburg.  Feriby BARRENEU (by x) of Williamsburg District
for Love and Affection to Martha GREAR (a cow and a calf) and to Samuel
DOWNING, Micajah DOWNING, and George DOWNING (her right and title of
dower in 300 acres in possession of Isaac BARRENEU)  They to support her
during her lifetime.  Wit: Thos. McCREA, Jr., James CAMPBELL.

1814 B-137 Williamsburg. Deed of Martha YOUNG to 3 children: Levy YOUNG,
William YOUNG, and Jane YOUNG.  Personal Property and 50 acres in
Williamsburg.  Deed indicates Martha is a widow at this time.

1820 Martha YOUNG is administratrix of estate of Jane/Jean BARRINEAU.

1820 Williamsburg Co. census lists:
        Samuel Downing
                2 male under 10, 1 male 10-16, 1 male 26-45, 2 females
under 10, 1
female 26-45

1822 Isaac YOUNG's land bounded: Abraham CHINNERS, William SMITH,
Lynches Creek, SINGLETARY, and EADDY.

1830 Williamsburg census lists:
        William YOUNG
        2 males born 1800-1810
        1 male born 1815-1820
        female born 1770-1780
        William J. YOUNG

1830 Orangeburg Co., census lists:
        Micajah DOWNING

1830 Charleston census lists:
        George DOWNING

1836 Sumter Co., estates: 105-3  Richard YOUNG will.  J. LITTLE

1838 D-267 Williamsburg Co, Grantor Index 1806-1909: Martha YOUNG to

1838 Estate of Levy YOUNG, William C. YOUNG, administrator.  Bond:
William C. YOUNG, Martha YOUNG, James DOWNING.

1839 E-315 Williamsburg Co.  Martha YOUNG to F.N. NIXON

1839 E-309 Williamsburg Co.  Isaac YOUNG bought 50 acres from William
STOGGERS, Andrew and A.B. EARLY, part of grant to M. STOGGERS.  

1840 D-332 Williamsburg.  Martha YOUNG to Agnes DOWNING.

1841 Will of Martha YOUNG, widow of Isaac YOUNG: Children: William C.
YOUNG, Samuel James DOWNING, Agnes wife of Readon BURNS/BURUS, Martha
Ann Eliza (Leiza) wife of Jesse LEVINING/LAVINA.  (2 deeds of record in
1838/1840 from Martha to her daughters Agnes and Martha, which she
denies signing.)

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