Re: WW-II prison camps - doggett
Subject: Re: WW-II prison camps
From: doggett
Date: February 14, 1999

One cold winter day when I was about 13 years old in Allendale SC , My
friends and my young brother and I were skating on the pavement that
surrounded the Courthouse.. Big trucks drove up and we moved toward them...
They were filled with German Prisoners.. At first we were afraid but the
soldiers kept gesturing to us and finally we all went over to the windows
... They tried to communicate and seemed so glad to see us, sharing
chocolate candy... I was quite fasicnated and later my father drove me out
to the area of the camp.. He told me there were no fences for the prisoners
had no place to go.and were not criminals.....  The camp wasn't exactly in
Allendale but it wasn't far away... My brother and I both remember that day
for we had not expected the Germans to be normal people...(Many comic books
had frightened us)  I would love to know where this camp was.. It wasn't
near Dillon or Charleston.. Anne
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Date: Sunday, February 14, 1999 10:35 AM
Subject: WW-II prison camps

Have heard that there was a German POW camp at Dillon.

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