Re: WW-II prison camps - Jimleviner
Subject: Re: WW-II prison camps
From: Jimleviner
Date: February 14, 1999

Ok, I read all the POW stories and now I have mine.  I was born after the war,
but was told this story, can any tell me if it is true?  

There was a POW Camp below Columbia,  some German POW escaped.  Their plan was
to go to Charleston, walk south until they reached Florida, cut across to the
Gulf side, then proceed along the gulf coast through Mexico, into South
America, and on to a neutral country, I cannot remember if it was Venesula or
Brazil.  They got just a little past Monks Corner, when they realized the
folly of their scheme, called the Pow camp for someone to come and get them.
Have any of you ever heard this story?  

Also there was a POW camp near Bennettsville and the POWs worked on the local
farms.  It seems that some made friends with the local farm families.  I have
seen pictures of the POWs and of the farms.  

Arn't Americans a strange lot, we fight a country, take prisoners, then treat
them so good that they want to to stay in this country after the war?  And
even during the war friendships were formed.  


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