Re: y Florit - Douglas/Ungaro
Subject: Re: y Florit
From: Douglas/Ungaro
Date: January 05, 2000

    To best of my knowledge, most Iberian cultures use both father's and
mother's names as last names (so civilized!) so it's hyphenated.  Nowadays I
don't think they use the conjunction much - "y" which means "and".  It would
be Suarez y Gonzalez, or Suarez-Gonzalez, for example.  Maria
Suarez-Gonzalez, or Maria Suarez, for short, but both names to be totally

    I have sometimes written my name Marian Douglas-Nichols (my Mom's family
name), so as not to confuse folk in Latin American countries, who don't
always get why someone has only one last name.  Now I'm confused.

Marian Douglas, near Kosovo (Black as in African American)
B.r.a.b.h.a.m., L.o.w.n.d.e.s., B.r.o.w.n.f.i.e.l.d.,
in S.C. - where are they??
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Date: Wednesday, January 05, 2000 7:26 PM
Subject: y Florit

>    I beleive the name question is of Spanish origin.  The "y Florit"
>at the end of the name is a very old custom in reference to the maiden name
>of the mother.  (of Florit)  I am not sure if all Spanish heritages used
>custom or not.  The friend who explained this to me years ago was Puerto
>Rican.   If you don't get any more knowledgeable answers  I will see if
>can find out more.
>Good Luck, Jackie
<< Josef Joaneda y Florit, ............not black as in African American
> dark as in almost Indian like. >>

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