Yamassee war 1715 / Indian Wars of 1759-60 and Col. Richard Richardson - Julie Clayton
Subject: Yamassee war 1715 / Indian Wars of 1759-60 and Col. Richard Richardson
From: Julie Clayton
Date: October 24, 1999

One of my Richbourg ancestors, Claude Phillipe de Richebourg, was in the
area of St. James on the Santee river during the Yamassee uprising of
1715.  Am trying to find out more information about this uprising.  If
anyone can point me to some info on line or elsewhere, I would
appreciate it.

His son, Claudius Richbourg, was said to have fought with Col. Richard
Richardson in the Indian Wars o 1759-60.  I haven't been able to find
out anything about these wars - any assistance would be most
appreciated.   I believe that Claudius received land in the Sumter
District of SC for his military service with Col. Richardson.

Thank you, Julie Clayton

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