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Date: December 21, 1999

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  Thanks So much for the info on John Sellers! I hope you have a Great
Christmas and New Year! Connie/MObile,Al.

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I must now beg off from the POWG lookups, but will finish what was 
requested.  Those names being Williams, McClellan/d, Brunson, and Cooper.
Work schedule will not permit any more.
Hoping I have helped someone, somewhere, and yall all have a Merry 
Christmas and a Safe New Year.


John Sellers was born in South Carolina in the vicinity of the town of 
Chester, Aug. 15, 1814, and continued living there until 1855 when he moved 
with his family to Lowndes now Echols County, Georgia. The tombstone on his 
grave states he moved there from South Carolina Feb. 10, 1855, and that he 
was married June 16, 1839, to his wife Mehala (maiden name unknown). She 
was born Oct. 20, 1817. They had eleven children:

I. Rebecca	b. 1842, S.C., m. (unknown).
2. John R.	b. 1843, S.C., m. Margaret Blanton, dau. of Edmond.
3. Emily E.	b. 1844, S.C., m. James Green.
4. Malinda	b. 1846, S.C., m. Daniel Newman.
5. Sidney S.	b. 1848, S.C., m. Elizabeth Blanton, dau. of Edmond.
6. Amanda	b. 1850, S.C., m. Fred Stone.
7. Henrietta	b. 1854, S.C., m. Elijah J. Yawn.
8. Sarah	b. 1856, Ga. m. David W. Terrell.
9. Lucinda	b. 1858, Ga., m. (unknown).
10. Indiana L.	b. 1860, Ga., m. Barzilla Alderman.
11. Missouri	b. 1862, Ga., m. Richard Terrell.

Mr. Sellers was the first Coroner of Echols County, serving 1859-1861. His 
wife died Aug. 5, 1881, and he died April 8, 1896. They were buried in 
Mount Pleasant Cemetery on the Lowndes-Echols county line. At his death he 
was survived by ten children and 30 grandchildren, according to a newspaper 
notice of his death. According to family tradition the first seven children 
above were born on Brier Creek near Chester, S.C., where the family lived 
at the time.

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