Re: YAYor NAY Steve - Henry Holloway
Subject: Re: YAYor NAY Steve
From: Henry Holloway
Date: April 20, 1998

I've deleted a significant number of emails (had 117 when I got home from
work) and many had to do with this LITTLE war going on.  If memory serves,
the listowner is a volunteer.  If this is still true, who will volunteer to
replace Steve???  For everyone's edification, this list is wide-open
compared to some other lists and straight-laced compared to others--about
middle road when it comes to policy.  I don't know what the current
subscription to this list is but just do a little math--and extra 2,000
bytes (2K isn't much) times the number of subscribers and you begin to get
an idea of the load on the server.  Then everyone on the list suffers. 
Best rule of thumb, pretend you were paying for this service by the byte
instead of receiving it free courtesy of Steve and Rootsweb.

This is what an economical SNIP might look like.


| Maybe it would help if we just took a vote.
| My vote is keep Steve  BUT.......
| Steve LOOSEN UP, we're not all brilliant!!!!
| Faye

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