Re: Yawn, Elijah-POWG - Linda Hannah
Subject: Re: Yawn, Elijah-POWG
From: Linda Hannah
Date: December 20, 1999

Although I am not looking in GA, what is all this POWG activity? You must
have a book to look in for everyone?  Linda

At 07:51 AM 12/20/99 -0800, you wrote:
>I must now beg off from the POWG lookups, but will finish what was 
>requested.  Those names being Williams, McClellan/d, Brunson, and Cooper.
>Work schedule will not permit any more.
>Hoping I have helped someone, somewhere, and yall all have a Merry 
>Christmas and a Safe New Year.
>John Sellers was born in South Carolina in the vicinity of the town of 
>Chester, Aug. 15, 1814, and continued living there until 1855 when he moved 
>with his family to Lowndes now Echols County, Georgia. The tombstone on his 
>grave states he moved there from South Carolina Feb. 10, 1855, and that he 
>was married June 16, 1839, to his wife Mehala (maiden name unknown). She 
>was born Oct. 20, 1817. They had eleven children:
>I. Rebecca	b. 1842, S.C., m. (unknown).
>2. John R.	b. 1843, S.C., m. Margaret Blanton, dau. of Edmond.
>3. Emily E.	b. 1844, S.C., m. James Green.
>4. Malinda	b. 1846, S.C., m. Daniel Newman.
>5. Sidney S.	b. 1848, S.C., m. Elizabeth Blanton, dau. of Edmond.
>6. Amanda	b. 1850, S.C., m. Fred Stone.
>7. Henrietta	b. 1854, S.C., m. Elijah J. Yawn.
>8. Sarah	b. 1856, Ga. m. David W. Terrell.
>9. Lucinda	b. 1858, Ga., m. (unknown).
>10. Indiana L.	b. 1860, Ga., m. Barzilla Alderman.
>11. Missouri	b. 1862, Ga., m. Richard Terrell.
>Mr. Sellers was the first Coroner of Echols County, serving 1859-1861. His 
>wife died Aug. 5, 1881, and he died April 8, 1896. They were buried in 
>Mount Pleasant Cemetery on the Lowndes-Echols county line. At his death he 
>was survived by ten children and 30 grandchildren, according to a newspaper 
>notice of his death. According to family tradition the first seven children 
>above were born on Brier Creek near Chester, S.C., where the family lived 
>at the time.
Searching for: Acton, Bailey, Bartle, Carpenter, Hannah, Hertzog, Hillary,
Holland, Mackay, Matheson, Page, Reynolds, Ridenour/Reitenaurer, Shadwick,
Stoner, Wollet.  

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