Re: YOUNG - Jean-Benedict de SAUSSURE
Subject: Re: YOUNG
From: Jean-Benedict de SAUSSURE
Date: September 12, 1998

On Ven 11 sep 1998, Donna Brown  wrote:
>I am looking for parents of James S. YOUNG  b.1790 S.C.  married 


Have we any YOUNG connections?

Report  Young JBS 12/09/98
Name	Birth date		Spouse 
Logan, Joseph Young				 
Logan, Joseph Young				 
Logan, Joseph Young				 
Logan, William Young				McCutcheon, Rebecca 
Young, Charlotte Anais	1989			 
Young, Corinne Anais				Bancroft 
Young, Elisabeth Calista	1988			 
Young, Elizabeth				Crockett, Samuel, Jr. 
Young, George	1958			Chesser, Sarah E. 
Young, John King Logan	1942			Moses, Margaret Lanier 
Young, John Livingston Hopkins				Eskrigge, Barbara Linton 
Young, Joseph				Crockett, Esther 
Young, Linton Livingstone				 
Young, Mary Ann				Logan, William Daniel 
Young, Mary Hopkins	1931			Berry, John Broadys 
Young, N..				Crockett, Esther 
Young, Robert				Peronneau, Mary 
Young, Robert Eskrigge	1934			Villere, Mathilde 
Young, Yvette Eskrigge	1957			Semms 


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