Re: YAYor NAY Steve - AslanJ
Subject: Re: YAYor NAY Steve
From: AslanJ
Date: April 20, 1998

In a message dated 4/20/98 3:34:40 PM Pacific Daylight Time,
[email protected] writes:

<< Wow -
 I am surprised by the reactions to Steve's posts.  I wasn't crazy about
 receiving so many of the duplicates either, but it's a simple problem that
 be solved by discussion.  I think Steve does a great job and is extremely
 tolerant.  I was just unsubscribed (along with anyone who voiced agreement
 with me in any small way) for agreeing with a woman who thought that perhaps
 the listowner was being a little too picky about the subject line.  She was
 very polite, but unsubscribed without warning or notice.  When I responded
 that I didn't think it was in our best interests to unsubscribe someone just
 for a disagreement, I was unsubscribed from that list and another I didn't
 even know he was a listowner for.  Then a man wrote in response to my letter
 "Hear, hear" (only two words) and he was unsubscribed from 4 lists.  
      I really appreciate that Steve is willing to listen and allow
 A vote about whether or not to keep Steve seems rash.  Forgive me if my
 is long, but I just thought that some people should know that there are some
 truly bad listowner out there and Steve is not one of them.
 Lisa >>

Lisa - I must agree - I was on a List several months ago where the Listowner
absolutely scathed a new list member for something innocent.  I agree that the
messages are unnecessarily long and I am getting tired of the whole thing, and
I just want to get back to genealogy.  

All of this is tiresome.


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